U.S. News Best Diets 2022: Leek Soup Diet

Though leeks are a nationwide emblem of Wales, it was the French who made them right into a diet fad.

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These tall, white and inexperienced crops are a root vegetable within the allium household (which incorporates garlic, chives and onions). Leeks include a lot of organosulfur compounds, that are natural molecules containing sulfur. These compounds are what give allium greens their robust odors. But in addition they supply robust antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, which might assist the immune system and total well being.

Lisa Young, a diet marketing consultant and writer of “Finally Full, Finally Slim” and “The Portion Teller Plan,” says that “leeks are rich in the antioxidants kaempferol and allicin, which can help fight oxidation leading to chronic disease.” Oxidation is the method by which cells might be broken attributable to each day put on and tear or publicity to toxins.

Antioxidants assist fight this course of, and are thought to scale back the chance of ailments like diabetes, coronary heart illness and most cancers.

With a milder taste than onions or garlic, however nonetheless a little bit of pungent chunk, leeks work nicely in a variety of dishes. But it’s the water used to boil them that’s the core side of the leek soup weight loss plan.

What Is the Leek Soup Diet?

The leek soup weight loss plan, and extra particularly the soup itself, is usually known as magic leek soup. Reportedly, generations of French girls have used it as a quick-start weight reduction software that mimics fasting and will help dieters shed a number of kilos rapidly.

Both magic leek soup and the leek soup weight loss plan method to weight reduction have gained renewed consideration after being talked about in season two of the favored Netflix present “Emily In Paris.”

How it Works

This weight loss plan is all in regards to the soup, which is actually simply the water used to boil the leeks.

The recipe couldn’t be a lot less complicated: reduce the inexperienced ends and the stringy roots of the leeks off and discard them. Slice the white part of the leek lengthwise, and rinse beneath operating water to take away any soil which will have lodged between the layers.

Put the leeks in a big pot and canopy them with water. Bring to a boil, then decrease the warmth and let simmer for 20 to half-hour.

Once the leeks have cooked, pour off the liquid and reserve it – that’s your leek soup. “The diet calls for drinking 1 cup of leek soup every two to three hours for 48 hours,” Young says.

If you’re very hungry, you may eat a half-cup of the cooked leeks themselves, however the normal concept is to forgo stable meals for the 48 hours and drink solely the soup through the two-day fasting interval that constitutes the leek soup weight loss plan.

Some recipes name for including some flavorings, similar to salt, lemon or parsley. Nora Minno, a New York City-based licensed private coach and registered dietitian with plant-based protein shake firm Soylent, says that some recipes might recommend “adding spices or cream to make the broth taste better while still being very low-calorie.” But naturally, cream is a high-calorie, high-fat product, so that you’ll want to manage how a lot you add if you would like the fast weight reduction the leek soup weight loss plan guarantees.


  • Can jumpstart weight reduction. By not taking in stable meals for 2 days, most individuals will naturally lose a number of kilos right away.
  • No counting carbs, factors or energy.
  • A clearly outlined plan with recipes.


  • Highly restrictive.
  • Not a long-term or sustainable method to diet or weight reduction.
  • Lacks in-depth dietary steerage.
  • Potential for monotony except you customise your soup.
  • Eating out is proscribed.
  • You’ll possible get hungry.
  • Unsafe for some folks, similar to these with a historical past of consuming problems.
  • Little analysis to again it up.
  • Falls quick nutritionally.

Health Benefits of the Leek Soup Diet

If you’ve gotten obesity or are carrying extra weight, shedding pounds could also be advisable as it could possibly affect various different well being metrics. While there’s not plenty of scientific proof accessible to assist the usage of the leek soup weight loss plan for total well being enhancements, there are some well being elements that may be influenced by the load loss that some dieters expertise whereas utilizing the leek soup weight loss plan.

Possible advantages related to the leek soup weight loss plan might embrace:

A cup of leek soup broth accommodates about 15 energy, and since it’s all you’ll be ingesting for 48 hours, it’s possible you’ll drop a number of kilos. This weight reduction could also be primarily from water weight since you’re not consuming stable meals; as quickly as you begin consuming stable meals once more, these misplaced kilos might creep again on.

