We’re surrounded by well being and wellness tendencies, and it might take time to sift by means of them and discover what works for you. This might be an much more tender matter whenever you’re in search of help along with your reproductive well being.

Reproductive well being points can vary from issues like endometriosis and PCOS. It might also imply you’re in search of further assist navigating painful intervals, fertility, or menopause. Point is, reproductive well being might be sophisticated, which is why you need instruments that work.

One new software that’s gaining reputation is purple gentle remedy. You might need heard of utilizing purple gentle remedy as a skincare therapy, but it surely has a number of different functions – together with supporting reproductive well being. 

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red gentle remedy is a expertise that was initially developed by NASA as a possible method to assist astronauts’ wounds. This means it’s not simply one other pattern, it’s a legitimate medical software created by a few of the most sensible scientists on the planet. 

But how does it work? 

The cells in your physique are made up of many alternative components, or organelles. One organelle, the mitochondria, helps to create ATP, which is the first power supply for many of the physique’s physiological processes like motion and homeostasis.

Red gentle remedy helps to stimulate mitochondria, increasing ATP formation. More ATP means extra power, which permits cells to work extra effectively, and helps to heal components of the physique. This expertise might assist scale back irritation in cells and improve blood circulation to tissues, together with different advantages. 

Different types of purple gentle remedy are used to assist deal with:

Red gentle remedy is usually a nice possibility for treating a variety of well being points particularly since it’s minimally invasive, might be carried out as an outpatient therapy, and at present has no identified long-term unintended effects when accomplished accurately. Can it even be used to assist with reproductive well being points?

Can Red Light Therapy Help Reproductive Health?

If NASA trusts it, there have to be one thing to this expertise. The brief reply is sure, purple gentle remedy might help with a variety of reproductive well being points. 

Painful intervals

Period ache will not be essentially regular, however sadly, it’s common. If you cope with painful intervals repeatedly or often, we really feel you. This is one space of reproductive well being that purple gentle remedy might assist help.

A Korean study on women who experience period pain, dysmenorrhea, examined the usage of purple gentle remedy by means of the usage of an LED belt. They discovered that utilizing near-infrared rays helped to alleviate interval ache and enhance their high quality of life. 

While research are restricted, purple gentle remedy is comparatively low danger, and supposedly helps to alleviate interval ache by lowering irritation and selling leisure and blood circulation. 


One potential reason behind painful intervals is endometriosis. The lining of the uterus known as the endometrium. In endometriosis, cells just like this lining develop in locations exterior of the uterus just like the fallopian tubes and ovaries. 

Endometriosis may cause life-altering signs like excessive interval ache, ache throughout penetrative intercourse, and heavy intervals. While there is no such thing as a identified therapy for endometriosis, there are some instruments that may assist decrease signs. 

One study observed 40 women with endometriosis ages 24-32 years. Researchers discovered that the group who obtained high-intensity laser remedy had decreased endometrial adhesions and vital enchancment in interval ache.  

Thyroid issues

We sometimes consider reproductive well being issues instantly affecting the reproductive organs. However many reproductive issues are endocrinological, that means they should do with the hormonal system. 

This is true within the case of thyroid issues. This tiny little gland in your neck secretes hormones and helps to control metabolism, coronary heart charge, power ranges, and much more. When the thyroid is out of stability, it might wreak havoc within the physique. 

One of the commonest thyroid issues amongst females is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, a type of continual autoimmune thyroiditis, which generally requires medicine. Researchers found that patients who received low-level laser therapy required decrease doses of their thyroid medicine post-treatment. This means that purple gentle remedy might help to enhance thyroid perform and work in tandem with different therapies for autoimmune thyroid situations.


One of essentially the most troublesome reproductive well being points is infertility. If you’re going by means of this, our hearts are with you. We perceive how troublesome it may be to really feel like nothing is working, that you just’re not getting solutions, or to expertise being pregnant loss.

While we need to be tender with this topic and don’t need to give anybody false hope, analysis on purple gentle remedy has proven it might be useful for infertility. A Japanese study on females deemed “severely infertile”, discovered that 21.74% of those that obtained purple gentle remedy have been in a position to grow to be pregnant, of that group, 68% had a profitable reside supply.

Another examine centered on sufferers present process IVF who had skilled recurrent implantation failure (RIF). Patients who obtained laser-treatment previous to embryo switch had increased charges of scientific being pregnant, implantation, and a decrease danger of miscarriage – 18.2% in comparison with 27.3% within the management group. 

Red Light Therapy Side Effects

Not solely are there totally different sorts of purple gentle remedy and lasers obtainable, this expertise has a variety of functions, particularly with regards to reproductive well being. Are there any potential unintended effects? 

An enormous good thing about purple gentle remedy is that this can be very low danger, requires little downtime, is minimally invasive, and has no identified long run unintended effects. That being stated, sure individuals ought to keep away from it like these with a photosensitizing medical situation like lupus. Most suppliers imagine it’s secure to make use of regularly. 

Wondering if purple gentle remedy may give you the chance that will help you? That’s a dialog it’s best to have along with your healthcare supplier. They might help you determine if purple gentle remedy is best for you, in addition to one of the best therapy or at-home system to your particular wants. If you’re coping with reproductive well being points, our hearts exit to you, hopefully this helped shed some *gentle* on one software that might be able to assist. 

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