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Trainer-Approved Moves to Bulk up Your Biceps Without the Curls

We Reveal the Secret to Big Arms (Sans Curls)

Picture a person lifting weights. Did you think about bicep curls? You could also be stunned to study that, regardless of stereotypes related to pumping iron, bicep curls should not essentially the perfect transfer for constructing robust arms. 

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“The two most popular exercises amongst men are the bicep curl and bench press. The majority of us want big arms and a big chest when we get a gym membership!” says Keith Hodges, founding father of Mind In Muscle Coaching in Los Angeles. But right here’s one other stunning reality: Strengthening your biceps delivers advantages past flexing. 

“The biceps have functions other than giving men the look of having bigger arms – they also have functional and performance benefits. Being flexors of the elbows, the biceps assist when doing pulling movements (rows, pulldowns, and pull-ups), power cleans, snatches, and also assist as arm drivers during running, skiing, and jumping.” 

Why You Don’t Need to Do Curls to Build Biceps

Perhaps you’re trying to combine issues up on the fitness center. Maybe you’ve plateaued. Whatever the case, you possibly can construct your biceps with out ever doing a curl, and also you may even get higher outcomes that approach. 

“It’s easy to overtrain the biceps, which can prevent some men from actually achieving the arm size they want,” says Hodges. “It’s a small muscle made up of only two heads and anytime you are performing a pulling exercise such as a pull-up, pulldown, or a row (back exercises), you are also working your biceps.” 

According to him, most males don’t correctly retract their scapula when performing these strikes,  so that they’re working their biceps much more than they suppose. And one other frequent mistake is coaching biceps too usually and never permitting not less than 48 hours of restoration time between exercises. 

Overtraining points apart, curls isolate your muscle, however practical actions that activate a number of muscle teams directly offer you a greater bang to your buck workout-wise. 

“Our bodies were designed to work as a unit, and the biceps don’t work in isolation. We work our biceps when we are performing back exercises, and the biceps have to work in conjunction with the triceps, shoulders, lats, and back for us to perform certain movements properly,” he says. 

Not satisfied? Think in regards to the motion of capturing a basketball or throwing a ball. Or, even higher, mimic these actions slowly and take note of the muscle tissue you’re utilizing. 

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Best Moves to Build Biceps Without Curls

 Ready to strengthen your biceps with practical workout routines that don’t contain curls? Hodges shared his favourite non-curl strikes that can assist you elevate your exercises. Think overhead pulling workout routines equivalent to pull-ups, chin-ups, and close-grip pulldowns. 

As far as load, reps, and units go, you’ll wish to give attention to rising the quantity of weight you utilize for every motion as you get stronger. “Focus on progressive overload, such as weighted pull-ups, which will force the biceps to grow to help support heavier loads,” says Hodges. 

For muscle development (hypertrophy), he recommends performing:

  • Three to 5 units
  •  Six to 12 gradual and managed reps (utilizing 60 to 85 p.c of your 1-rep max)

Or for those who’re not a fan of counting reps, performing:

  • Each train for 20 to 70 seconds below rigidity (utilizing 60 to 85 p.c of your 1-rep max). 

Finally, to maximise every rep, select a tempo that focuses on the eccentric (adverse) and isometric (maintain) parts of the motion. 

The lat pulldown is a basic back-building transfer, however for those who throw in a slight modification in the best way you maintain the bar, you’ll place extra stress in your biceps – in a great way. 

  1. Start along with your arms shoulder-width aside, holding the bar along with your palms going through your physique as an alternative of going through away from you.
  2. Keep your torso upright and your shoulders again as you retract your shoulders downward.
  3. Pull the bar down in the direction of your clavicles whereas exhaling.
  4. Inhale as you come to the beginning place. 
Man doing chin up in a gym, chin up text overlay

Can’t do chin-ups? Try assisted chin-ups utilizing a resistance band (that is the place you connect a resistance band to the bar and relaxation your knees on the band to supply your decrease physique with some help as you carry your self up along with your higher physique). On the opposite hand, for those who’re in a position to crank out 12 or extra consecutive chin-ups, you can begin including weight into the combination by a weighted vest, ankle weights, or different instruments. “It’s a great exercise to increase strength and develop the biceps and rear deltoids,” says Hodges. 

  1. Hang from a bar along with your arms shoulder-width aside and a supinated grip (identical grip because the transfer above, for those who’re noticing a pattern).
  2. Retract your shoulders and exhale as you pull your chest up in the direction of the bar.
  3. Stabilize on the prime, inhale, then return to the beginning place. 
Man doing V bar pulldown in a gym, text overlay V bar of close grip pulldown

“A narrow grip is believed to really engage the biceps,” in line with Hodges. 

  1. For this pulldown variation, you’ll wish to preserve your torso upright, shoulders again, and retract your shoulders downward, simply as you’d be doing throughout a basic lat pulldown, however with a more in-depth grip.
  2. Exhale if you pull the bar or rope in the direction of your chest and inhale as you come it to the highest. 
Man doing barbell row, text overlay bent over barbell row

You is perhaps conversant in barbell rows by way of again exercises, and so they’re additionally nice to your biceps. Just ensure to additionally make the most of a supinated grip for max advantages. 

  1. Start along with your arms shoulder-width aside, holding the bar along with your palms going through upwards, and hinge on the hips to help the load with much less rigidity in your decrease again.
  2. Keep your again straight, your core activated and your knees barely bent to do that safely.
  3. Then, retract your shoulders as you pull the barbell in the direction of your navel, exhaling if you pull and inhaling as you come the barbell to the beginning place. 
Man doing Single-Arm Dumbbell Row, text overlay Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

A impartial grip will increase the stress on the brachialis muscle, a smaller muscle that acts as the first flexor of your forearm and is deeper than the bicep. And single-arm dumbbell rows are nice for tapping into that impartial grip whereas strengthening your arms and again. 

  1. To carry out this transfer, put a dumbbell subsequent to a sturdy bench. Place your left hand and knee on the bench, ensuring your higher physique is parallel to the bottom.
  2. Grab the dumbbell along with your proper hand and retract your shoulder as you pull the burden in the direction of your ribs and chest, protecting your elbow near your physique.
  3. Exhale as you pull, and inhale as you decrease the burden.
  4. Once you’re performed along with your set, repeat on the opposite aspect.

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