How to Do the Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch: Tips, Technique, Correct Form, Benefits and Common Mistakes

Kneeling hip flexor stretch, additionally generally known as lunging hip flexor stretch, is a beginner-level train that entails quite a few advantages. It’s probably the most efficient stretches that may be included in your stretching routine earlier than train. This stretching train targets the psoas muscle tissues and hip flexor together with stretching the knees.

Doing a kneeling hip flexor stretch is useful for individuals with a sedentary life-style, as it may assist in overcoming widespread hip illnesses, similar to tightness and ache within the hips. This train can also be helpful for individuals who carry out heavy workouts or ones who sit a major period of time all through the day.

How to Do Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch?

This train requires ample house, so be sure you’re doing it in sufficient open areas. For higher consolation and assist of the knee, you may also use a yoga mat. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do that train.

  • Start off within the kneeling place of each your knees whereas seated on the heels of your legs. Make positive the balls in your ft are positioned firmly towards the bottom.
  • Press your palms towards the bottom in entrance of you with a barely bent elbow to keep away from locking.
  • Bring your proper knee in entrance of you with the house between each your arms, and place the precise foot firmly pressed towards the bottom in entrance of you.
  • Raise your palms off the bottom and straighten the higher torso. You may also place each fingers on the precise knee in entrance of you for higher assist and stability of the physique.
  • Deepen the stretch by extending the left leg behind you. However, make it possible for the highest of the foot, shin and knee of the left aspect are firmly positioned on the bottom.
  • Gently lean ahead into the stretch, and maintain on for a number of moments.
  • Release your physique from the stretch place, and centre again to the kneeling or seated place.
  • Swap sides, and repeat.

Tips and Techniques for Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

To maximise the advantages of this stretch, comply with these tips and strategies for the kneeling hip flexor stretch.

Stretching – If you are a newbie on this train, begin with a standing lunge stretch. That will assist you to improve the stability of the physique together with engaged on the hip muscle tissues. With higher stability and activated muscle tissues, you may successfully carry out this stretching train.

Lean ahead – While doing the train, it is best to solely lean again to launch your self from the stretch. Don’t lean again whereas doing the kneeling hip flexor stretch. Instead, it is best to lean barely ahead for a greater stretch of the muscle tissues.

Benefits of Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Regularly doing this stretching train can present quite a few advantages that embody:

Better Mobility

Generally, hips bear a great quantity of physique weight for numerous actions, similar to strolling, lunging, bending and extra. The kneeling hip flexor stretch will help you preserve hip well being and perform on a regular basis actions with out discomfort.

Sitting for a protracted time period might need a unfavourable influence in your posture and stability. This stretch will help you preserve hip well being and correct posture.

Alleviating Pain

Regularly doing the kneeling hip flexor stretch will help alleviate decrease again ache and scale back hip discomfort, similar to ache and tightness. This stretch is particularly helpful for athletes, because it helps in boosting sports activities efficiency and offers higher muscle stability of the legs.

Common Mistakes While Doing Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Avoid these widespread errors whereas doing kneeling hip flexor stretches to reap all its advantages and keep away from overstraining the muscle tissues:

Maintaining physique stability– This stretching train may require some apply earlier than you may comfortably do the kneeling hip flexor stretch. That’s as a result of balancing the physique on the foot and knee requires a while and consistency. However, be sure you do not sway or transfer your physique aspect by aspect, as that may negatively have an effect on your stability, leading to falling.

Lunging place – Don’t lunge too shallow, as chances are you’ll not really feel the required stretch, and do not lunge too deep, as it would pressure your muscle tissues or overexert your physique.

Bottom Line

Incorporating the kneeling hip flexor stretch in your stretching routine can present a number of advantages, similar to lowering hip discomfort, higher mobility of the physique and assuaging decrease again ache.

Moreover, it may additionally present for a greater stability and adaptability. Considering the advantages of this stretching routine, it is best to embody it in your common routine. It’s advisable that you just carry out this train on the mat, as excessive strain on the kneecaps will be uncomfortable.

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