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Why Ozempic Is So Popular These Days

Ozempic® could also be some of the talked-about medicines in latest historical past. Celebrities are touting it. Doctors are hailing it as a research-backed breakthrough. And that industrial jingle might be some of the frustratingly catchy tunes since “Baby Shark.” 

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Its recognition has led to shortages, as individuals and their suppliers scramble to get their fingers on a drug that has been proven to be extremely efficient for treating each diabetes and weight problems. It’s a significant medical development that might make a giant distinction.  

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates 42% of Americans live with weight problems (outlined as a physique mass index, BMI, of 30 or greater). For them, Ozempic and anti-obesity medicines are being hailed as a significant triumph. And for good purpose.  

For individuals with a BMI decrease than 30, the outdated standbys of weight loss plan and train are the very best path to sustaining a wholesome physique weight. But for individuals with obesity, life-style adjustments gained’t doubtless do the trick. But new medicines can reverse dysfunctional pathways that trigger weight problems and result in a number of continual ailments, like heart disease, kidney disease, sleep apnea and extra. 

So, how does Ozempic work, and who ought to take it (and who shouldn’t)? Obesity medication specialist W. Scott Butsch, MD, MSC, helps clarify why Ozempic has change into so well-liked for weight reduction and why new anti-obesity medicines are a significant victory for individuals with weight problems.  

What is Ozempic? 

Ozempic (additionally identified by the generic identify semaglutide) was approved for use as a diabetes medication in 2017. The makers of Ozempic name weight reduction a “side effect,” but it surely’s been proven in quite a few research studies to be an efficient possibility for treating the illness of weight problems.  

Dr. Butsch explains that Ozempic is similar remedy as Wegovy®, which was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2021 as an anti-obesity remedy. Ozempic is only a barely decrease dose of the identical drug. 

Providers can (and do) prescribe Ozempic “off-label” for people who find themselves residing with weight problems. Using a medicine off-label means it’s prescribed for a use aside from its said objective. And it’s actually frequent throughout the medical discipline. For instance, you can be prescribed sure coronary heart medication known as beta-blockers for situational nervousness or your supplier might prescribe anti-seizure remedy to deal with migraines. In the case of Ozempic, it makes whole sense to make use of it to deal with weight problems, contemplating its sister drug, Wegovy, is accredited for that use. 

The FDA says that after it approves a medicine, it’s ready for use in different conditions when medically applicable. In different phrases, there’s nothing harmful or “wrong” about medicines like Ozempic getting used off-label to deal with weight problems. That is, in case you have weight problems and your supplier determines that it’s the very best plan of action for you. 

How does Ozempic work for individuals with weight problems? 

Ozempic is a drug you inject as soon as per week in your thigh, stomach or higher arm. It’s in a category of medicines known as “GLP-1 receptor agonists” or “GLP-1 drugs” for brief. These medicines mimic a hormone launched from the digestive tract known as glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1), which helps decrease blood sugar and promotes a sense of fullness. 

“We’ve seen GLP-1 agonists used for 15+ years to manage diabetes and obesity,” Dr. Butsch notes.  

And prior to now few years, these medicines have change into simpler and simpler to make use of. In the previous, these medicines required injections day by day and even twice a day. Today, they have to be injected solely as soon as per week. And the dosage has elevated.   

More than an urge for food suppressor 

When you’re taking Ozempic or different GLP-1 agonists, your physique makes extra GLP-1. That lowers your urge for food and, due to this fact, you eat much less. But Ozempic isn’t merely a device that suppresses urge for food, Dr. Butsch says. Ozempic, like anti-obesity medication, truly adjustments how your physique responds to weight reduction. 

“Obesity isn’t a behavioral problem. It’s not managed by just eating less or exercising more,” Dr. Butsch says. “Obesity is a complex, metabolic disease. It’s a dysfunction of the normal pathways that regulate our body weight or, more specifically, our body fat. Taking anti-obesity medications or other GLP-1s, like Ozempic, may change your body’s reaction to food intake and weight loss.”  

In different phrases, Ozempic and anti-obesity medicines work not just because they’re correcting a “bad” habits by decreasing your urge for food and inflicting you to eat much less. They change how your physique responds to meals.  

“These medications allow your body to seek a lower weight range, and that may not be solely related to reducing your food intake,” Dr. Butsch says. “At the same time, GLP-1s also may lower your risk for a host of obesity-related diseases.” 

Think of this frequent state of affairs: Even once we “diet” and enhance our train, we are likely to hit a weight-loss plateau, the place our our bodies actively battle in opposition to continued weight reduction. It’s completely regular and anticipated. It’s a part of what’s known as your weight set level. 

