Monsoon well being tips: Know about anti-viral vaccines for flu, typhoid, mosquitoes

The monsoon season brings with it a refreshing break from the warmth for each younger and outdated, with youngsters working within the rain, splashing in puddles, making paper boats and the entire household having fun with piping scorching snacks and tea whereas relishing the scent of the primary showers. The draw back to this wet season is that it brings with a number of communicable diseases together with mosquito borne like dengue, chikungunya, malaria or meals and waterborne diseases like typhoid and hepatitis A and airborne like influenza or different viral respiratory infections with the specter of Covid-19 nonetheless looming massive.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Vishal Parmar, Consultant Paediatrician at Wockhardt Hospitals Mira Road, urged methods through which one can safely get pleasure from this season with their youngsters. He suggested, “Ensure that your drinking water is safe (use boiled water, especially for infants below one year). Avoid eating uncooked food like chutneys or salads and fresh juices/water from outside. Wash fruits and vegetables well before consumption.”

Talking about private hygiene, he beneficial, “Wash your hands and feet well after having stepped out. Nails to be kept trimmed and clean at all times.”


During monsoon circumstances of flu, hepatitis, typhoid, malaria dengue, meals poisoning are elevated. While each threatening illness does not have vaccine obtainable, there are vaccines obtainable in opposition to flu, typhoid, hepatitis A, Japanese Encephalitis and so forth. Dr Vishal Parmar listed the vaccines that children ought to get earlier than or throughout monsoon to forestall an infection:

1. Flu vaccine – Ensure that your youngster has had their yearly booster of influenza vaccination, which is ideally given throughout the pre-monsoon/monsoon season. Influenza (additionally known as the seasonal flu) and Covid-19 can have an identical presentation with fever, sore throat or cough, making it tough to distinguish. Hence, it’s strongly suggested to guarantee that youngsters above the age of six months are vaccinated yearly with the influenza vaccine. Co-infection with Covid- 19 and influenza can current with extra extreme sickness. Until the time that Covid vaccination is rolled out for kids in India, the following most suitable choice can be to get the flu shot on your youngster. Breastfeeding moms are strongly urged to get vaccinated with the Covid vaccine as properly, in order that the toddler will get their immunity from the breastmilk.

2. Hepatitis A – Hepatitis A speciality targets liver operate. It causes Jaundice, fever, vomiting and lack of urge for food. In a number of circumstances youngster may have ICU admission or not often liver transplant. Hepatitis A and typhoid unfold by way of contaminated water and meals. So their likelihood is elevated throughout monsoon. Vaccine is on the market for youths who greater than 1 yr of age. 2 doses could be supplied with 6 month hole.

3. Typhoid – Enteric fever spreads by way of contaminated meals and water and is brought on by salmonella micro organism which primarily targets intestines and causes lengthen fever and different problems. Typhoid vaccine is on the market which could be supplied to children 6 month onwards. It wants single dose solely.

4. Mosquitoes – They breed particularly in wet season. Keep them away through the use of a pure mosquito repellent, maintain doorways and home windows appropriately meshed, keep away from preserving empty pots or different areas round the home the place rain water can stagnate and act as a breeding floor for mosquito larvae. Dengue and malaria are the widespread illnesses unfold by mosquitoes.

To take clothes precautions for youths, Dr Vishal Parmar mentioned, “Ensure that your baby is well covered with ironed and dry cotton clothing and head protected from the cold. Avoid excessively warm clothes as excessive sweat and damp clothes can cause fungal infections. Avoid staying wet after having played in the rain, ensure your child has a warm bath and is adequately dried.”

He insisted on fixing leaking areas as moisture which accumulates from leaky partitions and roofs may cause mould formation and might predispose to a flare up of allergic reactions and bronchial asthma. As the specter of the waves of Covid-19 nonetheless looms massive, allow us to not neglect the fundamental rules of utilizing masks, washing fingers recurrently and avoiding crowds and public areas. Happy Monsoon!

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