Build Bigger Quads, Bulging Hamstrings & Impressive Calves With These Tried-and-True Routines

Interested in packing on kilos of recent muscle mass in your higher legs? Sick and uninterested in being generally known as the man with rooster legs? Ready to be taught some tips and tips to construct a fantastic pair of wheels so you’ll be able to lastly put on a pair of shorts with confidence?

It’s no secret that muscular legs come right down to this dreaded truth: You have to coach legs. Not solely do you must practice them, however you must practice them exhausting. This article will train you ways to take action effectively.

This means you must dish out punishment in an clever method, forcing the leg muscular tissues to develop however not coaching to the purpose that you must spend the subsequent six days transferring round in a wheelchair. Yes, we’ll make you sore, however being sore for longer than three or 4 days is a transparent signal that you simply overdid it.

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The key to successfully constructing decrease physique mass is quantity. We need you to coach usually, to encourage muscle progress, whereas shifting the main target of your coaching to permit for optimum restoration durations. What does that seem like? Well, learn on to seek out out.

Tip No. 1 – Split Your Week Up Into Quad-Dominant & Hip-Dominant Days

If your legs have been a tricky physique half for you, then start by splitting your quads and hips (after I say “hips” I’m referencing the hams, decrease again and glutes) into separate exercise days.

On a five-day cut up, you would practice quads on Monday and hips on Friday. This methodology lets you give equal consideration to the entrance of your legs and again of your legs.

Here’s a pattern leg-prioritization coaching cut up:

Monday – Quads Priority + One Hip Exercise
Tuesday – Chest + Abs
Wednesday – Back + Calves
Thursday – Off
Friday – Hips Priority + One Quad Exercise
Saturday – Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps
Sunday – Off

A quad-dominant day might embrace single joint workout routines like leg extensions and multi-joint workout routines like leg presses, again squats, entrance squats, ahead lunges, reverse lunges, one-leg squats, wall squats, hack squats, Bulgarian-split squats, smith-machine squats, vertical leg press and all single limb variations.

A hip-dominant day might embrace single joint workout routines like leg curls or again extensions, and multi-joint workout routines like deadlifts, sumo-style deadlifts, stiff-leg deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, ft huge/elevated leg press and all single limb variations.

Tip No. 2 – Prioritize Your Legs for at Least 6 Weeks

I’m getting actually uninterested in having guys strategy me to say, “Man, I wish I had your legs.” I all the time shake my head and suppose to myself, “You could — if you stopped training chest three times a week!”

Many individuals are afraid to take time away from their higher physique in concern of “losing” their positive factors. That could not be any farther from the reality. The solely method you will lose dimension in your higher physique is if you happen to cease coaching it utterly. So throw that concern out the window.

Once you get your legs going twice every week, not solely will you will have a extra proportional and symmetrical physique, however every part else will develop, too, due to the consequences of exhausting coaching in your hormone ranges.

Start coaching your legs repeatedly and hit your decrease physique with the correct depth and frequency, and your complete physique will carry on rising. Six weeks of devoted leg coaching, two occasions per week, will get you rising for weeks.

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Tip No. 3 – Pre-Exhaust With Leg Extensions and Leg Curls

Although nobody has the identical ratio of muscle fiber varieties, the muscle fibers activated throughout quad coaching are predominantly slow-twitch (Type II fibers). Believe it or not, I not often ever squat greater than 225 kilos, and my legs proceed to develop.

Many guys see their legs develop as soon as they use loading parameters which can be totally different from those they use for the remainder of their physique. Higher reps should not related to muscle progress, however in relation to quad coaching, it makes a giant distinction. Kickstart your quad exercise with 4 units of 15-20 reps, with a 5-0-1-1 tempo (take 5 seconds to decrease the load, no pause, 1 second to rise to the beginning place after which pause 1 second earlier than performing one other repetition). Rest 45 seconds between units.

Technique Tips for Leg Extensions: Keep your glutes locked down, sit upright (you’ll be able to lean ahead barely to extend issue), preserve your patella pointed to the ceiling, undergo a full vary of movement (weight stacks must be a cm aside) and do not bounce the load up.

Conversely, hamstrings are predominantly fast-twitch (Type I fibers) so they may reply higher to explosive and decrease rep ranges resembling 4-6 and 6-10. Kickstart your hip exercise with 4 units of 5-8 reps with a 40×1 tempo (take 4 seconds to decrease the load, no pause, “X” means as explosive as potential, then pause 1 second earlier than performing one other repetition). Rest 60 seconds between units.

