The monsoon is right here, however so is the humidity! The excessive quantity of moisture within the air brings alongside a variety of discomfort with it. There is profuse sweating, the physique feels sticky and the temperature additionally feels hotter. Due to extra sweating, one can also be liable to lack of water which might additionally put your well being in danger.

It goes with out saying that you have to take utmost care of your well being throughout this sticky and humid climate. If you might be questioning how to take action, learn on. spoke to a couple well being specialists who shared some essential well being precautions everybody ought to take to take care of humidity.


Keep your self hydrated. (Photo: Pexels)

Keeping your self hydrated is a should! Whether you are feeling thirsty or not, guarantee to drink water all through the day.

“Maintain adequate hydration. Fluid intake can be supplemented with small (but not excessive) amounts of salt added to food or drink, providing you have no pre-existing medical contraindications,” stated Dr. Rajinder Tonk, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Okhla, New Delhi.

It is usually recommended to drink at the very least 8 to 10 glasses of water day-after-day. The color of your urine additionally speaks quite a bit about your well being. If it’s darkish, your physique might be dehydrated. “If urine becomes dark, then fluid intake needs to be increased,” stated Dr Tonk.


The sort of garments you put on throughout this season additionally impacts your well being. Wearing tight garments made with heavy materials could cause hassle. This climate calls for you to put on ethereal and breezy outfits with the intention to let sweat evaporate.

“Clothing should be light and airy. One should also avoid wearing dark or tight-fitted clothing,” stated Dr Rajinder Tonk.

Moreover, fallacious outfit decisions may also result in skin-related points. “Tight clothing may lead to accumulation of sweat predisposing you to fungal and bacterial infections. Wearing light and cotton allows your skin to breathe in this season,” stated Dr Sachin Varma.


Avoid stepping out and exerting your self bodily. “Limit physical exertion until you have become acclimatised,” advised Dr Tonk. Doing so can maintain you away from warmth and humidity-related sicknesses.


There might come up a scenario when it feels unimaginable to flee warmth and humidity. Dr Tonk has a suggestion to take care of such moments of discomfort. “A hand-held personal fan may prove invaluable when it is not possible to escape the heat,” he stated.

Don’t neglect to maintain one useful throughout this difficult climate!


Make certain you are taking a nutritious diet and embrace inexperienced greens in your eating regimen. (Photo: Pixabay)

“Green leafy vegetables are available in plenty this season. So take advantage of it and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. This will keep you healthy and bring that glow to your skin as well,” stated Dr Sachin Varma.


Maintain private hygiene to maintain pores and skin infections at bay.

“Fungal infections are very common due to excess sweating and humidity. Therefore, keeping good personal hygiene and taking a shower twice a day is essential,” Dr. Ishad Aggarwal stated.

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