When it involves pure merchandise to deal with hair loss, I’m a skeptic insofar as believing that such merchandise can regrow hair on bald scalps. However, I do belief lots of the research than discover pure merchandise to have the ability to improve total hair thickness and cut back the speed of hair fall.

Ultimately, if pure merchandise and herbs could make present hair thicker and extend the anagen section of the hair progress cycle, they could be a useful gizmo when used within the preliminary phases of hair loss. Perhaps dihydrotestosterone (DHT) spurred miniaturization will get delayed for a number of years?

Quercetin Supplement
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The newest such natural treatment that’s within the information is Quercetin (Que), a plant flavanoid and antioxidant. Flavonoids are phytochemical compounds current in lots of vegetation, fruits, greens, and leaves Note that some research use the title Quercitrin, which is a glycoside shaped from quercetin.

Quercetin and Hair Regeneration

Yesterday, a reader named “Daniel” messaged me on Twitter and despatched a hyperlink to the next dialog that was began by well-known well being coach P.D. Mangan:

  • He refers to a brand new June 7, 2023 examine from China that finds a potent role for quercetin in selling hair regeneration. The researchers discovered that in mice hair follicles, topical quercetin therapy stimulates the:

“Differentiation trajectory and induces an angiogenic signature in dermal endothelial cells by activating HIF-1α. Skin administration of a HIF-1α agonist partially recapitulates the pro-angiogenesis and hair-growing effects of Que.”

  • Also of notice, a December 2022 examine from China (published this month) presents a mix remedy for androgenic alopecia  that features quercetin. It relies on a quercetin and zinc/copper dual-doped mesoporous silica nanocomposite microneedle patch. They name it ZCQ/MN (Zinc, Copper, Quercetin, Microneedle).

Quercitrin and Hair Growth

Another South Korean study from 2020 discovered that quercitrin stimulates hair progress as a result of enhanced expression of progress elements by way of activation of the MAPK/CREB signaling pathway. This examine was carried out on cultured human dermal papilla cells (hDPCs).

Among the important thing findings:

  • Quercitrin stimulated the mitochondrial vitality metabolism and enhanced proliferative capability.
  • It elevated the manufacturing of progress elements bFGF, KGF, PDGF-AA, and VEGF, that are important for hair progress.
  • The expression of Bcl2 and Ki67, key markers for cell survival and anagen extension, was additionally elevated.
  • Cell sign transduction components (reminiscent of Akt, Erk, CREB and several other receptor tyrosine kinases) have been discovered to be stimulated by quercitrin.
  • Finally, quercitrin enhanced the hair shaft progress in cultured human hair follicles.

The scientists conclude that that quercitrin holds therapeutic potential for stopping and/or treating hair loss.

Quercetin for Health and Longevity

Normally, I might not write this submit regardless of the above research. There are simply means too many pure and natural treatments that profit mice hair in some method or different.

However, quercetin has been within the information lots not too long ago because of its total well being advantages. The variety of well being advantages of quercetin which can be listed on the Mount Sinai site are laborious to imagine, however the web site is respected. Among these advantages embody an enchancment in ldl cholesterol, blood strain and total coronary heart well being.

Quercetin’s flavonoid and antioxidant properties allow them to scavenge and neutralize free radicals within the physique. The latter can harm cell membranes, tamper with DNA and even trigger cell dying.

The famend Dr. David Sinclair (of NAD, NMN and Resveratrol fame) takes a quercetin complement each day:


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