You’ve most likely heard the saying, “Add some color to your plate” in the case of a nutritious diet. 

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Well, in case your physique’s well being was a vibrant tapestry, flavonoids could be simply one of many many threads to select from. These plant compounds might be present in every little thing from widespread grocery retailer fruits and veggies to flowers, herbs and spices. In reality, the chemical is what’s chargeable for the intense shade in lots of in style produce. 

Dietitian Bailey Flora, RDN, LD, explains what flavonoids are, their subgroups and the way your physique might profit from them. 

What are flavonoids?

OK, again to highschool biology for a second. Flavonoids are a sort of phytochemical or plant chemical which are extensively distributed within the plant kingdom. They create the colourful colours of many fruits, greens and flowers, and have been discovered to have a wide range of well being advantages.

“Flavonoids aren’t really digested or absorbed the same as other nutrients like protein or carbohydrates,” explains Flora. Instead, our intestine micro organism break down flavonoids and use them to profit completely different elements of our our bodies, resembling offering antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.  

Flavonoids are additional grouped into completely different subclasses based mostly on their very own chemical construction and the way they’re damaged down. This is why the kind of flavonoid you’re getting will rely on the meals you’re consuming. (More on that in a second).

“The color of the food will actually give you a hint of what subgroup of flavonoid it is,” notes Flora. 

Benefits of flavonoids

Research has proven that flavonoids have a spread of well being advantages, together with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. They’ve been linked to a diminished threat of continual illnesses resembling heart problems, in addition to improved cognitive perform. 

Here are among the identified advantages of flavonoids:

Anti-carcinogenic properties 

A research study from 2011 discovered that flavonoids play an vital function in combating most cancers. 

According to Flora, flavonols — a sort of flavonoid — can assist with selling the cell life cycle and even discouraging the expansion in some cancers. 

Heart well being

Your coronary heart can profit from a flavonoid-rich food plan as effectively. Specifically, they’ve been proven to assist with relieving signs of hypertension (hypertension). A 2021 study discovered an affiliation between decrease blood strain and the next consumption of flavonoid-based meals like apples, berries and pears. This is essentially why you’ll discover lots of the flavonoid-rich fruits within the Mediterranean food plan, which is understood for benefiting your coronary heart. 

“They do this by helping with blood vessel relaxation and preventing blood clots from forming,” states Flora. 

Brain well being 

Flavonoids are additionally linked to selling mind well being, reducing neuro-inflammation and bettering blood move to the mind. A 2022 review discovered that having a flavonoid-rich food plan was related to increased cognitive and reminiscence perform, particularly for getting old adults. 

How a lot do you want?

There isn’t any established really helpful day by day consumption or day by day worth for flavonoids. But analysis suggests {that a} increased consumption of flavonoids might have well being advantages, and consuming a food plan wealthy in flavonoid-containing meals is usually really helpful for general well being and well-being. The quantity of flavonoids wanted in your food plan will fluctuate relying on particular person elements resembling your age, intercourse and general well being standing. 

How to get flavonoids from meals

The finest technique to get flavonoids into your system is instantly from food and drinks sources. Foods which are wealthy in flavonoids embody berries, citrus fruits, tea, wine, onions and cocoa. 

Here’s what it’s best to eat or incorporate into your food plan based mostly on among the well-known subgroups of flavonoids: 


Anthocyanins are the particular sort of flavonoids that give most flowers their vibrant shade — particularly these with a purple hue. Similarly, they’re discovered within the pores and skin of most berries, thus giving them their shades of purple, pink and crimson. 

You can discover these in meals like: 


High in antioxidant energy, this flavonoid household holds inventory over most citrus fruits you recognize and love. 

Find them in meals like: 

  • Lemons.
  • Limes.
  • Grapefruit.
  • Oranges.


These varieties of flavonoids are finest identified for having excessive antioxidant properties and can assist with cardiovascular well being. 

These might be present in meals like: 


Along with being chargeable for the colourful pigments in blue and white flowers, flavones are principally present in several types of herbs in addition to some greens. So, while you’re seeking to refill your spice rack once more, search for those which are excessive in some of these flavonoids to get a few of their anti-inflammatory advantages.

These might be present in substances like: 


Finally, you will get isoflavones out of your favourite soy merchandise. Reach for recipes with tofu or edamame. 

Be cautious with dietary supplements

As you’ll be able to see from the prolonged checklist above, you will get greater than sufficient flavonoids from what’s in your fridge and pantry. While there are dietary supplements on the market touting to fill the hole for flavonoids, it’s higher to stay to getting them by means of scrumptious dishes and recipes. 

“I always recommend choosing food over supplements,” advises Flora. “The more that you can include some of these plant-based flavonoids through dense foods, it’s just going to provide that extra benefit.”

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