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How to do the Russian twist train?

If you want to strengthen your core muscles, training the Russian twist might help you achieve this. It is a superb stomach train that includes twisting movement and targets the core, shoulders, and hips.

Though this train might sound fairly straightforward, it requires loads of endurance and upper-body energy to get the most effective outcomes. When performed accurately, it helps strengthen and tone the obliques, hip flexors, rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, latissimus dorsi, erector spinae, and scapular muscular tissues.

The Russian twist helps enhance physique posture and prevents points akin to again ache, hunched again, slouchy posture, and many others. The better part is – it requires zero gear and may be performed wherever.

How to carry out the Russian twist train?

Below are the step-by-step directions on how you are able to do this train accurately.

  • Sit on a mat or ground together with your again straight and ft on the ground.
  • Now barely lean again in order that your torso is at a 90-degree angle. You can squeeze your glutes for stability.
  • Lift your arms within the entrance and hold your gaze in your palms as you begin to twist your torso from one aspect to the opposite whereas pausing within the center in between every rep.
  • The secret is to maneuver slowly so that you just work inside your vary of movement.
  • Complete 3 units of 15 reps initially, after which enhance your reps to 25 and extra.

The Russian twist train is straightforward to be taught, nonetheless, in the event you nonetheless discover it difficult, contemplate the given tips as you get began.

Here are a couple of tips you will need to observe to make the train easier:

  • When doing a Russian twist, be certain that your ft are pressed firmly into the ground or prolonged straight out in entrance of you. Keep respiratory deeply – inhale if you return to the centre and exhale if you twist from one aspect to a different.
  • Engage your again and abs all through the train to get a correct really feel of the motion. If you might be unable to maintain your physique steady, cross your legs on prime of each other and be certain that your arms are parallel to the bottom.
  • Keep your backbone straight and don’t slouch.


Once you’ve mastered the usual Russian twist, take the train to the subsequent stage by attempting a few of the variations which can be mentioned beneath.

1. Weighted twist

To carry out this variation, maintain a drugs ball, dumbbell, or a weight plate with each palms and place it within the middle. Lean again and rotate the identical approach as the usual variation whereas conserving the load at your chest stage all through the train.

2. Decline twist

Start this Russian twist variation by sitting on a declined bench together with your palms within the middle at your chest stage. Now twist in the identical approach and guarantee that you’re respiratory simply. Skip this variation in case you are a newbie.

3. Standing twist

To carry out this variation, stand together with your ft positioned at a hip-width distance. Keep your decrease physique steady and begin to twist your torso from one aspect to the opposite. Position your palms within the entrance and proceed the motion for the specified variety of reps.For an added problem, you might also use weight to do that train.

4. Leg cross twist

For this variation, take the identical place as the usual variation and cross your proper calf over your different as you twist to the correct. Quickly uncross your proper calf as you twist again after which cross your left calf over the opposite as you rotate in direction of your left.


While the Russian twist is taken into account an extremely beneficial exercise for the core, the benefits of this efficient stomach exercise don’t cease there. There are many extra causes so as to add this train to your on a regular basis health routine.

The Russian twist is among the greatest workout routines to cut back belly and side fat. Losing weight, moreover, helps stop the possibility of cardiovascular points, diabetes, kidney issues, weight problems, and many others. The anti-rotational actions carried out on this train promote backbone well being and make on a regular basis actions akin to bending a lot simpler.

Bottom line

While it’s a protected train that’s appropriate for all health ranges, it’s nonetheless essential to make use of warning when making an attempt it. This is especially essential for individuals with considerations within the neck, lower back, or shoulders. Moreover, pregnant women must also keep away from it and seek the advice of a physician earlier than attempting on their very own.

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