How Acupuncture Helps With Nicotine Cravings

Quitting tobacco is without doubt one of the most vital issues you are able to do to enhance your well being. But the street to get there isn’t all the time simple. If you’re making an attempt to stop smoking, acupuncture is a pure manner that can assist you curb your nicotine cravings. 

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Acupuncture, together with Chinese herbs and hypnotherapy, will not be as well-known as nicotine patches or gum. Yet all of them can provide aid, particularly within the energetic section of withdrawal while you’re wrestling with fatigue, irritability and gnawing cravings. 

“Some people try acupuncture because they cannot tolerate the drugs used for tobacco cessation,” says acupuncturist Jamie Starkey, LAC. “Unlike prescription medications, acupuncture has no side effects. In fact, it’s very common to notice side benefits like improvements in sleep or mood. Others use acupuncture as part of an overall strategy to quit.”

How does acupuncture to assist stop smoking work?

Acupuncturists goal sure areas of the physique for sure situations. When it involves serving to people who smoke stop, strain factors within the ears are particularly efficient in suppressing cravings. The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association even has an entire protocol round this set of ear suppression factors to fight habit.

In between acupuncture therapies, you can too use ear seeds at residence — which work as a type of acupressure. This entails putting tiny balls in your ear with adhesive tape in focused areas. This approach lets you self-treat by making use of strain to factors on the ear to assist mood the urge to smoke.

“The cranial nerves, accessed through the ears, stimulate the nervous system to suppress the urge for cigarettes,” explains Starkey. “We’re making an attempt not solely to suppress cravings, but in addition to interact the comfort response. We’re actually manipulating the physique utilizing needles and focused strain to assist help folks as they work by withdrawal signs.

After acupuncture, you will have fewer cravings, decreased irritability, improved temper, improved bowel actions and improved sleep.

Will acupuncture assist me stop smoking?

The objective of acupuncture is to assist curb any cravings​ you might have for the nicotine itself. 

“Generally, I tell patients to be tobacco-free for at least 24 hours before their first consult for acupuncture,” says Starkey. “If they take that step, this tells me they have the mindset it takes to be tobacco-free. Many times, a patient’s spouse has scheduled the appointment, or peer pressure spurs them to come in, and they’re not really ready.”

It’s vital to be mentally able to stop and meaning being OK with the thought of throwing away these cigarettes. 

“Once patients are committed, I start seeing them two or three times per week in the beginning,” she says. “Then the visits taper to once a week as withdrawal symptoms fade. Eventually, visits are discontinued altogether when they are tobacco-free.”

Before your first go to, make sure to verify along with your acupuncturist for protocols concerning the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). 

Best when used with different strategies

Acupuncture is much more efficient when used along with different integrative drugs strategies. These could embrace:

  • Hypnotherapy makes an attempt to coach the unconscious thoughts to veer away from tobacco. Acupuncture works to handle the bodily withdrawal signs.
  • Chinese herbs are custom-made by an herbalist for every affected person to lower urges and to assist with withdrawal signs. As a security precaution, docs monitor sufferers’ liver and kidney perform carefully to ensure the herbs are correctly metabolized.

“However you choose to find help, whether through a tobacco cessation program, acupuncture, herbs, hypnotherapy or a combination of methods, it’s all worthwhile in the long run,” says Starkey. 

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