I repeatedly replace my widespread submit on oral Minoxidil for hair loss. Almost each week there are attention-grabbing new tales and testimonials on low-dose oral Minoxidil (LDOM) rising hair in folks. And the information media has turn into extraordinarily on this topic.

The Most Efficacious Hair Loss Drugs Ranked

I really feel like there are much more hair progress success tales with reference to oral Minoxidil than the gold customary oral Dutasteride (Avodart). Make positive to undergo the quite a few feedback in my submit on oral Dutasteride for hair loss evaluations. Note that enlarged prostate drug Dutasteride is simply formally authorized to deal with hair loss in Japan and South Korea. In the remainder of the world, it’s used off-label.

Notwithstanding my above hypothesis, it needs to be famous {that a} broadly cited 2021 systemic review by way of meta-analysis discovered the next efficacy rating for hair loss drugs:

  1. 0.5 mg/d of oral dutasteride.
  2. 5 mg/d of oral finasteride.
  3. 5 mg/d of oral minoxidil.
  4. 1 mg/d of oral finasteride.
  5. 5% topical minoxidil.’
  6. 2% topical minoxidil.
  7. 0.25 mg/d of oral minoxidil.

I want this evaluation had additionally tried to incorporate additional energy Minoxidil 10% or 15%. In any case, I might be curious to see the same examine that covers the years 2022 and 2023. Since oral Minoxidil for hair loss solely grew to become widespread within the US and Europe up to now two years.

Reddit Oral Minoxidil Hair Growth Stories

On Reddit Tressless, there are each day success tales of individuals regrowing hair whereas on oral Minoxidil. In most instances, persons are taking 2.5 mg per day (like myself), although many take 5 mg per day or much more. Please speak to your physician when you ever take this drug, particularly you probably have any pre-existing coronary heart circumstances.

Over the previous yr, I collected many of those success story hyperlinks. Below is a listing of among the most inspiring ones that embody oftentimes extraordinary earlier than and after pictures. In many instances, folks had been taking Finasteride or Dutasteride for some time too, however including oral Minoxidil into the combination really made the most important distinction.

In some instances, an individual acquired on two medication across the similar time, however I nonetheless counted the consequence as supportive of oral Minoxidil. You can click on on every of the photographs under and click on by way of the unique poster’s responses to questions. This gives you an thought on what appeared to make the most important influence on the hair regrowth.

Note that each one of those persons are seemingly reliable. In many instances, I checked out their previous posting historical past. Moreover, there’s completely no monetary profit in somebody selling oral Minoxidil. If you utilize GoodRx within the US and choose the generic choice, low-dose oral Minoxidil will value you lower than $10 monthly. Even cheaper than topical Minoxidil foam. I simply don’t see any monetary incentive for folks to push this medicine over different alternate options.

If any of the under folks submit future updates, please be happy so as to add the related hyperlink within the feedback to this submit. Or for that matter when you see a brand new testimonial that blows your thoughts.

8 mos: oral (Du, Min), topical (Min, Ru, Ketoconazole), microneedling. NW7 for 7 years
by u/ClayPot357 in tressless

3 Month Progress – Fin & Oral Min
by u/tresslessthr0waway in tressless

Dut (2years) / RU58841 (5 months) / Oral Min (1 year)
by u/nuKaross in tressless

Update on hair, will be posting monthly! Nov 8 – Jan 14
by u/Hairevrywherebuthead in tressless

Progress Pics 25 y/o 2022-2023
by u/MMKK123451 in tressless

32 Sept 2021 – January 23 (18 months) – 5mg oral minoxidil, 1.5mm Microneedling 1 x wk using a pen, 0.5mg/day dutasteride
by u/West_Description1217 in tressless

4 Months Progress (1mg Fin, 5mg Oral Min & Nizoral 2x/week)
by u/djbaroud in tressless

2 Years On Oral Min and Oral Fin
by u/levinewill in tressless

Oral Fin/Min 6 month before and after
by u/minicoopj in tressless

Oral Fin/Min 6 month before and after
by u/minicoopj in tressless

(26 M) 9 months on oral minoxidil and oral finasteride
by u/Stock_Adeptness_9134 in tressless

Oral min 2.5mg closing in on 3 months
by u/_the_orange_box_ in tressless

It works. About a 1 year transformation.
by u/HarryBalsagna_ in tressless

6 months update: Dut 3x/week / oral min / dut+prp mesotherapy
by u/salsasanluis in tressless

[M30] 15 months progress on Oral Dutasteride and Sublingual Minoxidil
by u/Throwaway_no_hair in tressless

[24M] – 70 days progress on > daily oral fin (1mg) + daily topical and oral min (1.5mg)
by u/No-Bodybuilder4389 in tressless

My progress story for my hair loss treatment
by u/sohaibkkhan in tressless

3 months on oral minoxidil (1.25mg)
by u/0IsMyHer0 in tressless

Oral minoxidil works wonders!!!
by u/Affectionate-Fill319 in tressless

~6 months of chemicals and needles
by u/Competitive_Help_513 in tressless


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