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The 7 Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Let’s face it — chocolate is considered one of life’s most decadent treats. No matter the way you take pleasure in it — as a sweet bar, in a sizzling drink, drizzled over ice cream — chocolate brings pleasure.

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Although chocolate is scrumptious, it’s not at all times nutritious — and even actual chocolate in any respect. White chocolate, for instance, doesn’t comprise cocoa solids. That means it’s rather more of a confection than anything.

But darkish chocolate advantages are quite a few, as dietitian Devon Peart, MHSc, BASc, RD, explains.

Is darkish chocolate wholesome?

When in contrast with other forms of chocolate, darkish chocolate stands tall. “Dark chocolate has lower added sugar and fat than milk or white chocolate,” says Peart, whereas noting it additionally boasts an abundance of helpful antioxidants referred to as flavonoids.

At their core, milk chocolate and darkish chocolate have related elements, together with cocoa butter, sugar and cocoa solids. The two sorts of chocolate differ of their proportion of cocoa solids, nonetheless.

“Dark chocolate has between 50% and 90% cocoa solids,” says Peart. “And milk chocolate has between 10% and 50%.”

Unsurprisingly, the share of cocoa solids can have an effect on the magnitude of darkish chocolate’s advantages. “The higher percentage of cocoa solids, the more flavonoids and the lower sugar,” Peart explains. “If you’re doing 75% or 80% dark chocolate, there’ll be less added sugar than if you were at 50% dark chocolate.”

In addition to being decrease in sugar, listed here are different darkish chocolate advantages:

Rich in flavanols

Flavanols are a kind of flavonoid that’s present in vegetation such because the cacao tree. These bushes produce the cacao beans used to make chocolate. “Flavanols are abundant in cacao beans,” says Peart. “The cacao beans are fermented and roasted, producing what we call cocoa beans. We make cocoa solids from those.”

Dark chocolate “contains two to three times more flavanol-rich cocoa solids as compared to milk chocolate,” Peart provides. “It’s significantly higher.”

That’s an enormous health benefit for your heart. Flavanols are associated to the manufacturing of nitric oxide, which relaxes your blood vessels and improves blood circulate. In flip, this additionally lowers blood stress.

Better blood circulate can also be nice for our general well being. “Improved blood flow means protection from heart disease,” says Peart. “It’s also good for cognition [understanding thought], because you’re having more blood flow to the brain.”

Due to their antioxidant properties, flavanols are additionally helpful in preventing cell harm referring to getting old. And though extra analysis is required, scientists have additionally found some evidence that flavanol-richer chocolate can improve your insulin sensitivity. “The more you are sensitive to insulin, the lower your diabetes risk,” Peart states.

Source of vital minerals

Dark chocolate is packed filled with vital minerals, together with iron, magnesium, zinc, copper and phosphorus. In your physique, these minerals are used to help elements corresponding to immunity (zinc), can assist preserve your bones and tooth wholesome (phosphorus), and contribute to raised sleep high quality (magnesium).


As its identify implies, milk chocolate accommodates some type of milk or milk solids. But darkish chocolate is usually thought of non-dairy. That means it’s possibility if in case you have a sensitivity to exploit merchandise or attempt to preserve a dairy-free weight-reduction plan. Peart notes that manufacturing processes might introduce dairy merchandise into the chocolate, so it’s greatest to verify the ingredient listing earlier than buy.

High in fiber

Compared to different candy treats, darkish chocolate is excessive in fiber. “In a small amount of dark chocolate (about an ounce), there’s are about four grams of fiber,” Peart says.

Protects pores and skin from solar harm

The antioxidants in darkish chocolate enhance blood circulate to your pores and skin and defend it from solar harm. A small study even discovered that consuming chocolate excessive in flavanols — that’s, darkish chocolate — can defend your pores and skin from the consequences of UV (ultraviolet) rays.

Enhances your temper

Good information: If you are feeling higher after consuming darkish chocolate, there’s a scientific purpose for that. Dark chocolate has lengthy been related to emotions of delight and pleasure. Those emotions might originate from what are referred to as polyphenolic compounds.

“Polyphenols are antioxidants that lower cortisol, a stress hormone,” Peart explains. “So there are mood-enhancing benefits to eating dark chocolate.” In truth, a study published in January 2022 discovered that individuals who ate 85% darkish chocolate each day maintained higher general temper than others who ate chocolate with much less cocoa — or no chocolate in any respect.

Are there downsides to darkish chocolate?

At greater percentages, darkish chocolate has a bitter style and accommodates extra caffeine.

“Caffeine can exacerbate reflux, or heartburn,” says Peart. “If you have a sensitivity to caffeine or don’t want to have caffeine because it’s a stimulant, you should stay away from dark chocolate.”

The quantity of caffeine in darkish chocolate is much lower than the quantity you’ll discover in espresso, although. “Even if you had two ounces of 70% dark chocolate, there would be around 50 to 60 milligrams of caffeine,” Peart says. “In an eight-ounce cup of coffee, which is much smaller than most people drink, there’s 100 to 200 milligrams.”

Dark chocolate additionally accommodates a “moderate amount of saturated fat,” Peart provides, which is the sort related to high cholesterol. “But the heart-protective benefits of flavanols are thought to outweigh the downside of the saturated fat in dark chocolate.”

What’s the really helpful darkish chocolate serving dimension?

Peart says a really helpful darkish chocolate serving dimension is between one and two ounces, which is about 30 to 60 grams. That’s a much bigger quantity of chocolate than you may suppose. For instance, one ounce is the equal of three skinny squares of chocolate damaged off from a much bigger bar. Dark chocolate can also be greatest savored slowly — a bit goes a great distance.

Should you eat darkish chocolate on daily basis?

As with any candy deal with, moderation is essential. “One misconception often is, ‘Well, dark chocolate is good for me, so I can have however much I want,’” Peart says. “There are some benefits to dark chocolate in terms of antioxidants, like the flavanols. But they’re not compelling enough that we would say you should definitely include this in your diet. Pound for pound, it’s a high-calorie food. It’s definitely something to enjoy in moderation.”

Peart recommends eager about your darkish chocolate consumption very similar to you’ll take into account your consumption of nuts. Both are filling — which means, you don’t must eat as a lot to really feel happy — and excessive in fats, so they’re excessive calorie. You need to keep on with smaller parts.

“That being said, the reason why I do often recommend dark chocolate as a good option for a snack or a treat is because it has a strong bitter flavor,” Peart says. “We don’t need a lot of chocolate to enjoy it.”

Because of this sturdy taste, darkish chocolate is admittedly an acquired style. “When people first have it, they usually don’t like it,” Peart says. She recommends beginning at a less-bitter darkish chocolate and transferring up. “Start by having 50% dark chocolate and then move up to 65% and then 70% and work your way up.”

Although there are some downsides, darkish chocolate is general a more healthy selection when you’re searching for a scrumptious solution to end off a meal. “And you’ll need less of it to get satisfaction than you would from other sweets,” Peart says. “Dark chocolate is comforting. It signals to your brain that you’re satisfied and finished. And it is satiety-inducing [feeling satisfied], so you are more likely to feel like you’ve had enough.”

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