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Is Coffee Good for a Hangover?

On any regular morning, you would possibly robotically attain for a cup of espresso for a caffeine-packed enhance. But after an evening of … properly, let’s simply say overindulging in a couple of grownup drinks … you most likely really feel such as you actually want that cup of joe.

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But right here’s the deal: That java juice may not be as useful as you assume in dulling the consequences of a hangover — and it could really make a few of your signs worse.

Emergency drugs doctor James Roach, DO, explains.

Hangover 101

After a vigorous night, alcohol tends to depart its poisonous fingerprints in your physique. Whether your drink of alternative is beer, wine or varied spirits, your inner system has a manner of letting in case you overindulged.

A headache, nausea, dry mouth and fatigue — telltale indicators of a hangover — all function a part of alcohol’s morning-after residue.

There are a number of causes for the icky feeling, however the primary perpetrator is dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic, which makes you pee extra. The fluid you lose with each restroom go to pushes your physique’s tank towards empty.

To add to the problem, alcohol consumption additionally slows the discharge of an antidiuretic hormone (vasopressin) that works to maintain your physique’s hydration ranges balanced.

Does espresso assist hangovers?

So, in case you’re dehydrated, ingesting espresso ought to assist, proper? Not precisely.

Coffee is also a diuretic that makes you urinate extra — which implies, it’s not going to be a lot assist refilling your depleted reserves. “Drinking coffee could actually slow down your rehydration process,” notes Dr. Roach.

The caffeine in espresso may not be form to your hangover headache, as properly. Caffeine narrows blood vessels and raises blood stress, and that might amplify the painful pounding inside your noggin.

Of course, in case you’re used to getting a morning espresso repair and skip it, then you definitely run the danger of a caffeine withdrawal headache. So, if espresso is a part of your standard routine, you would possibly wish to have a small cup — however don’t overdo it, advises Dr. Roach.

Can espresso sober you up?

Forget what you’ve seen in motion pictures about sobering up rapidly with a robust cup of java. It can’t undo an evening of imbibing. “The drink is made from coffee beans, not magic beans,” says Dr. Roach.

Now the pick-me-up from the caffeine could supply a short lived power enhance and improve in alertness, however espresso has no skill to make you much less drunk.

What must you drink for a hangover?

First of all, let’s get one factor clear: There is not any sure-fire remedy for a hangover. “There is no shortage of claims about miracle cures,” says Dr. Roach, “but they’re as real as a leprechaun riding a unicorn.”

So, what are you able to do? The most blatant approach to halt a hangover is to easily not drink a lot.

If you’re studying this text, nonetheless, it’s doable that closing your bar tab early is now not a viable possibility. In that case, Dr. Roach recommends conserving it easy with water.

“Drink a glass before you go to bed and do the same thing when you get up,” he says.

Sports drinks additionally might help you hydrate, with the added bonus of restoring misplaced vitamins and electrolytes. But no matter you drink, take it gradual: You can’t rehydrate instantly by guzzling gallons.

Which brings us to the one factor that may make a hangover go away. “It’s just going to take time for your body to process the alcohol,” says Dr. Roach. “You’ll feel better eventually.”

Just don’t anticipate finding that higher feeling on the backside of a cup of espresso.

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