I wish to get this hairline again with a hair transplant.  I feel the problem is graft angulation or hair path and likewise perhaps density, however I actually need to know find out how to describe it and perceive it and if it may be made “right”.  

Most males I do know would kill for that hairline, however this isn’t sensible when you’ve in depth balding.  In this photograph, there isn’t a recession. In truth, relying on this individual’s age, the hairline is but to mature. If he’s beneath 29, that transition could but occur. Concerning replicating that hairline in a hair transplant, I do that routinely in girls, however we shoot for a mature hairline because the focused purpose in males. I’ve not often achieved this on males with that place or form; nonetheless, I keep in mind one man who was 20 years previous and had a million-dollar contract for a day by day cleaning soap. They instructed him that his maturing hairline wouldn’t make him the intercourse icon they wanted, so I created it on him as his case was distinctive. He stored his job.  Creating this hairline takes extra hair, and in balding males, it’s not a good suggestion to place so many hair up entrance however fairly give an age-appropriate mature hairline form saving hair for future balding. I wrote an intensive article on hairline shapes; see article right here:   phenotype article printed



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