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‘How hair transplants, other treatments are providing succour for people suffering from hair loss’

Ayo Otunbanjo is the Chief Executive Officer, Vinci Hair Clinic Africa Region. In this interview, he speaks concerning the numerous varieties of hair loss additionally referred to as alopecia, the causes, and obtainable remedies together with the revolutionary hair transplant surgical procedures provided by the clinic, and methods to stop affected by some varieties of the situation.

With your experiences with Nigerians, how prevalent is hair loss within the nation?

Hair loss may be very prevalent within the nation. 60% of males have androgenic alopecia whereas 40% of girls have it as nicely. Traction alopecia is discovered most likely in 2 or 3 out of the feminine sufferers we see whereas different varieties are uncommon.

Is age an element answerable for alopecia?

People at all times say the older you get, the extra brittle your fibres turn out to be. This isn’t essentially the case. Wole Soyinka is an efficient instance right here. So, sure, age is usually a issue. Psychological components may also result in hair loss. You see some individuals of their early 20s or 30s having receding hairlines. This is likely to be attributable to quite a lot of psychological components.

What are the widespread varieties of hair loss that your organisation has been coping with?

We have a number of varieties of alopecia however the commonest ones we are inclined to see in our clinics, particularly in Africa and perhaps everywhere in the world, are actually the genetic types of hair loss referred to as androgenic alopecia present in males with receding hairlines. This can be what’s popularly referred to as bald hair.

Women even have androgenic alopecia however the sample of theirs is subtle so the hair loss is within the center a part of the scalp and goes sideways whereas for males it goes backwards.

The different most typical sort of alopecia we come throughout is traction alopecia, which ends up mainly from practices within the hair salon. Women often go to the salon and the extra the kind of repetitive hairstyles they do, the extra they harm these follicle roots over a time frame, and it will get to some extent when the follicles begin dying off. That is why you see some African ladies with any such hair loss.

So traction hair loss additionally outcomes from the way in which ladies repair hair. People use sure varieties of glue to repair their hair to make it look pure, and will trigger frontal hair loss for ladies.

There can be the extra insidious sort of alopecia referred to as cicatricial alopecia, which ends up from a foul response to chemical relaxers.

There is one other sort of alopecia, which covers the entire physique referred to as alopecia Universalis. It is a medical situation often linked to autoimmune illnesses like lupus.

Can you briefly inform us about your hair clinic?

Vinci Hair Clinic is a worldwide medical aesthetics clinic. We have about 35 clinics in about 14 nations globally.

So we’re just about represented on each continent. We provide full remedy choices for hair loss restoration.

The remedy choices cowl something from simply remedy if you’re on the decrease finish of a hair loss spectrum to some therapies that we deploy within the clinic similar to platelet-rich plasma remedy, mesotherapy, cortico-steroids injections and various kinds of remedy for various sorts of alopecia.

We additionally do beauty procedures like scalp pigmentation, which may be very fashionable with males, and on the very finish of the remedy spectrum.

We even have hair transplant procedures, surgical procedures and merchandise; considered one of them is the laser cap, which you are able to do by yourself at house or workplace. So we provide a full vary of remedy choices.

The Abuja department of the clinic solely does the non-surgical procedures; that’s, all the pieces I’ve talked about with exception of hair transplant surgical procedure could be carried out right here within the Abuja department of the clinic.

How does your organisation utilise medical specialists within the means of restoring hair loss?

We have well-trained medical groups who do the remedies. You should be well-trained and well-experienced in hair loss restoration as a result of there are various kinds of alopecia. And with out the correct analysis of a specific sort of hair loss or alopecia you possibly can find yourself prescribing the flawed remedy choices for the particular person, and that won’t meet expectations or resolve the issue. Aside from hair on the top, our remedy additionally extends to beards, and eyebrows, amongst others and so forth.

So you might want to be an professional; there’s a sure degree of expertise wanted other than research to have the ability to ask pertinent questions throughout session to know what prompted the actual alopecia the particular person is experiencing.

By so doing 95 per cent of the time you’ll be able to slim down the actual sort of alopecia you’re coping with, and that might provide you with sufficient confidence on what to suggest as a remedy choice.

Some ladies endure hair loss once they endure chemotherapy. How does your clinic deal with that sort of hair loss?

