Exercise can result in sore, achy muscular tissues. But foam rolling generally is a helpful technique with regards to warming up earlier than a exercise or cooling down after a sweat session.

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By utilizing a light-weight cylindrical tube fabricated from dense foam (some resemble a pool noodle), you may roll over tight spots (assume your higher again, quads and calves) to assist cut back muscle soreness and irritation.

So, how do you foam roll? And is it protected? Exercise specialist Ben Kuharik rolls us by way of the motions and explains why foam rolling is an effective step so as to add to your routine.

What is foam rolling?

Considered a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique, foam rolling is whenever you use a foam tube to alleviate muscle tightness, soreness and irritation. It can even assist enhance your vary of movement. 

Myofascial launch helps handle ache and discomfort by making use of strain to areas which can be tight or sore to assist them loosen up.

By utilizing a foam curler, you may apply strain and therapeutic massage the world by rolling the instrument forwards and backwards. This might be useful earlier than you begin a exercise.

“Foam rolling primes the muscles and gets your neuromuscular activation going,” says Kuharik. “Which means it helps to strengthen the connection between the brain and muscles.”

And that connection not solely helps your mind key in on which muscular tissues to concentrate on, however foam rolling additionally helps lengthen your muscular tissues.

“You want as much length as you can when you’re exercising so you don’t compensate and use other muscle groups in place of what you’re trying to target,” explains Kuharik.

When it involves your post-workout, foam rolling additionally performs an vital function. Many individuals who train expertise post-workout soreness and tightness. Using a foam curler after your exercise could assist with acute ache reduction, however what about delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)?

Research is skinny on whether or not it could actually assist stop DOMS, ache that begins a day or two after a exercise.

“Using a foam roller is similar to when you get a massage, you usually feel better afterward,” says Kuharik. “You feel great and it allows you to move around a little bit more. Then, the more you move, the more the blood starts to flow through your muscles. But foam rolling hasn’t been proven to help with DOMS.”

What are the advantages of froth rolling?

Even when you don’t train, foam rolling might be useful for individuals who sit at a desk or stand all day. Foam curler advantages embrace:

  • Ease muscle ache and soreness.
  • Reduce muscle irritation.
  • Increase vary of movement.
  • Increase blood movement to muscular tissues.
  • Aid in muscle restoration.
  • Aid in rest.

“If you stretch out a cold muscle, you’re more likely to injure it,” explains Kuharik. “So, if you want to use a foam roller whenever you’re warming up and get more blood flow to the area, you’re less likely for injury.”

And whereas foam rolling has been touted as a manner to enhance the looks of cellulite, there’s no actual proof of this.

“There’s some people who think that blood flowing to the area can change the appearance of their body somehow,” notes Kuharik. “But foam rolling doesn’t have any major effects like that. The main benefits are helping elongate the muscles and provide acute soreness relief.”

Is foam rolling protected?

Yes, foam rolling is usually protected. But if in case you have a damaged bone or a torn muscle, you’ll need to communicate together with your physician first. You additionally need to watch out about utilizing a foam curler on joints like your ankles, knees or elbows, as it could actually trigger you to hyperextend these areas.

And when you’re pregnant, foam rolling can assist with sore muscular tissues and supply rest. But Kuharik says it’s finest to speak to your healthcare supplier first.

How to decide on a foam curler

You can discover foam rollers in shops and on-line. And you may choose totally different sizes (even ball-shaped rollers which can be nice for engaged on sore muscular tissues between your shoulders) and firmness of the froth.

While most foam rollers have a easy floor, you can even discover choices which have a textured exterior, which is sweet for engaged on deep knots and stress.

Most gyms or exercise services may have quite a lot of foam rollers so you may take a look at out which of them work finest for you earlier than buying your individual.

“Some people prefer using a softer foam roller — it’s also good for beginners,” states Kuharik. “People who are avid runners or workout frequently tend to pick ones with a firmer foam.”

