I’m a skincare professional – my routine for avoiding wrinkles with home items

STOPPING wrinkles is as straightforward as one, two, three, in response to one magnificence skilled.

She shared her no-cost technique to sustaining stunning pores and skin, and all you want is to spend a couple of minutes within the kitchen.


Beauty influencer Vicky Derosa shared her favourite trick for anti-agingCredit: TikTok @vicky.derosa

Wellness and wonder influencer Vicky Derosa shared her tip on TikTok, the place she referred to as it a “billion-dollar anti-aging secret.”

Derosa stood in her kitchen, armed with the instruments she’d assembled from round the home: a big cooking pot, a towel, and an ice dice tray.

“Now, everybody’s using hot and cold for their bodies,” the wonder skilled defined. “You hear about people going into a sauna, then into a cold shower.”

Then, Derosa raised a query. “Why aren’t we doing this on our face?” she requested. Luckily, she was already forward of the sport.

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“This is something I’ve been doing for years, at least a couple times a week,” she mentioned. Derosa opened the lid of the pot in entrance of her, releasing steam.

“You’ve got a big pot of boiling water,” she defined. Then, she draped a towel over her head and neck. “You go right in with a towel.”

Derosa draped a towel over her head, shoulders, and neck to capture steam


Derosa draped a towel over her head, shoulders, and neck to seize steamCredit: TikTok @vicky.derosa
After steaming her face, the beauty expert used an ice cube to tighten her pores


After steaming her face, the wonder skilled used an ice dice to tighten her poresCredit: TikTok @vicky.derosa

For security’s sake, by no means use the towel over a burner – flip off your range and transfer the pot of sizzling water to a trivet or heatproof pad first.

“You use the steam to open up your pores, get your face really hot,” DeRosa defined. “Then, you take your ice cube, and you go right in with the cold.”

The influencer picked up an ice dice, massaging it throughout her face and sweeping it beneath her eyes.

By combining warmth and chilly, Derosa mentioned, you’ll be able to “open up your pores, tighten up your skin, and reduce inflammation.”

It’s additionally an effective way to prime your pores and skin to your favourite merchandise. After steaming and icing your face, apply oil or moisturizer to the pores and skin.

In the feedback part, viewers thanked Derosa for her tutorial and shared a few of their very own tips.

“Put some chamomile in that water!” one particular person steered.

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Another commenter mentioned you may also recreate the impact at dwelling by icing your face or pores and skin immediately after a sizzling bathe.

Several individuals additionally mentioned their older relations swore by the anti-aging technique. “My Grandma used to do it and I’m 60,” one skincare fanatic shared.

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