One of the uncomfortable side effects of chemotherapy is lack of hair, however it isn’t hair loss. This may sound unusual. The motive may be very easy.

When you’re going via chemotherapy, you lose your hair fibres, your follicles don’t die, it’s the fibres that die off so your follicles are nonetheless wholesome. Once you cease chemotherapy, these follicles begin producing hair once more. So it isn’t hair loss it’s simply one of many uncomfortable side effects. That is why you see most cancers sufferers with hair after they cease the remedy.

When individuals are born with none hair on their heads, there’s a perception that every one hope is misplaced. But you’re altering that now with revolutionary hair transplants, inform us the way you assist on this regard.

Hair transplant is a process whereby we take donor follicles from the wholesome a part of the scalp, which is often on the again or the edges.

Most individuals affected by androgenic alopecia are inclined to have hair loss in the course of the scalp. That is the place the enzymes have an effect on and kill the follicles.

So after we do hair transplant surgical procedure, we take follicles from the wholesome a part of the scalp, which isn’t affected by the enzymes.

So these follicles are surgically implanted within the areas the place we wish to see the hair progress. So you’re the self-donor of the follicles moved from one half to the opposite.

This doesn’t imply the world the place the follicles are taken from will likely be with out hair, as a result of new cells will develop within the space and the hair will develop the place we took door follicles. The major factor is the world the place you endure hair loss will now begin producing hair.

What occurs when the particular person doesn’t have wholesome enzymes on the top in any respect?

The situation alopecia totalis or Universalis, which means you don’t have any hair in any respect in your scalp or your physique presents a problem for a hair transplant as a result of you’ll be able to solely take the donor follicles from the cell. 

But if an individual doesn’t have the donor follicles from the cell, the widespread query individuals ask is ‘can you take from one person and give to another person?’

Yes, medically it’s potential however ethically it isn’t proper. This is as a result of medically you observe the identical process of harvesting and implanting follicles, however it’s important to begin taking anti-rejection medication ceaselessly in order that the cells don’t reject those imported to your physique.

So this isn’t value doing constantly as hair loss isn’t a life-threatening situation. That is why it isn’t widespread to see third-party donor follicles in hair transplants like in different medical procedures like kidney, liver and so forth as a result of they’re wanted for life-threatening situations.

 Can you clarify every of the remedy procedures you do to revive hair?

We do Platelet-rich Plasma remedy involving taking your blood in a check tube, like 4 check tubes then putting them in a centrifuge, which spins the check tubes at a really excessive velocity.

At the tip of the spinning interval, the plasma of your blood rises to the highest of the check tube that’s the way it will get separated, then utilizing a syringe you’ll be able to gently extract the plasma on the prime of the check tube.

It is that plasma that’s injected again into the world the place one desires to restore the thinning follicles.

Another remedy choice is mesotherapy, which includes injecting pharmaceutical minosodel immediately into the scalp.

We even have micro-scalp pigmentation, which really makes a person seems as if he has hair. You have your hairlines however the remainder of the scalp is pigmented with medical-grade ink to make you appear to be you’ve got hair.

Another one is cortico-steroid injections given to individuals with alopecia areata attributable to illnesses like lupus.

We even have a variety of merchandise for the remedy of hair loss similar to specially-made shampoos and different merchandise used for drugs.

How reasonably priced are your providers for the typical Nigerian?

We wish to make our providers as accessible to as many individuals as potential. It simply makes business sense to try this.

However, the prices of remedy are what they’re. If you’re to purchase a three-month provide of topical remedy, for example, chances are you’ll want N86, 000 relying on the remedy. When a transplant is concerned, you’ll be taking a look at $2, 000 (N1.4 million to N2.8 million) or extra. The motive is easy. None of the stuff used within the clinic is made in Nigeria, they’re introduced in from overseas. And we’re conscious of the speed of inflation, and change fee at the moment, and so forth.

What is your recommendation for individuals affected by hair loss?

There is an answer to hair loss and there’s no must panic. Secondly, there are issues you are able to do to stop it in some circumstances, for example, why do you might want to make your braids so tight that they provide you headache?

Also, if you happen to go searching your loved ones members and see individuals with hair loss, like baldness, for example, it implies that you is likely to be inclined to the genetic types of it. So it’s good to come back to us on the early stage for speedy preventive procedures. Baldness could be prevented opposite to some myths and beliefs.


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