Technique Tips for Leg Curls: Shove your hips into the pad, do not transfer your glutes, preserve your toes pointed (to eradicate help out of your calves), prop your self up onto your elbows (which makes it immediately more durable).

Tip No. 4 – Use The Old-School 5×5 Protocol

After your legs are warmed up, limp on over to the squat rack to make use of one of the vital well-known rep and set protocols accountable for making generations of athletes stronger. The concept right here is to begin your first set of 5 after getting discovered your excellent work weight. You ought to hit failure in your first set of 5 to make this be just right for you. This may take one or two warmup units to prime your legs. The reps and tempo dictate the load so a typical set may seem like this:

Set 1- 5 reps at 225 kilos
Set 2 – 5 reps at 225 kilos
Set 3 – 5 reps at 225 kilos
Set 4 – 4 reps at 225 kilos
Set 5- 3 reps at 225 kilos

Increase the load 5%-10% while you accomplish 5 units of 5 reps with a 4-0-1-1 tempo and 2-minute relaxation between units. The concept is to not improve weight till you’ll be able to efficiently full the purpose reps and units, and, most significantly, the tempo and relaxation durations.

On hip day, you are able to do the 5×5 methodology on any deadlift variation of your alternative. I like to recommend making an attempt an train you have not tried for a while.

Tip No. 5 – Finish Each Workout With Unilateral Work

Unilateral work is not horny, nevertheless it’s the non-sexy stuff that reaps the rewards. Not solely will unilateral coaching create a substantial quantity of lactic acid, leading to nausea, however it can get you on the quick monitor to a balanced physique and allow you to eradicate “weak links.” I am unable to let you know what number of guys I do know who squat three plates a aspect however cannot do a single one-leg squat with their very own physique weight! Don’t be that man except your ego is that deflated.

Unilateral coaching will shortly determine if you happen to’re recruiting all of the musculature of your legs. Here’s a killer finisher to wrap up your quad and hip day, respectively:

On quad day, end up with Bulgarian cut up squats along with your entrance foot on a 12-inch block. Placing your entrance foot on a bench lets you go deeper into knee flexion so that you stretch out the flexed quad and your psoas on the alternative leg. The concept right here is to push the ground away from you along with your planted foot. Pushing your foot into the ground will higher activate your quad.

On hip day, end up with one-legged, stiff-legged dumbbell deadlifts. These actually open up your hamstrings differently and provide you with an opportunity to isolate your hams, glutes and decrease again one aspect at a time. To isolate your hams even additional, you’ll be able to barely elevate your toes with a plate on the ground, which is able to create a good deeper stretch and stop you from falling ahead and shifting the emphasis to your quads. The concept is to co-contract your glutes and hams from a stretched place, not provoke by swinging your again backward.

Putting Together the Chicken-Leg-Solution Workout

Quad Day :

  • Leg Extensions: 4 units of 15-20 at 5-0-1-1 tempo — 45-second relaxation
    Back Squats (Heels Elevated): 5 units of 5 at 4-0-1-1 tempo — 2 minute-rest
    Bulgarian Split Squats (Front Foot On Block): 5 units of 15 at 4-0-1-1 tempo — alternate legs
    Deadlifts: 1×15, 1×12, 1×10, 1×8, x15 at 4-0-1-1 tempo — 90-second relaxation

Friday Hip Day:

  • Lying Leg Curls (Toes Pointed): 4 units of 5-8 at 40×1 tempo — 60-second relaxation
    Sumo-Style Deadlifts: 5 units of 5 at 4-0-1-1 tempo — 2-minute relaxation
    One-Legged, Stiff-Legged Dumbbell Deadlifts: 5 units of 12 at 4-0-1-1 tempo — alternate legs
    Front Squats: 1×12, 1×15, 1×12, 1×8, 1×15 at 4-0-1-1 tempo — 90-second relaxation

There you will have it. This may appear comparatively simple on paper, however do not be fooled. This is definitely one of many hardest and smartest leg exercises I’ve written, and if you happen to follow the designated reps, units, relaxation durations and tempo for the subsequent six weeks, you will notice outcomes. Slack off on the tempo and also you’re solely dishonest your self.

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