A Korean analysis staff has just lately confirmed that keratin, the primary element of human hair, could be useful for hair development. Human trials of a brand new, injectable keratin-based therapy for hair loss, developed by Korean bio-venture firm KeraMedix, are anticipated to start quickly.

A joint analysis staff from South Korea’s Kyung Hee University and Konkuk University, along with KeraMedix, announced on Nov. 24 that it has recognized the mechanism of keratin in hair development via animal experiments on mice. The analysis outcomes have been published within the journal Communications Biology on Nov. 19.

Keratin is a protein that helps represent the outer layer of hair, nails, and pores and skin. Keratin is utilized in many hair merchandise, ceaselessly derived from the feathers, fur, or wool of varied animals. Studies of keratin-containing dietary supplements have proven promise for hair energy and development.

The Korean researchers analyzed the mechanism by which keratin impacts hair development. Researchers mentioned the research could display that “keratin is not only a structural protein of hair but also a factor that induces hair regeneration.”

The staff studied the results of keratin on mice, observing that hair development and size elevated in mice that acquired intradermal injections of the protein.

A research group of mice receiving a single injection of human-hair-derived keratin displayed higher hair development over a 28-day interval than untreated mice. Further, the mice that acquired a keratin injection confirmed practically equal hair development to a bunch of mice receiving every day functions of minoxidil, a typical hair loss therapy.

The staff reported that extracellular utility of keratin results in condensation—a neighborhood improve in cell density—of dermal papilla cells, and the era of the hair germ from outer root sheath cells. Dermal papilla cells are extremely energetic cells situated on the base of hair follicles that play an vital function within the hair cycle.

The keratin in KeraMedix’s proposed hair development therapy could be extracted by a novel course of from human hair, some 300,000 tons of that are discarded worldwide every year.

The firm plans to conduct human scientific trials beginning in 2023.

“For the first time, we have identified a new regulatory mechanism for the transition of a hair cycle from decay to growth,” mentioned Dr. Hwang Yoo-sik, CTO of KeraMedix and a professor at Kyung-Hee University. “We have confirmed that keratin produced from dead cells induced new tissue regeneration.”

Hwang mentioned that if the impact of keratin injection is confirmed in scientific trials, “[we] can expect to develop a new hair loss treatment that is suitable for everyone without significant side effects.”


Lisa Bian is a Korea-based author for The Epoch Times specializing in Korean society, its tradition, and worldwide relations.

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