We Had Experts Predict New Sex Trends That’ll Emerge in 2021

Here’s What Sex Will Be Like within the Year 2021

If you had “the whole world will be massively impacted by a global pandemic” in your record of 2020 predictions final January, congrats in your prescience. For the remainder of us, figuring out what the long run holds is a extra inexact science. 

But that’ll by no means cease consultants from trying to prognosticate, and whereas intercourse would possibly appear to be a extra frivolous topic to some than epidemiology, anybody who’s ever caught a sexually transmitted an infection or handled some sort of sexual dysfunction can inform you that sexual well being isn’t any laughing matter. 

In order to provide us an concept of what 2021 would possibly appear to be in sexual phrases, consultants for Astroglide, one of many world’s foremost lubricant producers, took a peek beneath the covers, because it have been. Here’s what they foresee: 

5 Sexual Health and Wellness Predictions for 2021

1. Talking About Sex Won’t Be as Taboo

Most of contemporary North American historical past has been marked by a definite sense of taboo round intercourse. Discussions of intercourse are censored in methods massive and small, from the FCC to awkward silences and fast topic adjustments in conversations. 

According to Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D., Astroglide’s resident sexologist, that will shift within the very close to future. 

“My hope is that discussions regarding COVID testing will normalize conversations related to health and safety and this ought to include talking about STI testing and harm reduction,” she says. “Even public health units have openly discussed kinky sex (from glory holes in Canada to sex with masks on in the U.S.) and mainstream headlines have reflected this more open discussion. Hopefully this will lead to more detailed and meaningful conversations about all types of sex — kinky, vanilla, and everything in between.”

2. Sex Will Become Increasingly High-Tech

As old style as a easy dialog could be, it ought to hardly be a shock to see intercourse following the broader world’s development in the direction of the high-tech. 

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“Not only have our meetings moved online, but sex and relationships have also become more digitized,” says O’Reilly. “From online dates to online orgies, ingenuity has shown that the possibilities are endless.”

While high-tech intercourse merchandise are nonetheless on the margins in lots of instances, firms like plusOne at the moment are bought by Walmart, and the annual tech expo CES determined to characteristic intercourse toys in 2020 and going ahead. The future for intercourse tech appears to be like brilliant certainly. 

3. Either “Friends With Benefits” Will Be Popular…

This one kind of is determined by how prevalent coronavirus transmission continues to be in 2021. While advances in vaccine analysis might result in freer interactions in 2021 than in 2020, the pandemic’s impression on our social lives is prone to nonetheless be felt. If the vaccines aren’t fully efficient, quarantine-like measures might keep in place on and off for a lot of the yr. 

In that case, one-night stands shall be out of the query, probably resulting in extra “friends with benefits” conditions. 

“One way people are meeting their sexual needs while minimizing risk is to have a regular quarantine hook-up buddy,” says Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D., Astroglide’s resident intercourse researcher. 

“In the next year, we’re therefore likely to see people having a smaller number of one-night stands and more friends with benefits.”

4. …or STI Rates Will Probably Spike

On the flip facet, it’s doable that vaccine advances will make coronavirus a factor of the previous in 2021. If that occurs, an anticipated uptick in sexual exercise means we should always put together for a spike in sexually transmitted infections. 

“As 2021 starts and we see the advent of one or multiple coronavirus vaccines, people will slowly return to regular life,” says Dr. Joshua Gonzalez, Astroglide’s sexual well being advisor. “I suspect that may result in a significant increase in sexual activity (especially because all of us will have been quarantined for the better part of a year by then).”

While the heady launch of a return to some semblance of normalcy would possibly result in many individuals feeling prefer it’s time for a sexual free-for-all, STIs will nonetheless be a factor, even when COVID isn’t. 

“More sexual activity often translates into an increase in the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections,” provides Gonzalez. “If and when you resume some semblance of a normal sex life, make sure to practice safe sex and get tested regularly.”

5. Our Views of What Sex Is Will Broaden

Regardless of whether or not the intercourse you’re having is with a quarantine buddy or a number of strangers, it could not look the identical because the intercourse you used to partake in. 

There’s far more to it than simply primary penetration, and other people have more and more begun to comprehend that, partially as a result of manner the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted individuals’s lives. 

“Because we can’t go out and interact with the world the way we used to, and we don’t know when or if things will return to normal, people are being a bit more creative in terms of how they go about meeting their sexual needs,” says Lehmiller. “For example, in the next year, we’re likely to see people incorporating more technology into their sex lives, such as by relying more on sexting, cybersex, and sex toys that can be used from a distance.”

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Good intercourse is primarily about two individuals connecting in an erotic manner, whether or not that entails simply physique components, toys, equipment, or extra. It doesn’t take a crystal ball, however reasonably just a bit little bit of creativeness. 

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