That mentioned, a 2014 study famous that soup-eaters had a decrease danger of weight problems and that they tended to devour higher-quality meals. Eating a low-calorie soup prior to a meal can scale back starvation when the second course arrives, which might result in decrease total calorie consumption and weight reduction. What’s extra, as a result of leeks are made up of greater than 80% water, they will help you’re feeling fuller with much less quantity of meals.

Leeks even have a gentle diuretic impact, which means they’ll assist you flush out extra fluid by way of elevated urine output. This will help you see a direct lower in weight, propelling some dieters right into a extra sustainable, long-term weight reduction program.

While the leek soup weight loss plan gained’t supply lasting weight reduction, many individuals use it as a way of resetting or “detoxing” when beginning a brand new weight loss plan. Some leek soup weight loss plan lovers imagine that by eliminating practically all meals for a time period, they can provide their digestive tract an opportunity to relaxation and reset, however there’s not a lot proof to again up this declare.

Antioxidants combat oxidative stress in cells. That’s the each day wear-and-tear stress that our our bodies endure day-after-day. Some studies have indicated that diets excessive in antioxidants and flavonoids (a kind of antioxidant) like these present in leeks and different allium greens can decrease oxidative stress and the systemic irritation it causes. This might, in flip, decrease the chance for sure ailments similar to coronary heart illness, diabetes and a few cancers.

Reduced irritation can be related to delayed onset of Alzheimer’s disease and different types of dementia, or maybe compounds in allium greens would possibly in the future be used as a remedy for dementia; a 2015 study performed in India famous that allicin, a molecule present in garlic and different allium greens, confirmed potential to ameliorate the decline of cognitive operate and reminiscence in Alzheimer’s illness sufferers.

Eating Out and Special Diets

You gained’t be consuming out whereas on the leek soup weight loss plan, as solely leek soup is permitted through the 48-hour interval over which the weight loss plan takes place. The soup is of course vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. It’s additionally dairy-free, except you add cream, milk or one other dairy product to your recipe.

Kids, pregnant folks and people with an eating disorder or a historical past of disordered consuming ought to keep away from this weight loss plan, as any tremendous restrictive method to meals consumption may cause an exacerbation or relapse of signs. Athletes and people who find themselves very lively must also be cautious, and this weight loss plan gives only a few energy to gasoline bodily exercise.

Health Risks of the Leek Soup Diet

Many nutritionists pan the leek soup weight loss plan as a fad or gimmick that leaves dieters hungry and extra more likely to rebound with binge consuming after the 48-hour quick has ended.

Young says the leek soup weight loss plan “is not a sustainable approach to weight loss.”

Minno agrees that “the leek soup diet is not an entirely sound approach to weight loss, although weight loss will most likely occur when following this diet.”

Gaby Vaca-Flores, a registered dietitian and founding father of Glow+Greens, a diet and skincare consultancy primarily based in Santa Monica, California, says that as a result of a typical serving of leek soup can vary between 15 and 25 energy, “if you are a cup of leek soup every two to three hours during a typical eating window, you would only consume 90 to 300 calories per day. Consuming such small amounts of calories, even if it’s only for 48 hours, can be harmful and could be indicative of disordered eating behavior.”

She says it could possibly additionally “trick your body into thinking that ‘I’m fasting’, which will only lead to temporary water weight loss, not fat.”

That mentioned, “leeks are very healthy and contain beneficial nutrients,” Young says. Instead of choosing the leek soup weight loss plan, she recommends harnessing the well being advantages of leeks by including them to a “more balanced diet including portion-controlled foods from all of the food groups for long-term weight loss.” Put merely, whereas the leek soup weight loss plan is probably not an amazing alternative for lasting weight reduction, leeks are a terrific addition to any balanced weight loss plan.

Reda Elmardi, a New York City-based registered dietitian and proprietor of thegymgoat.com, an internet coaching useful resource, notes that leeks are cheap, versatile and “easy to grow from seed and are a great addition to any garden.”

And, as Vaca-Flores says, “there are many ways to enjoy leeks other than in soup. I recommend roasting, steaming or tossing them into a salad.” Adding extra leeks to your weight loss plan will assist you enhance your consumption of useful vitamins with out including too many energy.

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