This is a 26 yr/previous male who was involved about balding, particularly recession within the two corners of his hairline.  This man has a really giant and robust forelock. It takes over an excellent 70-80% of his hairline, and within the middle, it’s situated the place it was when he was 10 years previous.  Many males with robust forelocks, even when they’re bald behind them, will preserve a wonderful frontal hairline look. In his case, the 2 corners are growing their mature place, making it appear like he has nook recession, which he doesn’t.  To ensure that he was not balding both within the forelock or the corners, and even behind the forelock, he bought a hand microscope from Amazon after which took these footage, mapping out the microscopic photographs to the photograph of his head.  As you may clearly see,  there isn’t any miniaturization anyplace on his scalp




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