My favourite hair loss researcher Dr. Takashi Tsuji of RIKEN (and OrganTech) is again once more. This time, he has written an article within the May 2024 version of the Japanese science journal Newton Press. Thanks to “Theo” for the replace. Below picture is after translation.

Dr. Takashi Tsuji’s new article on full hair regeneration. Source: Newton Press: May 2024.

The co-author is Dr. Masayuki Yanagisawa. Interestingly, his crew has been reliably following up on very long-term outcomes of Finasteride use for hair loss in Japanese males. They have revealed 2.5-year, 5-year and 10-year outcomes up to now. And they may possible launch 15-year leads to 2025. A painstaking large-scale hair loss affected person monitoring effort that isn’t seen wherever else on this planet.

Dr. Takashi Tsuji on Complete Hair Regeneration

The full Japanese language Newton journal article by Dr. Takashi Tsuji can be found on OrganTech’s website. According to “Theo”, beneath are the primary sentences of curiosity after translation (and corrections by me the place I assumed mandatory):

  • Dr. Tsuji is at present creating a regenerative follicle organ with additional enhancements. This is as a result of it turned clear to his RIKEN crew that apart from hair follicles, the encircling scalp tissue can be broken in extreme instances of androgenetic alopecia )(AGA).
  • In some extreme instances, the subcutaneous tissue becames thinner and more durable (Admin: See my articles on thinner and tighter scalps in bald areas and the broken arrector pili muscle groups in balding scalps). In this case, even when the follicle organ is transplanted, it is not going to be reborn.
  • Per Dr. Tsuji, they discovered that stem cells that help the event of hair follicles are lacking in some subcutaneous tissues (Admin: Perhaps that is the “missing progenitor cells” in bald areas that we now have heard about previously? Or the phenomenon of escaping hair follicle stem cells?).
  • Taking this as a possibility, Dr. Tsuji’s crew has developed the second technology of his hair multiplication course of. In this model, they mix the standard regenerated hair follicle organ primordium (first technology), plus additionally regenerate hair follicle improvement associated supporting cells.
  • In addition, they succeeded in creating the third technology of the seated hair follicle organ, which was cultured in vivo and differentiated to finish hair follicle (Admin: This is above my understanding and I’m not positive why they want a 3rd technology).
  • Dr. Takashi Tsuji quote:

“If our third generation of regenerative hair follicles can be transplanted, it will be equivalent to self-hair transplantation, and hair-regenerative medicine will be completed.”

However, he warns that additionally it is necessary to substantiate whether or not there is no such thing as a irritation, an infection and most cancers. This just isn’t confirmed in people as but. Dr. Tsuji confirmed that irritation and an infection could be managed, and that malignancy doesn’t happen in mice utilizing the first-generation regenerative hair follicle organ.

Takashi Tsuji Hair Multiplication ProcessTakashi Tsuji Hair Multiplication Process
Takashi Tsuji Hair Multiplication Process. Source: Newton Press: May 2024.

Dr. Tsuji additionally mentions that his enterprise (by way of OrganTech) has restarted and they’re on observe to start medical analysis in 2024. The firm plans to begin medical trials on people for the second technology after 2026; and for the third technology after 2027.

Just as with Stemson Therapeutics, the timeframe could be very disappointing. I’m additionally confused as as to if they’re conducting medical trials in 2024 or medical analysis (per the translated phrases that “Theo” despatched). I could modify this part later.



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