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I’m a match mother – nobody can guess my age, everybody thinks I’m a long time youthful

WHEN a health professional teasingly posted to TikTok asking followers to guess her age, many viewers thought the beautiful girl was in her thirties.

But the match mother revealed she’s truly a long time older than most individuals would assume, stunning followers who begged for her skincare routine.


Natalie Jill is a health professional and most of her followers had hassle guessing her ageCredit: Instagram/nataliejillfit
Jill asked viewers on TikTok to guess her age, but no one was successful


Jill requested viewers on TikTok to guess her age, however nobody was profitableCredit: TikTok/nataliejillfit

Thousands of Natalie Jill’s 98.5k TikTok followers tune in to her movies for train tips – she’s completely happy to report her exercises and coach others by means of her routines.

In a latest video, Jill participated in the Guess My Age Challenge, and requested followers if they might inform her age by her.

She made use of a viral TikTok track, which repeats the phrase “nope” time and again all through the verses.

Jill pointed at a string of numbers that popped up as captions whereas the verses repeated. She responded with “nope” to those that guessed she was 32, 35, 39, 42, 45, or 47.

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Then, lastly, she pointed on the quantity 49 – and responded with “yep!”

Ever because the authentic video was posted early final 12 months, Jill, now 51, has fielded feedback from amazed viewers who’re envious of her hanging attractiveness.

“Wow…you have done a wonderful job not aging!” wrote one commenter on her authentic video.

Another mentioned, “Would have guessed you at 38 – keep up whatever it is you are doing!”

One particular person had a idea about Jill’s youthful seems to be.

“The smiling keeps you young, and you got it,” they wrote.

On different movies, folks go away feedback equating Jill’s youthful seems to be to these of her teenage daughter.

Since Jill entered her 50s, the feedback have solely elevated in frequency and enthusiasm.

Jill posted on her 51st birthday, and her followers crammed the feedback part with reward.

“Certainly looks good on you!” wrote one gentleman.

“I wanna be like you when I grow up,” a lady mentioned.

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Commenters nonetheless had hassle believing Jill was as outdated as she insisted she was.

“Wow, wouldn’t have guessed that. So beautiful,” one fan mentioned. “Looking more like 26 than 51.”

One viewer said Jill's bright smile was the secret to her youthful looks


One viewer mentioned Jill’s brilliant smile was the key to her youthful seems to beCredit: Instagram/nataliejillfit

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