How To Play Junker Queen In Overwatch 2

After a bit of time experimenting with the brand new Overwatch 2 tank Junker Queen within the newest beta, it’s clear her package offers her loads of flexibility. It’s early days, however listed below are just a few tips on methods to play Junker Queen primarily based alone playtime, in addition to what I’ve been seeing in the neighborhood.

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First of all, Junker Queen isn’t going to be very efficient at lengthy vary. Like the remainder of the tanks in Overwatch 2, she’s designed for close-quarters fight. She may be helpful at mid-range due to her crowd management capacity, however we’ll get to that.

Her major hearth is Scattergun, a pump-action shotgun. It holds six photographs and has a reasonably fast reload. It can one-shot a Tracer at point-blank vary when you can hit a headshot. Based on some testing in coaching mode, it offers roughly 85 injury per shot at shut vary, so two headshots will deal with most heroes.

It appears to be like just like the injury falloff begins at round seven meters. At round 20 meters, it’s barely doing any injury in any respect – solely round 25 for a headshot. So, you’re positively going to wish to get in shut.

Twist And Shout

Commanding Shout (which is left shift by default on PC) will help the tank and her teammates stand up shut and private with the enemy.

It boosts the overhealth of each Junker Queen and the heroes round her — it has a variety of 20 meters or so. Junker Queen will obtain 200 overhealth. Allies will get an overhealth improve of round 100, however they’ll have to be inside line of sight once you activate Commanding Shout. This overhealth enhance will disappear when the flexibility expires after 4 seconds (there’s an 11-second cooldown after that).

While Commanding Shout is energetic, Junker Queen and allies which are inside vary will get a velocity buff of (I imagine) 30%. Her velocity enhance stacks with Lúcio’s, in order that they’d make a fairly efficient duo as a part of a rush composition.

Nah, This Is A Knife

Wound is a brand new passive impact for Junker Queen. It drains enemy well being over time and restores some HP to Junker Queen (not in contrast to Moira’s Biotic Grasp). At a base stage, you received’t get loads of well being again from wound — round 15 HP over three seconds — however it might stack. One of the talents that applies a wound impact is Jagged Blade, maybe essentially the most compelling a part of Junker Queen’s package.

Jagged Blade has a number of makes use of. First, it’s her secondary hearth. She can launch the knife towards enemies in an arc. If it lands in an opponent, it is going to trigger round 80 injury and create a wound impact. Junker Queen can manually recall the knife, which pulls an enemy it’s caught in towards her.

This capacity opens up a ton of fight choices. There’s the plain good thing about having the ability to pull an enemy from a pack towards you. Unlike with Roadhog’s Chain Hook, Junker Queen can nonetheless assault whereas the enemy is touring towards her, so you possibly can hearth Scattergun or time an ax swing for devastating impact.

If you recall Jagged Blade when it’s caught in an enemy that’s lower than 10 meters away they usually’re in line of sight, you’ll convey that hero proper as much as Junker Queen’s face. That makes squishier heroes prime targets. I’ve discovered an ax swing, headshot and melee combo to be fairly efficient when you can time it proper. That combo ought to dramatically cut back the well being of higher-HP enemies too.

Stick the knife in an enemy that’s above Junker Queen, and never are you able to pull them down from the excessive floor, it looks as if they will journey a bit additional than 10 meters. It’ll additionally provide you with extra time to organize an ax swing.

Of course, there’s an opportunity to attain environmental kills with Jagged Blade too. There’s a three-second delay earlier than the knife remembers routinely, so that you’ll have a second to regulate your positioning so you possibly can pull the enemy right into a pit.

If you miss with a knife shot, attempt to wait till an enemy or two is between you and the projectile. When you recollect it, Jagged Blade will create a wound impact on any enemy it passes by, and also you’ll restore well being from every of them. The capacity has a six-second cooldown, which begins once you throw it.

That’s just one facet of Jagged Blade. When it’s in Junker Queen’s hand and also you Quick Melee, it is going to create a wound impact. It may even deal extra injury than an everyday Quick Melee.

I’m actually trying ahead to seeing what professionals give you utilizing this capacity.

Creating Carnage

Junker Queen’s different core capacity is Carnage. This is the affectionate title she offers to her ax, which she swings on the enemy. This too causes a wound impact. It has a fairly brief vary (unsurprisingly) of three meters or so. Between the ax swing and the wound impact, you’ll deal round 140 injury.

There’s a little bit of a delay between triggering the flexibility and Junker Queen swinging Carnage. I really feel that’s a hair too lengthy on the minute. Getting the timing proper will take a little bit of getting used to. The capacity has an eight-second cooldown.

Time For A Reckoning

Junker Queen’s Ultimate is named Rampage. She spins all her weapons round her head and costs ahead. Any enemy she comes into contact with is wounded.

What’s additionally attention-grabbing about Rampage is that affected enemies received’t be capable of heal all through the impact (I’m undecided how extensive the AoE is but, although). It’s just like the anti-heal impact of Ana’s Biotic Grenade with the extra injury over time brought on by wound. That may make an enemy crew straightforward pickings for a well-coordinated crew.

The wound impact created by the Ultimate will present Junker Queen with extra therapeutic (100 per goal) than she will get from a Jagged Blade or Carnage assault.

The cost impact is a double-edged sword. Junker Queen rushes ahead about 25 meters, however you don’t have directional management. You’ll have to be cautious with positioning so that you don’t by accident cost off the map.

On the plus aspect, the cost works on any horizontal airplane, together with in mid air (just like Doomfist’s Rocket Punch). That means it could be used for rollouts. However, it appears a little bit of a waste to make use of Rampage as a motion capacity until you desperately must get again to the purpose for a last-second stall.

Overall, Junker Queen looks as if she’ll be a fairly impactful hero if she’s used nicely. I’ll add to this information as we study extra about her through the beta.

Meanwhile, simply after Junker Queen was introduced, I and another members of the media had the possibility to ask some Overwatch 2 devs some questions on her. You can learn what they needed to say right here:

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If you’ve any questions concerning the beta or Overwatch 2 on the whole, hit me up on Twitter @krisholt. I’ll assist as finest as I can.

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