List of Exosome suppliers to the hair progress market talked about on this publish:

1) Direct Biologics (US). Bone marrow derived.

2) Elevai (US). Wharton’s Jelly derived.

3) Kimera (US). Placental derived.

4) ExoCoBio (South Korea). Adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs).

5) Exomide (South Korea).

6) Vitti Labs (US). Placental derived.

When I wrote my first publish on exosomes for hair progress in 2019 and an replace in 2020, there have been few firms that equipped the product within the US. And only one firm was dominating gross sales to the hair loss market. However, it looks as if medical doctors outdoors the US are these days utilizing a a lot wider vary of exosome merchandise and suppliers. Hence the explanation for this new publish.

Note that the US FDA launched a consumer alert in 2020 in relation to regenerative medication merchandise resembling stem cells and exosomes. Thereafter, quite a few hair transplant surgeons and dermatologists within the US stopped providing exosomes as a hair loss remedy. However, utilization outdoors the US is much much less regulated.

According to 1 well-known US hair transplant surgeon who e-mailed me final 12 months:

“The regulations is a real quagmire. Exosomes cannot be used with any claim of growing hair. You can’t market it. Some companies say that it is ok to use off-label as long as you don’t make claims. Others say you are at risk.”

“The debate over the use of placental or bone marrow still exists and I personally believe placental will be better.”

Bone Marrow versus Umbilical Cord

Various key components differentiate exosome merchandise:

  1. Concentration in particles/mL. The typical vary appears to be 0.5-2.5 billion p/ml, however a lot greater numbers can be found and most popular (to some extent). For instance, Direct Biologics says that each mL of its potent XoFlo product delivers over 10 billion extracellular vesicles (EVs). Vitti Labs EV-PURE product comprises 15 billion extracellular vesicles per mL.
  2. Size in nm. The typical vary is 30-200 nm.
  3. How the exosomes are derived. The two most typical sources are bone marrow and perinatal (umbilical wire/Wharton’s jelly,  placental and amniotic fluid).

In the case of bone marrow, the extracellular vesicles have to be derived from the marrow of a younger grownup who’s in nice well being, has no ailments and hopefully led a wholesome life-style. However, adult-derived stem cells won’t ever be pretty much as good as what Dr. John Cole calls “T-0” stem cells (see video additional beneath).

Also of word are variations in supply mechanisms (usually ruled by nationwide rules). Injections, microneedling and even simply plain topical utility all appear to be in style.

Also related are the precise cells used to derive the exosomes from. A September 2023 literature review analyzed 16 research on exosome remedy for hair restoration. The extracellular vesicles have been remoted from both adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) or dermal papilla cells (DPCs). The outcomes have been deemed to be favorable. In reality, even topical ADSC exosomes demonstrated vital will increase in hair density and thickness in 39 AGA sufferers. No vital adversarial reactions and unwanted side effects have been reported throughout the 16 research.

List of Exosome Suppliers for Treating Hair Loss

The beneath checklist of firms have change into well-known for making exosomes particularly for the hair progress market.

Direct Biologics

Direct Biologics ExoFlo
Direct Biologics ExoFlo Exosomes.

The hottest exosome producing firm within the US (with regards to the hair progress market) is Direct Biologics. When I wrote my publish in 2019, all the primary hair transplant surgeons gave the impression to be utilizing their ExoFlo™ product (additionally marketed as XoFlo™). Among these included Dr. Jerry Cooley, Dr. Daniel McGrath and Dr. John Cole. However, the Direct Biologics product is drived from bone marrow mesenchymal stromal/stem cells (BM-MSCs). So will not be a “T-0” product.


Elevai Exosomes
Elevai Exosomes for Hair Loss.

Based on two latest favorable opinions, I’m curently most enthusiastic about Elevai (US). Just below half-way into the beneath latest October 2023 video, Dr. John Cole implies that he’s at present a fan of Elevai exosomes and the corporate’s CEO. These extracellular vesicles are mesenchymal-derived stem cells from Wharton’s Jelly (i.e., the umbilical wire). So it’s a “T-0” exosome.


