Is It Normal to Lose Your Period Because of Exercise?

You’ve misplaced some weight, and also you’re devoted to shedding these final 10 kilos. So you step up your exercise, hitting the elliptical machine 4 to 5 days every week for 45 minute increments. You’re watching energy, too. And then all of the sudden, you skip your interval. Is this regular?

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During athletic coaching, many individuals suppose amenorrhea, or the halting of your menstrual cycle, is regular. But it’s not. And in accordance with registered dietitian Kate Patton, MEd, RD, CSSD, LD, it could point out a major problem together with your food regimen.

It is one a part of the Female Athlete Triad, a probably severe syndrome of three interrelated circumstances of well being danger elements: amenorrhea, bone loss/osteoporosis and low power availability with or with out disordered consuming. Female athletes with one danger issue usually tend to develop — or to have already got — the opposite two.

The triad is relatively common amongst younger ladies who take part in sports activities, and it could have severe well being penalties. The excellent news is that the triad is preventable and infrequently reversible in case you acknowledge the signs early and search medical steerage.


Losing your interval might look like a pleasing facet impact of figuring out closely. But the well being results related to amenorrhea could be severe.

“Amenorrhea can be a sign of exercise-induced anorexia related to energy deprivation from not eating enough, from exercising too much, or from a combination of the two,” says Patton. 

During amenorrhea, your metabolism slows method down — so sluggish, you cease ovulating to preserve power. You then obtain the alternative of what you’re possible hoping for, as a result of on this state, you may’t improve your lean muscle mass as a result of constructing muscle requires power. In truth, your muscle tissue might even break down in an effort to gasoline extra important organs. Your physique turns into extra susceptible to harm on this weakened state. 

Bone loss/osteoporosis

Estrogen helps maintain your bones sturdy. But when its ranges lower naturally after menopause, the chance of fracture rises. However, bone loss or osteoporosis may end up at any age from low estrogen ranges triggered by amenorrhea.

Bone loss can happen in case your calorie consumption is insufficient for the degrees you’re figuring out at. Using the extreme power required for heavy athletic coaching depletes the power your physique wants for estrogen manufacturing.

Disordered consuming

Disordered consuming may start as you prohibit energy in an effort to drop a few pounds. Some ladies might prohibit consuming unintentionally as they stability an extreme coaching schedule with the calls for of labor, faculty and/or household life. Over time, this meals restriction might turn into an obsession with or a disordered method to consuming.

“Female athletes who are most susceptible to restricting calorie intake are those who are involved in excessive exercise, play sports that require weight checks or are involved in sports that benefit from a leaner body composition,” says Patton. She says teenagers with controlling mother and father or coaches are also in danger for disordered consuming.

Achieving a wholesome stability

To practice your hardest, you must eat the correct meals to gasoline your physique. Patton says, “This will build muscle and prevent injury.”

To stop the intense well being penalties related to the Female Athlete Triad:

  • Eat three full meals every day.
  • Balance meals with carbohydrates, protein and fats.
  • Never omit sure meals teams, similar to fat. Omitting meals teams is an indication of disordered consuming.
  • Eat inside 30 to 60 minutes of ending all exercises.
  • Eat post-workout meals excessive in carbohydrates and average in protein. Some good examples embrace sandwich & fruit, bagel with peanut butter and chocolate milk, power bar and yogurt with granola, or spaghetti with meatballs, salad and fruit.
  • Have a minimal of three carbohydrate-rich snacks all through the day.
  • When exercises final greater than 90 minutes, eat 15 grams of carbohydrates or drink a sports activities beverage each 15 to half-hour.
  • Consume satisfactory quantities of calcium every day: 1,000 to 1,300 mg per day.  Best sources embrace milk, yogurt, non dairy milk (similar to soy, almond), cheese, calcium-fortified orange juice, and darkish inexperienced leafy lettuce.

Patton says feminine athletes who suppose they could be in danger for feminine athlete triad ought to see a sports activities medication physician. “If you’re having difficulty building a healthy diet or increasing your calories, you should see a registered dietitian for professional assistance,” she says.

“Many women are in denial about developing exercised-induced anorexia from disordered eating. But missing a period is a sign that they are not eating enough and need further evaluation.”

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