Long in the past, our ancestors gathered nuts as a way of survival, and nuts have remained a staple in our diets ever since. 

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You’ll discover them on appetizer trays, at sporting occasions, tossed in salads, stir-fried with greens and topped on sundaes. They’re floor up and used as spreads. They’re baked in our favourite cookies, pies and pastries. You get the purpose — nuts play a giant half in our lives.  

But ought to they?  

You might have heard blended opinions on the well being content material of nuts. You might have heard folks say they’re excessive in fats. Or that due to the danger of nut allergic reactions, they need to be prevented.  

The newest scientific proof says in any other case.  

Nuts are an essential a part of a heart-healthy weight loss plan. But research exhibits that solely about one-third of Americans are consuming them. Eating an assortment of nuts can have some critical well being advantages. And feeding younger infants peanut butter can really assist to guard them from peanut allergic reactions. 

We talked with registered dietitian Devon Peart, MHSc, BASc, RD, concerning the well being advantages of varied sorts of nuts and how one can get extra of them in your weight loss plan. 

Health advantages of nuts 

Peart factors to 2 giant epidemiological research which have proven some critical well being advantages of consuming extra nuts: the Nurses’ Health Study and the Adventist Health Study. They assessed the diets of greater than 110,000 folks and located those that ate 5 or extra ounces of nuts per week had a considerably decrease threat of heart disease and demise. 

How a lot decrease? People who ate extra nuts lowered their threat by 35% to 50%. (Wow!) 

What are nuts?

Nuts come from many various plant households. They’re categorised as both tree nuts (a one-seeded fruit in a tough shell) or peanuts (a member of the legume household). All of them share some related well being advantages. Among their advantages, nuts are:  

  • supply of dietary fiber.  
  • High in protein.  
  • Full of wholesome nutritional vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, folic acid, niacin, magnesium, vitamin B6, zinc, copper and potassium.  
  • supply of the nonessential amino acid l-arginine, which helps defend your coronary heart from plaque buildup.
  • Full of healthful phytochemicals, which have been linked to the prevention of coronary heart illness. 

But aren’t nuts excessive in fats? 

A 1-ounce serving of nuts accommodates between 160 and 200 energy, of which 80% to 90% consists of fats. So, sure, nuts are excessive in fats. But that’s not a cause to jot down them off. 

The fats in nuts is primarily monounsaturated fats. When substituted for saturated fats in your weight loss plan, monounsaturated fats may help scale back your complete ldl cholesterol. They may also decrease your LDL, or “bad” levels of cholesterol, whereas sustaining your “good” ldl cholesterol, HDL

“Because nuts are high in fat, they are also relatively high in calories, so it’s important to incorporate them into your diet sensibly,” Peart clarifies. “Substitute nuts for food sources high in less-healthy fat, specifically saturated fat. For example, top your salad with nuts instead of bacon bits and croutons.”  

And Stick to a serving. All it takes is one, 1-ounce serving a day or 5 ounces per week of a selection of nuts to reap their coronary heart disease-fighting advantages. How a lot is a serving? “One serving of nuts is equal to one ounce,” Peart says. “About a handful.” 

Type of nut  How many in a single serving measurement (1 oz.)
Peanuts  35 
Almonds  24 
Medium-sized cashews  18 
Pecan halves  15 
English walnut halves  14 
Hazelnuts (additionally referred to as filberts)  12 
Macadamia nuts  12 
Medium-sized Brazil nuts 

Choosing wholesome nuts 

All nuts provide well being advantages, together with plant protein and fiber, however they differ by way of particular micronutrients.  

“Micronutrients are widely distributed in foods,” Peart says. “So choose a variety of nuts, not always the same ones, in order to get a wide range of nutrients.”   

Check out a few of the advantages of those favourite nuts. 

Peanuts and peanut butter 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) says peanuts comprise extra protein than another Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-classified nut. They’re chock stuffed with niacin, fiber and magnesium, too. Some manufactured peanuts — notably those you discover within the snack aisle — can come salted and oil-roasted, which aren’t as wholesome. Head to the baking aisle as a substitute to decide on peanuts which can be unsalted, dry-roasted and/or unprocessed.  

Peanut butter accommodates the identical heart-protective advantages as entire peanuts, however you’ll need to take into account the supply when selecting peanut butter.  

