With Christmas proper across the nook, pet mother and father are beginning to get into the vacation spirit and wish to contain their furry members of the family too.

Kathryn Mitcham, the coaching and improvement supervisor at Nulo, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Stephanie Gilbert to inform us extra.

What are some enjoyable and protected methods for pet mother and father to do that?

“Sharing safe ‘human food’ with your pet,” Mitcham mentioned.

  • Plain unseasoned turkey cooked individually (no garlic or onions)
  • Plain cooked inexperienced beans
  • Plain, cooked items of candy potato

“Remember that moderation is key for these new foods.”

“One of my personal things to do is feed some Nulo FreeStyle Turkey & Sweet Potato canned recipe, our Nulo Turkey Freeze-Dried raw recipe, and even our Nulo Challenger Turkey Stew for their meal on this special day.”

“All of these choices are high in meat and low in carbs, just like all Nulo recipes so they are a delicious and healthy holiday meal for our furry family members.”

“For Christmas, one of my favorite things to do is wrap presents pets can ‘unwrap’ themselves with supervision of course. Gift bags work great for this or a toy that can squeak through the wrapping paper.”

On the observe of involving our pets in festivities, inform us about some enjoyable choices Nulo has that make nice stocking stuffer concepts to spoil our pets a little bit further through the season and particularly on Christmas morning.

“We love giving out extra treats this time of year and a great way to do that is with our Nulo Trainers. These are a carefree option since each treat is only two calories! They are all-natural, made with superfood ingredients, and come in three recipes: turkey, salmon, and duck.”

“For something extra special for the pup’s stocking, we also offer our Jerky Strips (high in meat with functional fruit pairings) and Functional Granola Bars (with targeted solutions like skin & coat health, joint support, healthy digestion, & immune support). These are both healthy, super tasty options to spoil them during the festive season.”

“For the feline friends out there, we also have some fun stocking stuffers. One of my personal favorites is our Perfect Purées for cats and kittens. These are small packets containing tasty purées that your cat can lick directly so that you can spend some time loving on your cat while offering them a treat or that you can squeeze over the top of their favorite kibble or wet food — a great way to add protein, flavor, and most importantly moisture to your cat’s diet.”

“You can pick any of these up today at your favorite local pet supply store.”

We nonetheless have to say that holidays generally is a bit aggravating too, not just for people however for our pets too. What are some issues pet mother and father can do to ensure their pets are comfy through the hustle and bustle of the vacation season?

“First of all, positive reinforcement is crucial during stressful times. Consider offering a reward like our low-calorie Nulo Trainers whenever something ‘scary’ might be happening, like welcoming extended family members, for instance.”

“Also, be sure to create a safe, quiet place for your pets to escape to amid the changing environment. Put a nice bed in a quiet part of the house with some of their favorite toys and a water bowl and play some soft, calming music in this area.”

“For pups needing a little extra help managing their stress, Nulo’s Functional Calming chews are an excellent option with natural ingredients like organic hemp seed oil, organic chamomile, ashwagandha root, and L-Theanine and L-Tryptophan to help set them up for success and promote relaxation and balanced behavior without causing drowsiness — kind of makes us want to try one, too, right? These also work great if you are planning to travel and have a long car ride ahead of you with your pup.”

“And last but not least, remember to have fun with your pets. It’s a season about love and togetherness, so don’t stress so much yourself that you forget to take a deep breath and enjoy it — and maybe sneak away to the quiet room with your pet for a minute if you need it too!”

Our pets deliver out the most effective in us; deliver out the most effective in them with Nulo, the place Nutrition meets Love in each chew. You can learn more about the official pet food of Studio 512 at Nulo.com.

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