Your weight set level is the burden your physique desires to reside at. It’s the burden your physique thinks is sweet for you, even when your BMI says in any other case. The protection of physique weight (or physique fats) in people has developed to fend off hunger. When we drop a few pounds, our physique fears we’re ravenous. So, it mounts a protection to maintain weight on. It sends in “hunger hormones” and lowers “fullness hormones.” In quick, your physique will battle tooth-and-nail in opposition to weight reduction.  

So, somewhat than merely making you need to eat much less, anti-obesity medicines and Ozempic — like metabolic and bariatric surgical procedure (“weight loss surgery”) — change the very functioning of your physique in an effort to show you how to drop a few pounds and maintain it off. It’s that metabolic change that makes these medicines applicable for treating the illness of weight problems, somewhat than a quick-fix weight reduction for individuals who need to slim down for bikini season. 

Is Ozempic efficient for treating weight problems? 

Research has confirmed that greater doses of Ozempic — 2.4 milligrams of semaglutide — are very efficient for decreasing weight in individuals with weight problems. In one landmark study, individuals with weight problems who used the drug together with life-style interventions misplaced about 15% p.c of their physique weight in 68 weeks. They misplaced about 34 kilos on common. Research members who didn’t take the remedy misplaced about six kilos on common.  

Who may benefit from anti-obesity remedy? 

Dr. Butsch says that every one indicators level to the usage of an anti-obesity remedy as a protected and efficient remedy for individuals residing with weight problems, but it’s not getting used as typically as you’d anticipate. 

“42% of people in the United States have the disease of obesity, but only 2% of them are being treated with anti-obesity medications,” he provides.  

Compare that with individuals residing with diabetes — researchers say 88% of people that have diabetes use remedy to deal with their situation. 

What’s the distinction?  

Though anti-obesity medicines have been confirmed efficient, there are a number of causes individuals haven’t been capable of entry them readily.  

  1. It’s costly, and often not coated by insurance coverage. Wegovy, for instance, can value greater than $1,000 per dose. 
  2. Outdated pondering and stigmas about weight problems abound. “Some providers haven’t yet come to understand that obesity is a disease that can (and often should) be treated medically,” Dr. Butsch states. “And many people living with obesity have internalized a stigma that makes them believe their obesity is somehow their fault. So, they aren’t asking for medication as a route to treatment.” 

These tides are turning, although (and shortly!), resulting in a scarcity of each Wegovy and Ozempic. More on that in a bit. 

Who shouldn’t use Ozempic? 

Ozempic ought to be used solely when prescribed by a medical skilled. With the rising recognition of the remedy and coupons broadly out there that originally convey down the associated fee, digital clinics are popping up on-line to dole out Rx’s. 

But Dr. Butsch cautions in opposition to acquiring a prescription on-line from a so-called “diet doctor.”  

“Proper counseling about anti-obesity medication and other GLP-1s and their use is really important,” he stresses. “Understanding how the remedy works and the way it treats weight problems could make a distinction in how efficient it will likely be for you.

“Additionally, anti-obesity medications are, for most people, medications you stay on for long periods of time, so if you can’t afford the medication when the coupon runs out, it’s not going to be effective long-term. These are the conversations you should be having with a medical professional who understands obesity.” 

Like another anti-obesity remedy, Ozempic shouldn’t be used for short-term weight reduction. 

“Obesity is a chronic disease. Medications prescribed to treat obesity are used in the same way we treat diseases like high blood pressure or high cholesterol,” Dr. Butsch explains.

“Medications are used in combination with lifestyle modification to increase long-term effectiveness. One of the most common misconceptions is that people believe they could take a medication for a few months, then stop and maintain weight. However, you’re likely to regain the lost weight once the medication is stopped.” 

In different phrases: Think of anti-obesity remedy as a long-term dedication, not a fast repair for dropping a few kilos. You wouldn’t take insulin in the event you don’t have diabetes, and shouldn’t take anti-obesity remedy in the event you don’t have the illness of weight problems.

Why is there a scarcity of Ozempic? 

Demand for Ozempic has spiked large time prior to now 12 months or so, thanks partly to celeb endorsements, supplier willingness to prescribe and coupon packages that (no less than initially) convey down the price of the remedy.  

“Everyone’s hearing about this drug these days,” Dr. Butsch says. “People are excited. We finally have medications that are highly effective in treating obesity for the long term, and it’s a game-changer.” 

As drug firms race to maintain up with demand, one factor is for positive: New choices for treating weight problems have been proven to be efficient when used correctly. If you’re residing with weight problems, speak with a supplier about whether or not you’re a candidate. 

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