VR Fitness: Can My Virtual Reality Game Be a Workout?

Can video video games be a exercise? Yes, specialists say, and digital actuality (VR) know-how is ushering in an entire new strategy to train.

Pop on a VR headset, load up the best sport, and all of the sudden you’re in sparring in a boxing ring or snowboarding within the Swiss Alps, says Aaron Stanton, founder and director of the Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise, an unbiased analysis group launched in 2017 to review the results of digital and augmented actuality know-how on health. (Since its founding, the group has partnered with San Francisco State University and the digital actuality platform VIVE.)

VR train isn’t completely different from different sorts of cardio train, in accordance with Stanton. You’re getting your coronary heart fee up, working up a sweat, and burning energy — however it’s not as monotonous as logging miles on a treadmill.

“The best exercise is the one with the highest amount of painless minutes,” Stanton says. You’re going to maintain doing the exercises that don’t really feel like a chore and as an alternative really feel like one thing you really take pleasure in, he says. “That is where VR comes in. It’s fun, so you forget you’re even exercising.”

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