How to make use of a foam curler

Using a foam curler might be a good way to assist prep your muscular tissues earlier than a exercise and to assist recuperate afterward. And it’s one thing those that work in entrance of a pc or stand at work all day can use as effectively. So, mainly, it may be an excellent instrument for nearly anybody.

And when you really feel overwhelmed by all of the other ways you need to use a foam curler, you’re not alone.

“Many people feel like they’re not using it correctly because there’s many variations of foam rollers and many different ways to use them,” says Kuharik. “But remember that there’s no one perfect way to do it.”

To get began, Kuharik suggests utilizing a light-weight, easy foam curler. You can use a foam curler at any level within the day, however he recommends utilizing it within the morning.

“Spend about one to two minutes per muscle group or area where you’re feeling sore or stiff,” he says.

While foam rolling can assist with ache, many who use a foam curler could expertise ache and discomfort once they roll over sure muscular tissues or areas. These set off factors imply that the muscle you’re engaged on is caught in a contracted place.

“Just putting that pressure on it helps release any tension,” says Kuharik. “The pain can be intense. But by working on the spot with a foam roller, you’re able to relax and feel better.”

If you hit a young spot, he says it’s finest to regulate the strain and work across the sore space first earlier than returning to that spot.

“Start out light — don’t put your whole body weight into it right away,” he continues. “You want to find your tolerance then adjust if you’re sore from it the next day.”

Once you discover a sore spot, you need to roll slowly and take a deep breaths in by way of your nostril, out of your mouth. You can repeat the transfer about three to 5 instances.

How typically ought to I exploit a foam curler?

You can use a foam curler each day or a couple of instances per week — no matter works finest for you. It all relies upon too on what number of areas you’re engaged on.

“If you’re just hitting one muscle area, you won’t have to spend more than three minutes doing it at a time,” says Kuharik.

Overall, he provides that foam rolling shouldn’t take greater than 10 minutes. “It doesn’t take a lot of time but it can provide a lot of benefits.”

Foam curler workout routines

Can you employ a foam curler for again points or foam curler stretches on your hamstrings? Yes! While there are numerous methods to make use of your foam curler, Kuharik explains a couple of widespread strikes:


  1. Sit on the ground and prolong your legs in entrance of you. Place the froth curler underneath your hamstrings (the again of your thighs) in your proper facet.
  2. Using your arms, raise your physique so your weight is on the froth curler. Keep your proper leg prolonged however bend your left leg to assist stabilize your physique.
  3. Slowly roll forwards and backwards over the world. Repeat this transfer for about 30 seconds.
  4. Move the froth curler underneath your left hamstring and repeat.


  1. Lie in your again and place your foam curler underneath your higher again. Bend your knees so your ft are flat on the bottom.
  2. Cross your arms throughout your chest and raise your physique right into a bridge place.
  3. Slowly roll forwards and backwards all the way down to the center of your again and as much as your decrease neck.
  4. Repeat this transfer for about 30 seconds.


  1. Sit on the ground and prolong your legs in entrance of you. Place the froth curler underneath your calves.
  2. Using your arms, raise your physique and cross your proper leg over your left leg.
  3. Slowly roll forwards and backwards in your left calf utilizing your arms to maneuver you.
  4. Repeat this transfer for about 30 seconds.
  5. Switch legs and repeat.


  1. Get right into a plank place and place your foam curler underneath your quads (the entrance a part of your thighs).
  2. Slowly roll down till your curler hits your knees. Then, roll again up within the different path till your attain your hip space.
  3. Repeat this transfer for about 30 seconds. 

Should you employ a curler?

Overall, whether or not you employ a foam curler is as much as you. If you’re experiencing muscle soreness after understanding or when you simply need to get an excellent therapeutic massage in after sitting at your desk all day, a foam curler generally is a great way to assist alleviate any tightness or ache.

“Everybody finds at least some benefit when they use a foam roller,” reassures Kuharik. “Different people prefer certain modalities over others. It’s not a necessary tool, but it does provide benefits that you can’t find elsewhere.”

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