Combination contraception choices combine estrogen and progestin to cease being pregnant and management interval signs. But estrogen causes a lot of the negative effects of contraception tablets, so some folks might want an estrogen-free tablet. 

Who Can Benefit from Estrogen-Free Hormonal Birth Control?

  • People with hypertension

  • Anyone in danger for blood clots

  • People who smoke

  • People who’re lactating 

  • People within the postpartum interval

  • People with migraine with aura

Estrogen-free hormonal contraception will not be proper for everybody, like folks with breast most cancers or extreme liver illness. 

How to Switch to Estrogen-Free Birth Control Pills

To begin an estrogen-free contraception tablet, you’ll want to discuss to your healthcare supplier (HCP) about the perfect time to start out. 

There are 3 main methods to make the swap:

1. If you aren’t at the moment on hormonal contraception:

2. If you’re switching from mixture hormonal contraception:

3. If you’re switching from one other estrogen-free contraception, similar to an implant or injection: 

Worry Less Window

Most estrogen-free contraception tablets need to be taken on the similar actual time — right down to the hour — each single day to work greatest. 

One tablet (known as Slynd) has a 24-hour window for those who miss the dose. That means you may take your missed tablet for as much as 24 hours. Translation? You can fear much less for those who overlook to take your tablet. 

The Why Behind the Window

  • Most estrogen-free contraception tablets have a brief half-life, that means it leaves the physique in a short time — that’s why it must be taken on the similar time daily.

  • Slynd comprises a more recent sort of hormone that’s processed by your physique otherwise so it has an extended dose window. 

It’s at all times greatest to take your contraception tablet on the similar time daily if doable. 

Talk to your HCP about your choices for estrogen-free contraception and the best way to begin taking it. 

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