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Here’s What to Know About Whether Weed Helps or Worsens Anxiety

Weed Can Help Anxiety in Small Doses, Research Shows — But There Are Caveats

The relationship between hashish and nervousness is — effectively, complicated. Some depend on it to quiet their worrying, uneasy thoughts. Others swear it really stokes their emotions of panic. So, which is it? Does weed assist or worsen nervousness?

The reply isn’t a easy one.

“The effects of cannabis on anxiety can vary based on the individual, dosage, and even the type of cannabis used,” says Taylor Remington, a licensed therapist, and founder and CEO of Impact Recovery Center.

To make issues much more sophisticated, your particular kind and severity of hysteria, in addition to your distinctive mind chemistry may also consider.

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With all that in thoughts, right here’s what to find out about how hashish can affect your nervousness — for higher or for worse.

Does Weed Help or Worsen Anxiety?

There are two essential lively elements in marijuana:

  • THC, the psychoactive compound that provides you a “high”
  • CBD, the non-psychoactive and non-addictive compound that received’t make you excessive, however does have confirmed therapeutic advantages

A 2015 review concluded that CBD could be doubtlessly useful for treating nervousness — significantly social nervousness. And whereas a 2017 study confirmed that THC may also help, too — there’s a caveat right here. Whereas low ranges of THC appear to be able to lowering nervousness, excessive ranges of THC are linked to increased anxiety symptoms — together with racing ideas, elevated coronary heart fee, and paranoia. On the opposite hand, researchers discovered that there’s no danger of CBD growing nervousness — and it really seems to lower nervousness in any respect doses.

“CBD usually creates a sense of deep rest,” says Jessica Miller, a licensed psychological well being counselor and medical reviewer at PsycheMag.

According to Remington, these helpful results could also be because of the cannabinoids discovered

in marijuana, which bind to corresponding receptors within the mind that play a job in your temper and feelings, and course of worry and stress.

“What’s considered  a ‘low dose’ and ‘high dose’ may depend on your tolerance, genetics, and biological factors,” says Dr. Riley Kirk, a hashish analysis scientist at Real Isolates. “But generally speaking 2.5 to 8 mg is a low dose and over 8 mg is high.”

This is why Kirk at all times advises beginning with a really low dose and slowly growing from there whereas monitoring your response and signs.

“Studies have found that CBD alone can help with anxiety in higher doses around 300 mg,” Kirk provides. “If someone is very sensitive to THC and other cannabis products it may be advisable to first start with CBD products, then slowly integrate small amounts of THC,” explains Kirk. “CBD can help reduce some of the unwanted feelings that come along with THC and act as a safety net to ensure your brain isn’t overwhelmed by this substance.”

Keep in thoughts that it may be far harder to measure the dosage of THC with vaping or smoking than with edibles — equivalent to chocolate bars, tinctures, and seltzers. However, Kirk notes that the consequences of edibles can take longer to set in, and should really feel extra intense.

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Also, your particular person physiology and tolerance ranges could come into play.

“Everyone has a different body type and the endocannabinoid system,” explains Dr. Lewis Jassey, DO, medical director at Leafwell. “This means that the effects of cannabis depend very much on the individual. Those who are less tolerant of the psychoactive effects of cannabis may be more prone to negative side effects, like paranoia. And those under 25 may be more sensitive to the effects of THC overall.”

Who Should Consider Using Cannabis to Treat Anxiety?

Remington says that hashish with low concentrations of THC could be significantly useful for lowering signs when you have:

  • Generalized nervousness dysfunction
  • Social nervousness dysfunction
  • Post-traumatic stress dysfunction

According to Dr. Brooke Worster, MD, Cannabis Medicine Program Director at Sidney Kimmel Medical College, it is perhaps value contemplating hashish merchandise for those who’ve tried different approaches for treating your nervousness, however haven’t discovered something that works. She additionally notes that this technique is perhaps extra well-suited to individuals who have situational nervousness — for instance, for those who solely really feel anxious when in crowded locations.

Jassey says individuals may use hashish to handle their nervousness when attempting to wean themselves off of anti-anxiety medicines in the event that they’re experiencing undesirable unwanted side effects.

“Those who suffer from anxiety due to chronic pain and/or insomnia may also find use in medical cannabis,” Jassey provides.

Who Shouldn’t Try Using Cannabis for Anxiety?

Cannabis isn’t for everybody, nevertheless. 

According to Kirk, it is best to at all times seek the advice of your physician earlier than utilizing merchandise with THC for those who:

  • Have a private or household historical past of schizophrenia, bipolar dysfunction or different psychiatric problems
  • Have a private or household historical past of substance use dysfunction
  • Have skilled psychosis or have a household historical past of it

Cannabis can really set off or worsen signs like delusions and hallucinations, in individuals with psychosis. However, Jassey notes that CBD-rich hashish that accommodates no THC or very low ranges could also be useful. As a common rule, at all times ask your physician earlier than attempting new hashish merchandise to ensure you’re a very good candidate to reap the advantages with out the dangers.

Pregnant and breastfeeding girls must also keep away from utilizing hashish on account of potential dangers to the fetus or toddler, provides Remington.

Something to remember: A 2017 study discovered that social nervousness dysfunction is most certainly to be linked to problematic use of marijuana. More than twice as many individuals with this situation confirmed indicators of marijuana dependence in comparison with different nervousness problems. Researchers advised that when individuals with social nervousness use hashish to self-medicate, they might be extra prone to develop an habit.

You Want to Try Using Weed for Anxiety — What Now?

In many states, having a recognized nervousness dysfunction now qualifies you to obtain a medicinal marijuana card. Check your state rules for the right way to receive a medical hashish card, and to search out out if nervousness is listed as a qualifying situation.

“Many dispensaries also provide educational information, and some even offer sessions with a local health practitioner who may be able to give more in-depth advice,” provides Jassey.

No matter the place you reside or what kind of hysteria you’re experiencing, specialists strongly advise talking together with your physician or psychiatrist earlier than utilizing hashish. A licensed psychological well being skilled, doctor, or nurse practitioner may also help decide if hashish is best for you — and in that case, can direct you to a good dispensary in addition to doubtlessly present dosage suggestions based mostly in your signs.

This is very essential for those who’re presently taking any prescription or over-the-counter medicines, as a result of marijuana can work together with or scale back the effectiveness of some.

Also, as many different medical points can masquerade as nervousness, together with thyroid issues and coronary heart circumstances, Worster says it’s greatest to examine in together with your physician to rule these prospects out.

“To find your perfect dose of a new cannabis product, users should learn to ‘titrate’ their dose,” says Kirk. “This means take the smallest amount possible. Use a journal to write down the dose and keep track of how it makes you feel. Wait until the next day before increasing the dose, while continuing to record notes about your experience.”

This means, you’re extra prone to land on the bottom dose potential that relieves signs with out worsening your nervousness.

“If someone is interested in trying CBD or full/broad spectrum hemp products for anxiety, they can legally purchase CBD products online or in stores if the THC concentration is below 0.3%.”

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