In my outdated posts on Bimatoprost, I discussed the associated glaucoma drug Latanoprost. While Bimatoprost is an artificial prostamide analog, Latanoprost is a prostaglandin F2α analog and it prolongs the anagen section of the hair cycle by way of the prostaglandin effect.

Latanoprost Hair Growth
Latanoprost for hair progress trial at Sinclair Clinic. Source: 9News Australia.

Latanoprost for Hair Growth Trial

The famend Dr. Rodney Sinclair and his Melbourne primarily based Sinclair Dermatology clinic will test Latanoprost eye drops for hair progress in a brand new medical trial. I’ve coated Dr. Sinclair quite a few instances on this weblog, together with in my put up on “Oral Minoxidil“. Most recently, his clinic has taken the lead in testing Hope Medicine’s HMI-115 prolactin receptor antibody.

Latanoprost (sold under the brand name Xalatan) is a medication that is used to treat increased pressure inside the eye. This includes ocular hypertension and glaucoma. It was approved for medical use in the US in 1996. However, it is not FDA approved to treat hair loss. One of the noted side effects of Latanoprost (off-label use) is an increase in the thickness and density of eyelash hair.

However, this type of cosmetic use near the eye region can come with serious side effects in the eyes. Moreover:

“The overgrowth of lashes may result in lash misdirection and distichiasis, and an extra row of hair at the aperture of the meibomian glands that can result in eye irritation.”

Prostaglandin Analogs

Latanoprost is a prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α) analog, much like Travoprost and Tafluprost. A 2012 German research of 16 males with androgenetic alopecia discovered that Latanoprost considerably increased hair density (terminal and vellus hairs) at 24 weeks in contrast with baseline. A 2015 overview concluded that the most promising various medical makes use of of prostaglandin F2α analogs past the eyelashes embrace: androgenic alopecia; chemotherapy-induced alopecia; and alopecia areata.

Even over 20 years in the past, an in depth 2002 research on stump-tailed macaques discovered that Latanoprost had a potent positive effect on hair progress. Note that Aneira Pharma is growing a hair loss product that may seemingly include Latanoprost, Cyclosporine and Minoxidil.

Misplaced Skepticism

Most readers are skeptical about present medication akin to Bimatoprost and Latanoprost doing a lot for scalp hair progress. However, for my part, we should always welcome each new mechanism of concentrating on hair regrowth. Even if every one is “only” as efficient because the tried and examined topical Minoxidil.

Some merchandise may simply make present hair thicker quite than re-grow misplaced hair. However, this thicker scalp hair is then much less simply destructible by the ravages of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Moreover, if now we have many alternative options to sort out hair loss, the possibilities are that every of us can discover not less than three merchandise that trigger her or him no unwanted side effects.

Ultimately, a cocktail of topical merchandise may multiply the hair progress impact. Quite a lot of new firms that promote topical finasteride are additionally together with Latanoprost as a part of the elements. Delivery mechanisms proceed to enhance, leading to superior product absorption and penetration into the scalp.

Also make certain to learn my associated put up on rising PGE2 and PGF2α for hair progress. And additionally my previous writings on PGD2 inhibition for hair progress.


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