“Manufacturers may add salt, sugar and sometimes, partially hydrogenated fats to peanut butter to enhance the flavor and make it spread more easily,” Peart explains. “Your best choice is natural peanut butter, which is just ground-up nuts.”  

As the fats tends to separate on the shop shelf, Peart recommends giving pure peanut butter a fast stir once you get it residence, after which retailer it the wrong way up within the fridge. And, as with nuts, peanut butter needs to be loved moderately — a serving is 2 tablespoons. 

Peanuts make a fantastic topping for wholesome snacks, like on nonfat frozen yogurt and unfold on celery sticks. You may also use peanut butter for this versatile spicy peanut sauce, which is ideal for grilled rooster, potstickers, spring rolls or sautéed greens. 


Walnuts are a wonderful supply of polyunsaturated fats (a wholesome fats). They’re additionally wealthy in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids successfully assist scale back triglycerides (a kind of fats in your blood) and are linked to a lowered threat of coronary heart illness. One serving of walnuts additionally accommodates 2.5 grams of a strong antioxidant referred to as alpha-lipoic acid. 

Walnuts are a fantastic addition to a spinach salad and might be simply added to quite a lot of baked items and aspect dishes, like these walnut zucchini potato pancakes.  


Almonds are a supply of calcium. One ounce of almonds accommodates round 80 milligrams of calcium, about 8% of your each day advisable quantity. Calcium is thought for its function in constructing sturdy bones and enamel, nevertheless it additionally helps to control your heartbeat. 

Almonds are additionally a supply of protein, with 6 grams per ounce — about the identical as one egg. 

Bring extra almonds into your weight loss plan by including them to yogurt as a crunchy deal with. Or chop them up and add them to your banana bread or zucchini bread recipe. You may also use almond butter so as to add some nutty protein to your favourite smoothie, however remember that almond milk isn’t a big supply of protein. 


The USDA says that cashews are a wonderful supply of copper and magnesium. They even have excessive ranges of manganese, phosphorus, zinc and nutritional vitamins B6 and Ok. 

Cashews make a fantastic addition to your favourite stir-fry recipe. Or grind them in a meals processor to make use of as an ingredient for vegan ricotta “cheese” (a nondairy cheese various) for this roasted vegetable lasagna. 


Pecans are excessive in manganese, a vital mineral in bone well being, metabolism, coronary heart functioning and extra. A serving of pecans can get you nearly 60% of your each day advisable quantity of manganese. They’re additionally a wealthy supply of the antioxidant vitamin E. 

Pecans can be utilized rather than bread crumbs as a coating for salmon or rooster and are a preferred addition to baked items, like banana bread. You may also chop them up and pair them with oatmeal for scrumptious and wholesome pancakes and waffles. 


Like almonds, pistachios are a supply of protein, with 6 grams per ounce. They’re additionally excessive in antioxidants, notably lutein and zeaxanthin, which give them their inexperienced shade. 

Try mixing nonfat vanilla pudding with minced or chopped pistachios. Or do this quinoa, orange and pistachio salad. 

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are a wonderful supply of selenium, a strong antioxidant that helps wholesome thyroid operate and helps scale back irritation. Selenium is essential however we solely want a small quantity.  

Have three Brazil nuts a day to fulfill your wants for selenium, so long as youre not taking a selenium complement.  

“Never have more than five Brazil nuts in a day. And if you include Brazil nuts in your diet, you should not take a selenium supplement,” Peart stresses.    

How so as to add extra nuts to your weight loss plan 

If you purchase pre-mixed path mixes for a fast deal with, Peart suggests avoiding those with added salt or candied, dried fruit (like cranberries which have added sugar). You’re additionally higher off skipping those which can be cooked in tropical oils. 

Or make your individual customized path combine. Peart suggests snack-sized baggies of nuts, whole-wheat Chex®, pretzel items, raisins, dates or different unsweetened dried fruits. You can add a number of darkish chocolate chips for some wholesome sweetness, too. 

However you take pleasure in them, Peart says to do not forget that including nuts to your weight loss plan is only one of many dietary methods geared toward decreasing your threat of coronary heart illness.  

“The best way to improve your heart health is a high-fiber diet, rich in complex carbohydrates (whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds),” Peart says. “Add to that a variety of fruits, vegetables and calcium-rich dairy each day for optimal heart-health benefits. A heart-healthy diet coupled with regular physical activity effectively reduces your risk of coronary heart disease.” 

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