Most ladies have been instructed they need to pee after intercourse… or else! 

By ‘or else’, we imply you may get a gnarly urinary tract an infection. But, how true is this recommendation? Does peeing after intercourse make a distinction relating to stopping UTIs or is that simply an outdated wive’s story?

Discover whether or not or not peeing after intercourse actually makes that a lot of a distinction relating to stopping UTIs.

What Do We Mean by “Sex”?

First issues first, let’s clear up what we imply by saying “pee after sex”. In this context, intercourse means any exercise that would probably improve your danger of creating a UTI due to publicity to micro organism.

This contains:

  • Penetrative intercourse with a toy or penis
  • Masturbating along with your fingers or toys
  • Receiving oral intercourse
  • Anal intercourse
  • Manual stimulation “fingering”
  • Genital contact with or with out penetration

Does Peeing After Sex Prevent UTIs?

No matter the way you’re having intercourse, there’s most likely a number of friction and international objects round, all of which may improve your danger of micro organism spreading to your urethra (the place pee comes from). 

Bacteria which can be usually present in all completely different areas of the physique can flip right into a nasty an infection in the event that they attain your urethra, and journey additional up your urinary tract to your bladder, and probably to the kidneys.

UTIs are typically extra frequent in ladies due to anatomy. The urethra is nearer to the anus than it’s for folks with penises. That means there’s a shorter distance that micro organism must journey to succeed in the urethra and trigger an an infection.

This is the place the thought of peeing after sex is available in. Peeing acts as an influence washer to filter out any germs which have made it into your urethra earlier than they’ve the prospect to grow to be an an infection. 

That’s the thought at the very least – however is it really true? Yes and no. 

Most gynecologists again up the thought of peeing after intercourse, and many individuals with vulvas will anecdotally say that it really works. That being stated, researchers haven’t been in a position to show that peeing after intercourse all the time prevents UTIs. 

How To Prevent UTIs

While scientific research don’t clearly again up the thought of peeing after intercourse, it could show you how to for those who’re vulnerable to UTIs. Healthcare suppliers advocate urinating inside half-hour of getting intercourse to assist stop an infection. Peeing isn’t the one manner you may stop post-sex UTIs. 

Here are another tips to forestall UTIs:

  • Drink loads of fluids earlier than and after intercourse.
  • Thoroughly clear and sanitize intercourse toys.
  • Take probiotics and eat probiotic-rich meals like yogurt and fermented greens.
  • Don’t change from the anus to the vagina/vulva whether or not it’s a toy or penis.
  • Wipe from entrance to again if you pee.
  • Ask your supplier in case your contraception could also be contributing to frequent UTIs.

What To Do When You Get a UTI

Sometimes UTIs are unavoidable, frequent signs embody:

  • Burning if you urinate
  • The fixed urge to pee
  • Cloudy urination

If you do get a UTI, it could actually generally be handled at house by way of the usage of dietary supplements and probiotics.

If your signs proceed or worsen, otherwise you expertise ones like ache in your decrease again and/or fever, it’s vital to hunt medical care instantly as these could be indicators of a extra severe an infection. Kidney infections can develop and result in severe problems shortly, so it’s vital to hunt medical care ASAP in case you have signs of 1.

Keep in thoughts that for those who had intercourse and are experiencing burning whereas urinating, it may not essentially be a UTI. Irritation of the vulva and contained in the vagina may happen in case you have a sensitivity to the condoms, spermicide, or lubricant that you just used. There’s additionally an opportunity it could possibly be an STI, so chances are you’ll have to get examined.

Don’t Forget Protection!

While now we have you right here, we figured it’s a good suggestion to throw in a pleasant reminder about safer intercourse. UTIs aren’t the one factor to maintain in your radar when having intercourse. Practicing safer intercourse additionally means taking steps to assist stop the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

You can observe safer intercourse by:

  • Getting examined earlier than and after having intercourse with a brand new accomplice.
  • Communicating if one among you has an STI.
  • Using barrier safety like condoms or dental dams.
  • Sanitizing toys between companions or utilizing condoms with them.

If you do occur to get an STI, it’s most likely not an enormous deal. Most STIs could be handled by way of antibiotics, and sometimes the stigma is worse than the situation itself.

Peeing After Sex – What to Remember

What’s the decision? We all must pee in the end so chances are you’ll as effectively pee after intercourse in any case. We get it, generally you go to sleep earlier than you get an opportunity to, and for those who don’t are inclined to get UTIs, you’ll most likely be fantastic.

Peeing after intercourse will not be scientifically confirmed to forestall UTIs, however many individuals discover it useful, though there are different issues you are able to do to assist stop them. If you do expertise recurrent UTIs, whether or not or not you pee after intercourse, it’s vital to see your medical supplier as they will probably result in severe problems.

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