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Thinning Hair Solutions That Are Actually Worth Trying

Hair Health Hotline is your direct entry to dermatologists, trichologists, hairstylists, and different magnificence execs. Each story on this collection tackles a standard hair or scalp concern and gives science-backed options to care in your strands.

Of all of the questions submitted for this column, hair thinning is by far the most well-liked matter, and it isn’t tough to guess why. Losing your hair could be a bummer, albeit a standard bummer. And because the web is brimming with recommendations, making an attempt to determine tackle sparse hair can really feel like a hopeless recreation of trial and error. (Read: I Tried Vegamour’s Best-Selling Growth Serum, and It Brought My Thinning Hairline Back to Life)

If you wish to minimize straight to what’s truly value making an attempt, preserve studying for a rundown on thinning hair from Craig Ziering, D.O., F.A.A.D., dermatologist, hair transplant surgeon, and proprietor of Ziering Medical.

Q: I’ve been experiencing thinning hair. How can I spark wholesome regrowth?

A: Fortunately hair thinning can generally be reversed, relying on the trigger. A slew of merchandise and coverings promise to revive thickness or fullness, and a few of them can really ship, in response to Dr. Ziering.

Why Is My Hair Thinning?

It’s regular to lose as much as 100 hairs per day as a part of the conventional hair progress cycle, in response to Dr. Ziering. Under regular circumstances, each strand grows for a couple of years, “rests” for a couple of months, after which sheds, earlier than a brand new strand sprouts from the identical follicle, he says.If the rising part is interrupted, you can begin to lose strands at a sooner charge and see hair thinning.

You may also begin sprouting finer hair than you used to, which might likewise contribute to general thinning. “With the most common cause of thinning, which is genetic hair loss, over time the hairs just become wimpier, weaker, and what is called ‘miniaturized,'” says Dr. Ziering. “So they go from being strong what are referred to as ‘terminal’ hairs to wimpy, what are called ‘vellus,’ baby-like hairs…Hair loss can occur with the absence of hair follicles, but it’s more common to see the follicles become smaller in diameter.”

There are many potential causes of hair thinning, so you’ll have to the touch base with a physician to know the reason for your concern, whether or not it is reversible, and in that case, deal with it. Most generally, one of many following points is guilty for the thinning of hair, in response to Dr. Ziering. (This abstract barely scratches the floor of this matter. Here’s a extra detailed rationalization of the most common causes of hair loss.)

  • Androgenetic alopecia is hereditary hair loss also called male or feminine sample baldness.
  • Alopecia areata is an immune-related situation that may create patchy areas of hair loss or extra diffuse hair loss.
  • Telogen effluvium is thinning of hair that happens a number of months after a stressful event, which might embrace a bodily or emotional shock.
  • Traction alopecia is hair loss that normally outcomes from extreme hairstyling, particularly types that pull your hair tight, similar to cornrows or tight ponytails, or hair extensions.
  • Hormonal adjustments related to pregnancy or menopause may cause hair thinning.
  • Medical situations similar to thyroid issues or anemia may contribute.
  • Taking sure medicines, similar to these used to deal with most cancers, arthritis, melancholy, coronary heart points, and hypertension can contribute to hair thinning as properly.
  • Poor vitamin and deficiencies, similar to in folic acid, protein, or iron, can play a task.

What Are the Best Solutions for Thinning Hair?

“If you have genetic hair loss or other causes that result in miniaturization of the diameter of the hair, there are treatments you can use to reverse that,” says Dr. Ziering. These are essentially the most promising choices.

Topical Products for Hair Loss/Thinning Hair

In the realm of topical merchandise, these containing minoxidil or progress elements would be the most definitely to reverse hair thinning, says Dr. Ziering. Minoxidil and some types of growth factors every have the potential to provoke the expansion part of the hair progress cycle. Some of those merchandise can be found over-the-counter whereas others require a prescription.

Other hair progress merchandise that do not comprise these elements may help hair look thicker, however are unlikely to have an effect on progress, says Dr. Ziering. “There are cosmetic aids such as thickening serums that actually just add water to the hair shaft to make them become engorged, so that’s just temporary smoke and mirrors to some extent,” he says. “There are additionally protein fibers that folks can use so as to add quantity to the hair. And then you may pigment the scalp [using root concealers] to reduce the distinction between the scalp and the hair.”

In-Office Growth Factor Treatments

Various in-office therapies incorporate progress elements to result in hair progress. These embrace platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, which contain drawing your blood and spinning it out to extract platelets (a part of blood concerned in wound therapeutic) and progress elements earlier than re-injecting the substance. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) injections are comparable however spun at a decrease pace, which ends up in a better focus of platelets.

A 3rd possibility is a therapy referred to as Keralase the place the practitioner creates little tiny holes within the floor of the scalp after which applies numerous progress elements to assist reverse that thinning course of and thicken the diameter of these hair shafts as soon as once more,” says Dr. Ziering.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-level laser remedy gadgets emit pink mild, which may stimulate the expansion part in follicles which have entered the resting stage of the hair progress cycle, extend the expansion part, and stop untimely entry into the shedding part. You can attempt an in-office therapy or look right into a laser comb or cap to make use of at house.


When hair thinning outcomes from dietary deficiencies, consuming extra of those vitamins by way of meals or dietary supplements might remedy the difficulty. Protein, iron, and folic acid are a number of the most necessary vitamins for wholesome hair progress, says Dr. Ziering. (

Hair Transplants

Unfortunately, in case you have bald spots with completely zero progress, it is much less doubtless (although not fully out of the query) that you can reignite progress with the above options, says Dr. Ziering. If you are hoping so as to add hair again to the realm, a hair transplant could also be the best choice.

In an ideal world, a common answer would set off weed-like hair progress in anybody disillusioned by thinning. While that is not a actuality (but), there are a number of routes you may discover that will assist restore your hair to its former glory.

Have a hair well being query you need answered? Send your Q to for an opportunity to have it featured in a future installment of Hair Health Hotline.

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