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Have You Tried Jicama?

With its white flesh, spherical form, light-brown pores and skin and Mexican origins, jicama is usually known as a Mexican potato, Mexican turnip or yam bean. Pronounced “HEE-kuh-muh” or “HICK-uh-muh,” jicama is stuffed with surprises. “Jicama is a high-fiber, low-calorie vegetable,” says registered dietitian Julia Zumpano, RD, LD. “It has the slight sweetness of an apple with the crunchy texture of a water chestnut.”

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You can reduce up jicama and eat it uncooked, such as you do with carrot sticks or apple slices. But it’s additionally an ideal addition to soups, stir fries, casseroles and different dishes. In addition to being tasty, jicama has many vitamins and well being advantages.

Jicama diet info

A one-cup (130 grams) serving of uncooked jicama has roughly:

Nutrient-wise, a cup of jicama has:

  • 26.3 milligrams of vitamin C (44% every day worth).
  • 195 milligrams of potassium (6% every day worth).
  • 15.6 micrograms of folate (4% every day worth).
  • 0.78 milligrams of iron (4% every day worth).
  • 15.6 milligrams of magnesium (4% every day worth).
  • 16 milligrams of calcium (1% every day worth).

Jicama well being advantages

If you’ve been avoiding jicama within the produce part since you weren’t certain what it’s or how one can put together it, you’ve been lacking out on these jicama dietary advantages.

1. Filling fiber for regularity and weight reduction

Jicama has numerous fiber (6 grams per cup) and water (90% water content material). This mixture has many advantages. “Fiber bulks up stool to prevent constipation and keep you regular, while water keeps your stool soft and easier to pass,” says Zumpano.

Fibrous meals additionally take longer on your physique to interrupt down, so you’re feeling full longer. (Foods excessive in water have the same filling impact.) A high-fiber food regimen could be particularly useful in the event you’re attempting to drop extra pounds.

2. Prebiotics for a wholesome intestine

Jicama is a wealthy supply of inulin which is a prebiotic fiber (in different phrases, a carbohydrate that your physique can’t digest or take up). Instead, inulin feeds the nice micro organism in your digestive tract. A systematic review of studies discovered that inulin helps a wholesome intestine microbiome (the tiny microorganisms in your intestines that assist with digestion).

Inulin in jicama is particularly helpful for individuals with digestive issues. Plus, a wholesome intestine is nice on your psychological well being, in line with findings from other studies.

3. Antioxidants to battle sickness

A cup of jicama has greater than 26 milligrams of vitamin C, near half the really useful every day quantity. Jicama additionally has vitamin A, vitamin E and selenium.

These antioxidants defend in opposition to free radicals. Left unchecked, these unstable molecules may cause persistent irritation that contributes to diabetes, coronary heart illness, Alzheimer’s illness and different situations.

Antioxidants additionally assist a wholesome immune system. They assist your physique battle off viruses, micro organism and infections.

4. Low glycemic index for steady blood sugar

Jicama’s low-sugar, high-fiber content material locations it low on the glycemic index, making it a wholesome choice for individuals with diabetes or others watching their blood sugar. “Fiber slows the digestion of glucose (the sugar in your blood), which leads to a gradual, steady release into your bloodstream,” explains Zumpano. “When you consume whole foods that are high in fiber, you won’t experience unhealthy, drastic spikes or dips in blood sugar.”

5. Fiber and vitamins to enhance blood circulation

The fiber in jicama helps decrease ldl cholesterol and forestall clogged arteries that enhance your threat of coronary heart illness. In addition, potassium lowers blood stress by stress-free blood vessels and enhancing blood circulation to and out of your coronary heart.

A stunning reality about jicama: Don’t eat the beans!

Jicama is a member of the Pachyrhizus erosus pea household. The edible bulb portion offers root to above-ground vines, flowers and beans. While it’s fit for human consumption the jicama bulb root, the vines and beans comprise a pure insecticide known as rotenone that’s poisonous to people when eaten in giant quantities. Consuming even small quantities of rotenone could enhance your threat of Parkinson’s illness, in line with one study.

Selecting, storing and making ready jicama

Many grocery shops carry jicama year-round. Follow these tips when deciding on and storing this vegetable:

  • Avoid jicama with shriveled, bruised or blemished pores and skin.
  • Choose jicama with a agency, dry texture.
  • Place unpeeled jicama in a plastic bag and retailer it in your fridge for as much as two weeks.
  • Use a vegetable peeler or sharp knife to take away the outer pores and skin.
  • Cut jicama into cubes or strips, relying in your choice.
  • Cover peeled jicama with water and retailer in an hermetic container in your fridge for as much as three days.

Ways to take pleasure in jicama

Trying unfamiliar meals doesn’t must be intimidating. Lots of people from Latin America take pleasure in uncooked jicama slices drizzled with lime juice and sprinkled with chili powder and salt. They’re such a tasty deal with that avenue distributors promote them this fashion.

There are loads of simple methods to make jicama a staple in your kitchen. Experiment utilizing (and benefiting from) jicama with these recipes:

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