How to Use a Leg Abduction Machine? Tips, Correct Form and Exercises You Can Do Using This Machine

If you want to sculpt your glutes and thighs, look no additional than a leg abduction machine, typically additionally known as a hip abduction machine.

Exercises carried out on this machine assist strengthen the abductor muscle tissue that play a key function in core stability. Furthermore, having robust and toned abductor muscle tissue may also help you carry out different workout routines, resembling deadlifts and squats, with ease. Abduction workout routines additionally help in constructing robust hips and glutes and reduces the chance of knee and hip ache.

However, to take advantage of out of the leg abduction machine and obtain the specified outcomes, it is vital to make use of it accurately. When used within the correct type, workout routines performed on this machine can enhance muscle activation, scale back leg deformity, resembling knee valgus, and reduce hip and knee ache.

How To Use Leg Abduction Machine Correctly?

When utilizing this machine, begin by sitting straight and tall and shifting the footrests to the specified place.

Once you are in a cushty place, preserve your toes on the footrest, and add your required weight. To goal your glutes, be sure you push out far sufficient so that you just really feel the strain in your hips and outer glutes. Doing that may assist your decrease physique muscle tissue develop and improve energy.

Once you might be nicely versed and assured sufficient, attempt to improve the burden whereas doing reps to push and problem your self. Start with a decrease weight in an effort to carry out workout routines within the right type, and progressively improve that when you’ve constructed up extra endurance and energy.

Important Tips

Consider these tips when utilizing a leg abduction machine.

  • Always sit straight along with your again correctly towards the pad of the machine and your backbone in a impartial place. You can modify the again pad, if required.
  • You can change and experiment along with your pelvis and foot place. Depending on the train and the construct of your hips, you could both want an inner or exterior place to maximise the main target.
  • Ensure each motion is carried out easily and in a managed method.
  • Do not enable your again to bend or arch, as that may put your abductor muscle tissue beneath stretch, affecting the general output.
  • Always preserve your toes in line and aligned along with your knees.
  • If you might be uncomfortable along with your place, strive altering the place of your torso. You can lean ahead, or just push your again towards the pad.

Exercises to Do Using Leg Abduction Machine

One of the perfect workout routines you’ll be able to carry out on an abductor machine is hip abduction.

To carry out a hip abduction train:

  • Start with loading the machine with a weight that’s appropriate on your health degree. If you are a newbie, it is beneficial you go for gentle weight in an effort to carry out the train within the right type.
  • Stand beside the machine, and preserve your leg to the farthest lever.
  • Sit comfortably on the seat, holding your again flat towards the again pad, and place your different leg on the remaining lever.
  • Lean again, and maintain each handles with a agency grip, and transfer each your legs aside slowly so far as you’ll be able to.
  • Do the train for the specified variety of repetitions.
  • To make it tougher, improve the burden, however preserve the motion gradual and managed.

The main muscle tissue used throughout a hip abduction are glutes, together with the gluteus minimus, maximus and medius. All these muscle tissue cowl the biggest muscle in your physique – the butt. Additionally, this train additionally makes use of the tensor fasciae latae muscle tissue positioned on the skin of the thighs connecting the hips.

The major advantage of performing this train on a leg abduction machine is that it will possibly assist strengthen and tone your glutes and butt. Keeping these muscle tissue robust and toned helps carry out fundamental actions, resembling lifting your physique from a sitting place, popping out of a automotive, and so on, simply.

Variations to Try

Apart from the aforementioned train, there are additionally just a few variations that may be performed on a leg abductor machine. While these variations help you do fundamental hip abduction workout routines, you’ll be able to carry out them with totally different physique positions, resembling mendacity hip abduction and standing hip abduction.

Lying Hip Abduction

This variation requires you to lie again on the leg abduction machine whereas holding your decrease physique in a seated place.

Standing Hip Abduction

Standing hip abduction requires you to face whereas holding one leg on the leg abduction machine and swinging it out to raise the lever.


When utilizing a leg abduction machine, goal for at the very least three units of 12 reps, and proceed to extend your reps as you acquire energy and confidence. However, don’t forget to heat up and funky down earlier than and after the train, and ensure to incorporate just a few light stretches to forestall muscle tightness.

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