Team USA Olympic Athletes Dish Out Their Nutrition Hacks

Nutrition is paramount for any athlete, however when your greatest competitors comes as soon as each 4 (or 5) years? Striking that excellent steadiness of meals and health might be the distinction between touchdown on the rostrum and never ending in any respect.

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The method Olympic athletes eat and prepare is about as different as their sports activities. This 12 months, nevertheless, there’s a frequent impediment each athlete should face: restricted acclimation time. 

While lots of Team USA’s athletes are arriving early to regulate to the brand new local weather within the Games’ setting in Tokyo, they don’t have the luxurious of staying lengthy after their occasion’s completion. Due to coronavirus protocols, most should go away quickly after they’re performed.

How precisely does this shorter timeframe affect weight loss program and efficiency? U.S. triathlon high-performance advisor and TrainingPeaks coach Ryan Bolton breaks it down “It’s going to be incredibly hot and muggy and athletes are working on race nutrition plans to accommodate for that,” he says. “If you do that (planning) wrong, you can cook yourself and be at a disadvantage.” 

Since the one factor any of those athletes desires to be cooking is the competitors, they’ve developed some tried and true tips and ways to make sure their diet is as rock-solid as their coaching – and the excellent news is you may inherit a few of their hacks with out having to set a PR. 

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Nutrition Shouldn’t Be Limiting

The 19-year-old follows a Paleo weight loss program, however believes diet as a complete shouldn’t be limiting. “I believe in everyone eating what’s right for them,” she says. What’s proper for her? “My absolute favorite is a protein like steak, chicken, or salmon with sweet potato and salad on the side,” she provides. 

Chris Hammer pours water over himself during the running stage of the AJ Bell 2021 World TriathlonDanny Lawson/PA Images through Getty Images

Several Small Portions

Heading to his third Paralympics, the 35-year-old has a little bit of a extra nontraditional method in the case of diet. “There are no bad foods, just bad portions,” he says. Hammer doesn’t actually measure parts or attempt to eradicate sure meals fully, however eats smaller meals all through the day to help coaching fairly than only a few massive ones.

He’s additionally human along with his candy tooth. “I have a tradition after every competition season where I eat a ton of brownie batter – potentially a whole box,” he laughs. “My peers don’t enjoy junk food like I do.”

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Ryan BoltonRyan Bolton

General Health Over Specific Diets

“You can take risks with nutrition during the off-season,” the elite endurance coach says. He provides that diet isn’t a lot a few specific weight loss program as it’s consuming usually wholesome. “As soon as someone lets their nutrition go, everything else starts going. It’s not always the easiest thing (to build back).”

Roderick Townsend wearing Ralph Lauren Team USA clothingRalph Lauren

Walking for Digestion

“I try to walk for 10-15 minutes after meals,” the 29-year-old says. Besides serving to with digesting, strolling helps Townsend do one thing that’s decrease affect and add some selection to his total health plan. 

He additionally understands that not day by day goes to be an ideal weight loss program day. “Some days, it’s a compromise. I’ll get a small sundae instead of a large, just knowing when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’. The answer is being realistic and getting back to your diet so you can have as many good days as possible.”

Ariel Torres of the USA in action during round 1 of the Men's Individual Kata at Katara BeachBryn Lennon/Getty Images

Hydration and Protein Are Key

For Torres, 23, diet comes right down to hydration and protein constructing. “Milk is a vital a part of my pre- and post-training routine as a result of it helps me keep hydrated, plus it has high-quality protein to assist construct lean muscle, which is important in (my sport).

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