Potato or Sweet Potato: Which Is Healthier?

Don’t be fooled by the final identify: Regular potatoes and candy potatoes aren’t precisely shut household. They’re thought of “distantly related” at greatest on this planet of botanic family tree, with some fairly huge variations.

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At the dinner desk, although, they’re usually considered as side-dish siblings — proper right down to the rivalry over which one is extra nutritious. There’s additionally loads of arguing over which spud is yummier, in fact.

To settle the controversy — no less than in regard to which potato is the more healthy possibility — we flip to registered dietitian Beth Czerwony, RD. (You’re by yourself for style.)

The significance of potatoes and candy potatoes

Potatoes and candy potatoes won’t look all that spectacular, however these oval-shaped greens rank as two of the world’s most-produced crops. Both are considered as important for world meals safety.

Farmers pulled greater than 370 million metric tons of potatoes out of the bottom in 2019. The complete candy potato harvest, in the meantime, reached nearly 92 million metric tons throughout that very same 12 months.

“Potatoes and sweet potatoes are a diet staple around the world,” says Czerwony. “And aside from being healthy, they’re inexpensive and versatile in meals.”

Botany 101

Potatoes are a part of the nightshade household, whereas candy potatoes belong to the morning glory clan. Both are thought of root greens, that means the a part of the plant you eat grows beneath the soil.

Regular potatoes have white or yellow flesh inside, whereas candy potatoes are identified for having orange innards. Both usually have brownish pores and skin; although, that may differ relying on the variability.

There are greater than 4,000 various kinds of potatoes and 1,000 sorts of candy potatoes grown across the globe. 

Nutrition: potato vs. candy potato

Let’s begin with this fundamental truth: Potatoes and candy potatoes convey rather a lot to the desk on the subject of vitamin, says Czerwony. They’re each lower-calorie, low-fat meals which might be wealthy in:

  • Fiber. The key to this well being profit, although, is to eat the pores and skin of the spuds. “Half of the fiber from a potato or a sweet potato is in the skin,” says Czerwony. (Just be sure to scrub the pores and skin properly to take away any dust.)
  • Carbohydrates. Potatoes and candy potatoes are thought of starchy greens given their high-carb content material, which supplies an power increase.
  • Potassium. Fun truth: Potatoes and candy potatoes include extra potassium than a banana. (Learn about different meals full of potassium.)
  • Vitamin B6. A medium-sized potato or candy potato provides about 30% of your beneficial every day worth of vitamin B6, which works to bolster your mind and nervous system.
  • Vitamin C. Surprised by this? Lots of people are. You can get about one-third of your every day beneficial quantity of vitamin C by way of both a potato or candy potato. (Take that, oranges.)

Here’s a side-by-side dietary comparability.

So which potato is healthiest?

No matter the way you peel away at this query, one factor is clear — potatoes and candy potatoes each qualify as wholesome, nutritious meals. “Neither one of them is a bad choice,” says Czerwony.

But if it’s important to decide only one, candy potatoes maintain a slight edge, says Czerwony. The foremost cause? Beta carotene and vitamin A.

Sweet potatoes hint their colourful orange flesh to the presence of beta carotene, an antioxidant that works to guard your physique’s cells from injury and ailments like most cancers. Your physique converts the beta carotene into off-the-charts ranges of vitamin A.

“That’s the main reason why sweet potatoes come across as a little bit of a better option,” says Czerwony. “But in the end, it comes down to personal preference.”

Her greatest recommendation? “Use them both. It’ll add some variety to your diet.”

Cooking wholesome with potatoes and candy potatoes

While potatoes and candy potatoes could also be wholesome, it’s additionally simple to show potato-based meals right into a fatty calorie bomb. All the goodness in these spuds doesn’t cancel out the negatives that include a dip in a deep fryer, for example.

A 2017 study even discovered that consuming fried potatoes twice per week elevated your danger of demise. That’s unhealthy information given the quantity of French fries and potato chips in lots of diets.

So, how do you have to prepare dinner potatoes or candy potatoes to get probably the most profit? Baking them causes the least discount in vitamins, says Czerwony. Be cautious with the toppings you add afterward, although … and ensure to eat the pores and skin.

If you’re in search of concepts for more healthy potato or candy potato dishes, listed here are a couple of to strive:

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