The Connection Between Food and Your Mood

There are so many nice issues about fall and winter: altering leaves, pumpkin patches, Christmas decorations and household gatherings.

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But because the climate begins to show chilly and dreary, you could expertise the winter blues. To assist fight these feeling, strive consuming sure meals recognized to assist enhance your temper.

“The foods we eat not only affect our mood, but our sleep patterns and our energy levels,” says psychologist Susan Albers, PsyD. “And that can impact us throughout the entire day.”

How meals can have an effect on your temper

Studies have discovered that the change in seasons usually results in a rise in emotional consuming, says Dr. Albers.

“In this study, individuals who feel blue during the winter and fall months, due to the short days, experience an increase in snacking, craving starchy foods and sugary foods, as well as eating more in the evenings,” she says.

Foods to keep away from or lower down on through the winter months are:

  • Sugar.
  • Alcohol.
  • Starchy meals.
  • Processed meals.

Foods sweetened with sugar like soda and cookies, in addition to flour-based meals like bread, crackers and baked items would possibly offer you a fast power enhance, however their low dietary worth might go away you with low power and in a down temper in a while.

“If you’re someone who loves salty snacks, swap out the chips for spicy roasted chickpeas,” says Dr. Albers. “Not only are those going to give you a great crunch, but they also give you a great boost of nutrients.”

Foods that may enhance your temper

There are loads of meals that have an effect on your temper in a constructive manner. Ease into it and also you’ll see rewards.

“Too often we focus on removing or subtracting foods from our diet,” says Dr. Albers. “Think about additions, trying to add one food a day. Make it a goal to add one of these foods a day and over time, you’re going to see an improvement in your mood.”

Foods excessive in vitamin D

Work in meals wealthy in vitamin D like crimson meat (restrict to lower than 6 ounces per week), mushrooms, egg yolks, tuna, salmon and sardines. You must also search for objects fortified in vitamin D like milk, yogurt and cereal.

“During the winter months, people who have more emotional eating have been shown to have lower levels of vitamin D, which is associated with more anxiety and depression,” says Dr. Albers.

Foods excessive in vitamin C

Oranges, mangoes, lemons, kiwi, broccoli, bell peppers and strawberries are nice choices in the event you’re hoping to extend your vitamin C consumption. Vitamin C can help with nervousness, Alzheimer’s illness and despair.

“One of the best things you can do to help your immune system and to boost your mood is to add foods that are high in vitamin C,” says Dr. Albers.

Foods excessive in protein

Get your protein fill with meals like beef, rooster, turkey and eggs.

“Those foods are linked to higher levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, which are brain chemicals that play an important role in our mood, our motivation and our concentration,” says Dr. Albers.

Vegan or vegetarian? Opt for chickpeas, lentils or tofu to get that much-needed protein repair.

Sweet potatoes

With comfort-food-laden vacation menus in your future, strive subbing out white potatoes for candy potatoes, that are a great supply of vitamin A.

“Sweet potatoes contain fiber, which breaks down really slowly and can help your blood sugar,” says Dr. Albers. “This, in turn, helps to keep your cravings and emotional eating down.”

Sweet potatoes are additionally wealthy in magnesium, which has been proven to assist decrease nervousness ranges.


Beets are a great guess, particularly in the event you’re feeling anxious or careworn.

“Beets can lower your blood sugar,” says Dr. Albers. “Eating beets can also help lower your blood pressure in just a matter of a few hours.”


Get cracking on including walnuts to your meals. Great on your cognitive operate (your reminiscence, consideration and language), walnuts may enhance your temper.

A study through which contributors got a handful of walnuts for 5 days confirmed a big discount in urge for food starvation and cravings for starchy and sugary meals.


Warm up with a scorching cup of cocoa, says Dr. Albers.

“Not only is it soothing and sweet during the cold winter months,” she says. “But cocoa is also a great source of polyphenols.”

Polyphenols are very potent antioxidants, which assist along with your temper due to their anti-inflammatory results. Polyphenols have been proven in many studies to spice up your focus ranges and your focus.

Regardless of your weight loss plan through the winter, don’t be too arduous on your self, says Dr. Albers.

“As the holiday season approaches, move aside dieting. This is often stressful for people and instead focus on mindful eating,” says Dr. Albers. “This is slowing down, being in the moment, enjoying and savoring your food, instead of trying to stay away from certain foods.”

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