It has been some time since I lined information from the world of anti-aging and age reversal. Some main information protection in that space in current weeks. A treatment or slowing down in human getting old would clearly additionally profit hair loss (and result in a reversal of gray hair).

RAADfest 2023
RAADfest 2023 key audio system. Source:

RAADfest 2023

RAADfest 2023 ran from September 7, 2023 by means of September 10, 2023. It is run by the Coalition for Radical Life Extension not-for-profit group, whose govt director is James Strole. The RAADfest Twitter (X) account has some updates on the convention.

I’m at all times on this distinctive getting old reversal associated convention. However, this yr they didn’t launch any video shows from the convention on their YouTube channel. There are some brief movies on the Coalition for Radical Life Extension’s Instagram.

However, of most to me was the list of speakers on the convention. They managed to get essentially the most well-known individuals within the worlds of biology, genetics, anti-aging and technological progress to current. Among these embody those who I’ve lined on this weblog a number of instances previously:

  1. George Church. A Harvard University based mostly vegan scientific genius who received an F grade in a graduate faculty course in 1976.
  2. Bryan Johnson. Of BluePrint biohacking fame who has been all over the place within the information this yr. A advertising and marketing wizard and likewise a vegan.
  3. Aubrey de Grey, who I talked to in an airport as soon as when our flight was delayed. You can try all his past Reddit comments the place he did some AMAs previously. He by no means misses his every day beer.
  4. Ray Kurzweil, a famend inventor and futurist who I talked to at a Singularity Summit as soon as. Renowned for taking on 150 every day vitamin and mineral dietary supplements.

The solely anti-aging scientist movie star that was lacking is Dr. David Sinclair of NAD and NMN fame. He can also be a vegan.

Among the opposite presenters included BioViva CEO Liz Parrish and Sierra Sciences CEO Bill Andrews, each of whom I’ve additionally lined previously. The 69-year previous very youthful wanting life extentionist William “Bill” Faloon is a everlasting presence at RAADfest.

Longevity Summit Dublin

On a associated be aware, Dr. Martin O’Dea and Dr. Audrey de Grey (through his LEV basis) are working a brand new convention known as Longevity Summit Dublin. Their complete YouTube channel incorporates all of the speaker movies from their first convention in 2023. Among the audio system included Dr. George Church.

Rapamycin within the News

Two new movies with regard to Rapamycin.

Dr. Sinclair: 

“On and off”.

Mr. Diamandis:

“I am taking 6 milligrams once a week.”

Second Ever Pig Transplant

A second pig coronary heart transplant to a human has occurred within the US. Wishing the perfect to recipient Lawrence Faucette. The first one that received one in 2022 solely lived for two months.

Can Aging be Reversed?

Even the Economist and BBC mentioned getting old reversal intimately in September 2023. As did NPR, Netflix (Blue Zones), National Geographic and extra.

Growing New Teeth

A Japanese pharmaceutical startup named Toregem Biopharma (funded by Kyoto University) is engaged on a drug to stimulate the growth of new teeth. This can be a world-first. The firm plans to start scientific trials in 2024, and put the drug available on the market by 2030.

Toregem Biopharma was co-founded by Dr. Katsu Takahashi, head of dentistry and oral surgical procedure at Kitano Hospital in Osaka. In a 2021 report, he said the next:

“The fundamental molecules responsible for tooth development have already been identified. The morphogenesis of individual teeth depends on the interactions of several molecules including BMP, or bone morphogenetic protein, and Wnt signaling,”

The staff already succeeded in rising new enamel in mice in 2018. Moreover, the staff additionally administered the drug to ferrets, which have comparable child and everlasting enamel to people. Yet once more, new enamel grew within the experiment.

Interestingly, Dr. Takashi Tsuji and his staff at OrganTech (Japan) are engaged on regenerating each enamel and hair. Previously at RIKEN, they had been additionally engaged on salivary gland regeneration.

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