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Vaginal Discharge Provides Clues to Your Health and Fertility

It’s regular for ladies to have various kinds of vaginal discharge at numerous instances. Your discharge supplies clues about your well being.

What is vaginal discharge?

It’s a mixture of fluid and cells made by the cervix that’s shed by means of the vagina.

Normal discharge lubricates and protects your vaginal tissue from irritation or an infection.

Abnormal discharge that itches, burns or has an odor or an uncommon shade can sign a medical drawback.

Yes, it’s regular for vaginal discharge to alter!

Your discharge modifications all through your month-to-month cycle, offering clues to your fertile days (the times when you find yourself most probably to get pregnant).

Observe discharge on a clear/flat tissue after wiping or use your fingers to notice textur e

During your interval

Mostly blood cells from the uterus shedding its internal lining

After your interval

Dry or damp; no observable discharge for a couple of days

Before fertile days

Cloudy or white, and feels thick, pasty or creamy

Fertile days

Clear, stretchy and slippery (like egg whites) for a number of days earlier than and after ovulation ; helps sperm survive and fertilize the egg

Post-fertile days

Dry or thick; minimal discharge till interval begins once more

Hormones have an effect on your vaginal discharge

Estrogen ranges have an effect on mucus, so ladies with decrease estrogen (throughout menopause or whereas taking contraception) sometimes have much less discharge or drier patches of sticky mucus.

What shade ought to vaginal discharge be?


Healthy, signifies days of peak fertility


Healthy, frequent throughout non-fertile days and all through being pregnant

(Lumpy, white “cottage cheese” model mucus can imply a yeast an infection)


Common proper earlier than interval (or if pregnant, shortly earlier than labor begins)


Usually signifies a interval, however also can imply miscarriage or ectopic being pregnant (report clots, heavy bleeding or stomach ache to your healthcare supplier)


Typically previous blood leaving the physique, not a priority


Can be regular after your interval, however could point out an infection if there’s ache or uncommon odor


Not wholesome; could point out a sexually transmitted an infection (STI) like chlamydia

Does vaginal discharge have a scent?

Normal, wholesome discharge has solely a slight odor.

After intercourse, it’s regular to scent semen and different fluids, however these disappear after a bathe.

A foul, fishy odor can point out bacterial vaginosis — an an infection that must be handled.

Contact your healthcare supplier should you discover any discharge or vaginal odors that concern you.

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