Moreover, in a latest interplay on Instagram with Dr. Sahil Mrigpuri (India), he advised me that he’s seeing good outcomes with exosomes offered by DermapenWorld (Australia). On the company’s website, they are saying the next:

“DermapenWorld has sourced ethically produced Exosomes. These are multipotent, highly versatile, the youngest and purest source. You can think of these as the cream of the crop.”

However, upon additional analysis, I discovered that Dermapenworld is in truth buying these from Elevai Labs. Note that Dermapenworld is the producer of the world’s main microneedling pen.


Kimera XoGlo
Kimera XoGlo Exosomes.

Also well-known within the US is Kimera. According to an interesting article on their website, the corporate’s exosome merchandise:

“Include sterile suspensions of isolated MSC exosomes derived from isolated, perinatal, mesenchymal stem cells.”

On one of the pdfs on the corporate’s web site, they declare that their XoGlo® exosomes:

  • Increase the variety of hair follicles within the progress part.
  • Regenerate dermal papilla cells of the hair follicles.

The firm’s placental-derived exosomes have been discovered to be efficient in a 2021 research analyzing their topical use for skin aging reversal. The firm additionally makes a Vive topical skin serum exosome product that’s derived from donated human placenta.


ExoCoBio ASCEplus Exosomes.
ExoCoBio ASCEplus HRLV Lycophilized Exosomes for Hair Growth.

Another well-known provider is ExoCoBio (South Korea). The firm’s product for hair loss known as ASCEplus HRLV (Advanced Skincare Complex from ExoCoBio Hair Rejuvenation Lyophilized Vial).

In May 2023, ExoCoBio was granted an attention-grabbing patent associated to rose stem cell-derived exosomes (RSCE™) utilizing its proprietary ExoSCRT™ know-how.

Dr. Sophie Menkes (Switzerland) advised me  that she makes use of the rose stem-cell derived exosomes from ExoCoBio for hair rejuvenation with nice outcomes (since human-derived will not be allowed in Europe). Per Dr. Menkes, she treats sufferers in 5 periods (after microneedling at 0.5 mm), with every session being two weeks aside. Thereafter, you want one session each three months, or else the hair begins to fall out. Cosmetic use (however with out injections) is allowed in Europe, together with after a laser remedy.

In June 2023, ExoCoBio pubished a paper on its extracellular vesicles (extracted from adipose-derived stem cells) and wound therapeutic. Below is a 2020 presentation from their CEO the place he discusses the corporate’s product and its impact on hair progress.


Exomide for Hair Regrowth.

A health care provider from Australia talked about to me that he’s utilizing domestically primarily based Xytide firm’s Exomide (initially developed in South Korea). On Xytide’s website, it’s claimed that this product delivers stem cell-derived exosomes to focus on pores and skin rejuvenation and hair progress. In Australia, you possibly can solely use exosomes topically, so this physician is making use of the product in tandem with microneedling.

Vitti Labs

Vitti Labs
Vitti Labs EV-PURE Exosomes.

Dr. Ron Shapiro advised me about Vitti Labs (US) a number of years in the past. They make EV-PURE placental-derived exosomes which are donated by volunteers present process C-section. On the company’s website research page, it reveals that they’ve already accomplished Phase 2 trials to be used of those merchandise in Covid sufferers. They are scheduled to start Phase 1 trials for quite a few well being circumstances quickly, although nothing within the hair loss or cosmetics sector.


Other firms that I’ve heard about that supply or plan to supply exosomes for hair loss embody Novus (US) and Avalon GloboCare (US). However, their websites at present present no particular pages on this specific utilization.

More Effective than PRP

Various hair transplant surgeons have up to now advised me that the hair progress outcomes from exosomes are far superior to platelet-rich plasma (PRP).  Exosomes comprise extra plentiful progress components and signaling molecules for hair regeneration. In specific, these which are derived from embryonic “T-0” stem cells (i.e., placental) have probably the most regenerative potential. One physician who noticed an increase in dermal papilla cells in a few of his sufferers that have been being handled with exosomes even calls them “nuclear PRP”.


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