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Sex Statistics That Too Many Guys Don’t Know

7 Basic Sex Stats Most Guys Don’t Know, Explored

Ever thought of intercourse? If you’re most individuals, sure. You’ve in all probability spent quite a lot of time fantasizing about it, and also you’ve in all probability spent a while worrying about it, too — questioning issues like, “Am I normal?” or “Am I good in bed?”

But regardless of on a regular basis folks spend occupied with intercourse, they usually know comparatively little about it. That’s due in no small half to the shortage of complete intercourse schooling in our tradition, and the prevalence of misinformation that takes its place.

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The upshot of that is a lot of guys undergo their lives not understanding some fundamental sexual details. AskMen spoke to a handful of intercourse consultants and educators to discover some fundamental information we expect you (and each man) ought to have. Here’s what they needed to say:

What the Average Penis Size Is

“The average penis size is much smaller than what we see in porn,” says SKYN Condoms’ intercourse and intimacy knowledgeable and creator Gigi Engle. “It’s between 5.1 and 5.5 inches. I think this is really important to understand because we have an obsession in society with big penises and this can cause a lot of shame around your body and sex life.”

It is smart that porn movies present performers with larger-than-normal penises. After all, porn is leisure; motion pictures usually present us extra-beautiful folks, and motion motion pictures star guys with far more muscular tissues than your common Joe.

But when underaged folks watch porn after they’re younger as a type of sexual schooling — a quite common actuality within the streaming period — they’ll mistake an excessive depiction for a snapshot of what’s regular.

When Guys Have Sex for the First Time, on Average

Lots of men expertise severe sexual nervousness over feeling like they’re late bloomers, and the frenzy to get laid as quick as doable is a standard characteristic in depictions of teenage tradition. No one desires to be the final one to expertise intercourse, and the headlong rush into sexual intimacy, no matter whether or not you’re prepared for it or not, will be daunting — and dangerous.

That’s why it’s helpful to do not forget that the typical age that individuals lose their virginity is 17 years previous. Not solely does that imply you’re not not on time in case you haven’t till your mid to late teenagers, it additionally signifies that a lot of persons are having first-time intercourse of their 20s, balanced out by these early freshmen

How Many Sexual Partners an Average Guy Has in His Life

Whether you name it “your number” or a “body count,” how many individuals somebody has slept with is a query a lot of folks care about.

They would possibly see a excessive quantity as indicative of somebody’s sexual prowess and attractiveness on the one hand, or of their being “easy” or “ran through” then again; a low quantity could also be indicative of somebody who’s “frigid” or just unattractive. It can really feel like a lose-lose scenario, particularly for ladies, who are sometimes “slut-shamed” for a similar issues we reward males for.

But with all that reward going round, what’s the precise common? Of course, nobody can know for certain, for the reason that statistics are primarily based on self-reporting, which tends to result in folks fudging the numbers a bit.

But, taking a look at a variety of studies and surveys, it looks like something within the vary of 4 to eight sexual companions in your life is exceedingly regular.

How Long Sex Lasts, on Average

Here too, porn could cause folks to have unrealistic expectations. If you’ve seen any full-length porn movies of half an hour the place the star retains going and going for greater than half the run-time with out climaxing till the very finish, you would possibly really feel that that’s the norm.

But, as earlier than, it’s extra an exaggeration for leisure functions than a mirrored image of what truly occurs within the bedrooms of the world.

“The average time it takes a person to ejaculate from start to finish is about 5.5 minutes,” says Engle. “This is important because a lot of people think they suffer from [premature ejaculation], when really it’s just the average.”

“If this is something that stresses you out, don’t go right for penis stimulation and focus on other sex acts like oral sex or hand sex with the focus on your partner, so that you can both experience more pleasure.”

How Likely Women Are to Climax From PiV Sex

Speaking of how lengthy it takes folks to climax, contemplate this knowledge:

“On average, it takes a woman 20 minutes to have an orgasm — and men 3 to 5 minutes,” says intercourse educator Debra Laino.

Notice a little bit of a disparity between these two numbers? It has penalties — the results partly being the existence of the notorious “orgasm gap.”

When hetero intercourse occurs, the person is more likely to cum than the girl. In half that’s a timing factor — penis-in-vagina intercourse is usually over earlier than she’s prepared. But partly it’s additionally concerning the motion happening within the vagina and never on the rather more delicate clitoris.

As Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D., host of the @SexWithDrJess Podcast, factors out, “The overwhelming majority of ladies don’t constantly orgasm from penile-vaginal penetration alone.

“Though the info varies from examine to check, listed here are a couple of essential findings from a study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior:

  • Women report that they’ve an orgasm 31-40% of the time throughout intercourse.
  • But in the event that they add exterior stimulation to intercourse (e.g. simultaneous rubbing of the clitoris with arms or a vibrator), this will increase to 51-60%.
  • When researchers requested particularly about “unassisted intercourse” with no further clitoral stimulation from arms or a vibrator), orgasm prevalence drops to 21-30%.”

The takeaway, O’Reilly says, is to “use your hands or toys to play externally during intercourse to increase the likelihood of orgasm.”

How Much Semen an Average Ejaculation Contains

Like penis measurement and the length of intercourse, porn might need you believing in any other case, however the common ejaculation doesn’t truly comprise very a lot semen in any respect.

Studies reliably present that it’s within the vary of two to five ml, or roughly half a teaspoon to 1 teaspoon. So in case you’re worrying that you simply’re not capturing sufficient once you climax, you possibly can put these worries to mattress — there’s no have to battle to extend your semen quantity.

(That being mentioned, in case you actually like the way it appears to be like and also you need to see an enormous, sticky explosion once you cum, one of the simplest ways to do this is to abstain from orgasming for lengthy intervals of time between climaxes.)

How Many People Have STIs

A stunning variety of folks have herpes, Engle notes: 67%, or two-thirds of the inhabitants.

Herpes, which Engle notes will be unfold orally in addition to genitally, “isn’t on a normal STI panel screening. Meaning that the vast majority of people don’t know if they have herpes. It’s only tested for if the doctor suspects an active outbreak with sores present.”

On the topic of individuals having a sexually transmitted an infection however not understanding it, O’Reilly provides that “one study of over 1,600 participants, for example, estimated that 77% of chlamydia cases were never symptomatic and therefore 95% of cases go untreated.”

The backside line? O’Reilly says “The CDC estimates that on any given day 20% of the US population has an STI.”

That’s one-fifth. So in case your variety of previous companions is 5 or larger, there’s a darn good likelihood certainly one of them had an STI.

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“Given the long term costs of untreated STIs (e.g. infertility, cardiovascular and neurological issues, higher risk of some cancers), getting tested is your best defense to ensure that you get treated and reduce the risk of complications,” O’Reilly notes. “STIs are treatable and many (e.g. chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea) are curable with simple antibiotics.”

“We need to break the stigma that holds people back from getting tested,” she concludes. “We’ve created a culture of shame in which we’re more afraid of a positive diagnosis and a few pills than we are of long-term health consequences. The more we talk about STIs, safer sex and testing, the more likely we’ll be to get tested, treated and enjoy more pleasure.”

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