Is It Possible to Bulk Up With Resistance Bands Alone?

Resistance bands are most likely essentially the most space-saving, cost-efficient, and handy piece of exercise tools. They’re light-weight and simply transportable so that you could train virtually anyplace — however do they really maintain up should you’re engaged on severe health objectives?

“There are a lot of benefits that come with resistance band exercises, one of which is strengthening muscles. Many people are quick to dismiss resistance bands and their ability to help build muscles, but it’s actually possible,” says Daniel Louwrens, licensed private coach for Muscle and Brawn. “If done regularly, the tension from the band’s weight can rip the muscles to help them become more prominent. This is because band exercises are a form of strength training, which causes muscle hypertrophy.”

“Anyone who thinks resistance bands don’t build muscle has never competed in a bodybuilding show,” provides Brain Boyce, 8X National Qualifier in NPC males’s bodybuilding and basic physique and bodybuilding skilled at

Immediately previous to going out for judging, opponents in all lessons could be seen behind the stage pumping up with bands and body weight drills, he explains. Flushing blood into their muscular tissues instantly earlier than stage calls produces what pump lifters crave, and albeit is so exhausting to attain with strength-building barbell units utilizing heavier weight and decrease repetitions.

“So yes, the breakdown of those muscle fibers through high repetitions using resistance bands will result in muscle growth if the muscles are properly nourished and rested afterward,” says Boyce. “To generate significant gains in muscle using bands alone is possible, although it would depend on what one considers to be significant.”

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That stated, you’ll need to think about precisely why you’re hoping to swap common weight coaching for resistance bands. Do you propose to convey them in your subsequent journey as an in-between when you’re away? Are you searching for a brief answer to remain match whereas your health club is closed once more as a result of pandemic?

According to Dr. Fredrik Correa, M.D. and CEO of Exxentric, resistance bands are an ideal short-term software however may not have the ability to change your common weight session, particularly in case you have particular or excessive degree muscle-building objectives.

“While resistance bands can be a great tool for a warm-up, targeting smaller muscles or to add resistance in certain angles in combination with weights, they are very limited by themselves in providing the resistance needed for a progressive overload and continuous strength and muscle adaptations,” warns Correa.

Resistance bands, even stiffer ones, all have the identical draw back, says Correa: the load is relative to the size you pull, that means you’ve most resistance on the high, which is usually a poor match along with your power curve and likewise provides you a really low eccentric load in many of the vary of movement.

Resistance bands may not have you ever seeing next-level features however they’re one of the best light-weight piece of apparatus for anybody seeking to keep muscle mass or begin an at-home health routine.

How Do Resistance Bands Work?

“The key to muscle gain is always progression and consistency,” says Louwrens. “To build muscle, it must exercise against increasing resistance and tension, which is why bands will be helpful if weight is applied progressively and consistently.”

This is why it is important to apply progressive overload with the bands. This means pushing your physique to adapt or degree as much as extra rigidity with every exercise session to assist acquire muscle mass and power. You can do that by utilizing increased rigidity bands.

That stated, as an alternative of capturing for repetitions with bands, Boyrce suggests that you just think about TUT (time below rigidity) and carry out actions for a selected variety of seconds or minutes in an AMRAP (as many reps as attainable) mannequin.

Band-only exercises additionally work nice with body weight circuits as a easy and simple option to change conventional tools and create an honest exercise from your property health club or storage.

What Are the Best Resistance Bands to Buy?

When searching for bands for buy, discover that they arrive color-coded by the load of resistance and purpose to buy the weights that work greatest on your particular routine. “Don’t think you have to get the heaviest band for results,” warns Boyce. “In fact, some of those heavy bands have very little give and you won’t get nearly as much benefit as the lighter ones.”

Renoj Resistance Bands

This set of Renoj Resistance Bands is a basic instance that’s inexpensive, light-weight, and follows the color-coded by weight of resistance idea that make these bands really easy to select up and put to make use of. The five-pack ranges from inexperienced (5-10lbs) to black (30-40lbs).

$12.99 at

VEICK Resistance Bands Set

colorful tube resistance bands with hook

Looking for one thing with a bit extra flexibility? The resistance bands set from VEICK comes with all of the tools wanted to anchor your bands to the doorway. This fosters a extra full physique strategy, permitting for all the things from bicep curls and triceps to abdomen curls and ab twists.

$24.97 at

BERTER Resistance Bands

resistance bands for working out

If you’re planning on utilizing your resistance bands to boost your glute and leg exercises, you’ll need to think about a cloth band like these ones from BERTER. Not solely do these non-slip bands keep in place whereas squatting — additionally they provide an additional layer of consolation that gained’t rip off your leg hairs or pinch your pores and skin the way in which a conventional rubber band would possibly.

$16.99 at

Undersun Fitness Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

orange undersun fitness resistance bands trio

The Undersun Fitness Resistance Loop Exercise Bands had been crafted for many who need to take their at dwelling exercise routine to the following degree. Whether you’re not precisely positive how you can begin otherwise you simply need to search an expert’s recommendation to make sure you’re heading in the right direction to hit your objectives, this set of resistance bands comes with a reduced membership to TA2 applications, together with one-on-one teaching and pre-recorded routines.

$33.99 at

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