In 2019, I wrote a submit about an allogeneic hair transplant success (in “humanized” mice) from South Korea. The scientists managed to do that by way of eliminating dendritic cells from donor hair utilizing ultraviolet B radiation. Unfortunately, no new updates about this work doubtlessly being finished in people has come out regardless of earlier optimism. Also see my 2015 submit on person-to-person hair transplants.

As far again as 1999, Dr. Colin Jahoda efficiently transplanted a number of of his scalp hairs to his wife’s arm, from which 4 hairs grew. This was termed to be the world’s first profitable human hair transplant between folks. Also word that bone marrow transplant sufferers can bear an allotransplant of hair from the same bone marrow donor.

Normal organ transplants from a donor to a recipient require the lifelong use of immune suppressants, which may trigger many uncomfortable side effects. However, relating to allogeneic hair transplants, some scientists suppose that they are often finished with out the necessity for immunosupressants sooner or later. i.e., Hair just isn’t the identical as different organs. This would eradicate the largest drawback with autologous hair transplants: inadequate donor hair to cowl up the whole bald area of the scalp.

Man will get Hair and Kidney from Another Person

Last week, a really attention-grabbing new research got here out that was co-authored by Dr. Sanusi Umar (US) and Dr. Felix Mircea Popescu (Romania). It is titled: “Allogeneic Hair Transplant in a Kidney Transplant Recipient.”

Two many years in the past, a now 60-year-old man acquired a kidney from an unrelated donor pal. Come 2022, the identical man determined to get a hair transplant utilizing donor hair from that very same kidney donor pal. What an incredible pal! The earlier than and after outcomes turned out nice:

Person to Person Hair Transplant
Person to individual hair transplant from the identical donor who beforehand gave a kidney. Source: Dermatologic Surgery. August 1, 2023.

Note that this complete course of labored as a result of the recipient had already acquired a well-tolerated 2-decade–lengthy immunosuppressant routine in an effort to stop kidney rejection. He is continuous with this routine that consists of tacrolimus 2.5 mg/kg/d, mycophenolate mofetil 500 mg/d, and prednisone 0.5 mg/kg/d. So for the needs of this person-to-person hair transplant, no new drugs have been wanted.

According to the authors, extra hair transplants are deliberate for this affected person in order to handle his remaining bald areas. They will use an expanded donor hair provide by combining autologous and allogeneic grafts.

What higher motive than this to want that your pal lives for over 100 years?




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