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Hair loss in ladies: What causes it and how you can cease it

Losing your hair can have an effect on your confidence. While most males do not need an issue in search of assist for hair loss, ladies are inclined to preserve it to themselves, typically resulting in emotions of isolation and melancholy. 

But hair loss is sort of widespread in females, affecting greater than 50% of ladies sooner or later of their lives and roughly 80% of ladies by age 80. The most vital reason behind hair loss in ladies is feminine sample hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia, which impacts about 30 million ladies within the U.S. 

“I see more women in my office than I do men,” says Nebraska Medicine dermatologist Ronald Sulewski, MD. “This may be due in part to the fact that hair loss is less acceptable to most women. Fortunately, we have several effective treatment options for both men and women.” 

Below, we talk about how hair loss differs in women and men, widespread causes of feminine sample hair loss, and how you can cease it. 

How does feminine hair loss differ from male hair loss?

Androgenetic alopecia is a typical type of hair loss in each women and men. In males, this situation is also called male sample baldness. Hair is misplaced in a well-defined sample, starting above the temples. Over time, the hairline recedes to type a attribute “M” form. Hair additionally thins close to the highest of the top, typically progressing to partial or full baldness. In ladies, the hair turns into thinner everywhere in the head, and the hairline doesn’t recede. It’s additionally not as widespread for girls with androgenetic alopecia to expertise full baldness.

Signs of feminine sample hair loss embrace:

  • Hair falling out or breaking off in giant quantities each day
  • Noticeable patches of thinner or lacking hair, together with on the crown of the top
  • Seeing scalp pores and skin by your hair

Why am I dropping my hair?

Like males, as ladies age, they expertise adjustments of their androgen ranges. Androgens are intercourse hormones that contribute to development and replica. They additionally regulate hair development. Over time, these hormones trigger hair follicles to shrink, leading to shorter and finer strands of hair. Eventually, new hair not grows in these areas, resulting in the looks of sparse or thinning hair. Ironically, it’s possible you’ll concurrently develop extra hair on different areas of the physique, such because the face or chin. This is as a result of the receptors that bind to androgens are completely different in distinctive areas of the physique.  

In some instances, feminine sample hair loss might be attributable to:

  • Genetics (Women who’ve moms or shut kinfolk with feminine sample baldness are at greater threat of growing baldness.)
  • Certain medicines or dietary supplements, comparable to blood strain drugs, gout drugs and excessive doses of vitamin A
  • Prior surgical procedures, which might trigger excessive bodily stress or shock to your physique
  • Certain well being circumstances, comparable to polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid illness, precocious puberty and anemia 
  • Hormone adjustments attributable to being pregnant, menopause or contraception capsules

Certain well being circumstances can also trigger different signs, comparable to a rash, redness, ache, peeling of the scalp, hair breakage, patch hair loss, or an uncommon sample of hair loss. It’s essential to speak to your physician if you happen to expertise any of those signs, as they could be an indication of a extra critical situation. 

“For most women, female pattern hair loss becomes an issue in midlife, but it can begin earlier,” says Dr. Sulewski. “If you’re experiencing early female pattern hair loss or a constellation of other symptoms, you should consider being evaluated by your doctor to determine the cause and rule out other possible health problems.”

How can I deal with feminine hair loss?

Heredity hair loss is commonly unavoidable. However, there are steps you possibly can take to scale back your threat, comparable to:

  • Avoiding smoking
  • Keeping vitamin A consumption low 
  • Limiting solar publicity
  • Eating a nutritious diet or taking dietary supplements which are excessive in biotin, a B-vitamin that helps stimulate hair development

If you expertise feminine sample hair loss, it’s a good suggestion to say it to your physician, who can refer you to a dermatologist. Dermatologists are particularly skilled within the analysis and therapy of hair, pores and skin and nail circumstances, together with hair loss. 

“It’s not a bad idea to bring it up to your doctor during a routine well woman exam, but your doctor will most likely refer you to a dermatologist, who is more suited to treat hair loss,” says Dr. Sulewski.

Depending in your particular signs, the dermatologist might suggest:

  • Minoxidil – Approved for treating feminine sample hair loss, the over-the-counter therapy is out there to buy as a 2% or 5% liquid or foam answer
  • Finasteride – A hormone-blocking prescription treatment to deal with hair loss
  • Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP – Consists of a collection of in-office blood attracts and injections 
  • Hair transplant – The best and aggressive possibility, this process is completed beneath native anesthesia to take away stronger hair follicles (e.g., the again of scalp the place hair just isn’t thinning) and place it the place you might be thinning to assist substantiate these areas

It’s essential to notice that sure medication, together with minoxidil and finasteride, usually are not secure for pregnant ladies or those that wish to develop into pregnant. For extra data or an professional opinion on the most effective course of therapy for hair loss, name Nebraska Medicine at 800.922.0000.

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