How to Do a Triceps Extension? Tips, Technique, Correct Form, Benefits and Common Mistakes

The triceps extension is an intermediate-level isolation train that primarily targets the muscle on the again of your higher arm – the triceps. This train can also be an efficient strategy to work on the steadiness of your core and shoulders, heling scale back your probabilities of accidents and ache.

The most typical strategy to do a triceps extension is by utilizing a dumbbell or kettlebell whereas sitting or standing. You have to seize the dumbbell overhead by holding the within plate floor with each your palms or by holding each horns (handles) of the kettlebell.

How to carry out a triceps extension? Correct kind and approach

Begin by standing tall along with your toes in a break up stance, along with your proper foot barely behind the left and each your legs at a hip distance. Engage your core all through the train so that you just preserve the correct posture in the course of the transfer.

  • Lift the dumbbell gently overhead, and ensure that your head stays in a straight line along with your chest.
  • Engage your core, and preserve your shoulders relaxed.
  • Extend your arms absolutely, and slowly decrease the dumbbell down, drawing the load behind your head by bending at your elbows.
  • Make positive your chest stays aligned over your hips, and your backbone doesn’t bend.
  • Breathe simply, and reverse the motion when your elbow reaches a 90-degree bend or barely additional. Lift the dumbbell again to its beginning place.
  • Be positive that the dumbbell doesn’t contact the again of your head when it’s at its lowest place.

The triceps extension might be carried out in several positions. The fundamental model is the standing extension talked about above; nonetheless, you can too do that train in a seated place or by mendacity down on the ground or on a weight bench.

You also can select to do it with one arm or each arms collectively. You can enhance or lower the load in response to your health degree to make the transfer kind of difficult.

Tips for newcomers

  • When performing a triceps extension, at all times use a weight that means that you can simply transfer your arms overhead and one which safely will get you to the beginning place. If the dumbbell is just too heavy, it might probably enhance the stress in your shoulder joints and again.
  • Keep your velocity sluggish, and keep away from momentum to take care of the proper kind and posture.
  • As you decrease the dumbbell behind your again, be sure that to maintain your trunk regular.

Potential advantages of triceps extension

A triceps extension helps construct muscle groups in the front and back of your higher arms, which leads to elevated arm power and enchancment within the form of your arms. This train additionally helps improve the steadiness and suppleness of your elbows and shoulders, and tones the complete arm.

Strong arms enable you transfer comfortably all through the day and help you in enterprise day by day duties safely and effectively. Without correct power coaching, it’s fairly frequent for the triceps space to grow to be weak with age. So constructing stronger and bigger triceps muscle groups with isolating workouts such because the triceps extension can doubtlessly strengthen and provides this muscle a greater definition.

Common Mistakes

Watch out for these errors when doing the triceps extension to carry out the train accurately and safely:

Moving your head

Always preserve your head steady, and isolate the train by transferring solely your elbow joints. Keep your head straight over the midline of your chest and your chest in a straight line along with your hips. If your head nonetheless strikes, do that train by mendacity down.

Elbows flared out

This is a quite common challenge and happens if you permit your elbows to flare out to the perimeters.

Flaring out your elbows now not isolates your triceps; as a substitute, it attracts your shoulders and biceps to do the extension and flexion. To keep away from that, at all times preserve your elbows tucked in, and attempt to use a lighter weight to take care of the correct elbow placement.


A triceps extension is mostly secure, however in case you are returning to train after an damage or being pregnant, first seek the advice of your physician to find out if weight workouts are secure for you. Also, in case you are a newbie who’s simply beginning a power coaching programme, it is best to work below an authorized health coach to hunt correct steering concerning the kind and strategy of the train.

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