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Expert shares ‘simple to digest’ meals to eat earlier than train

Rick defined how vegeterians are simply as doubtless as meat eaters to succeed in their protein targets. “It’s a misconception that you have to eat meat to get protein into your diet,” he stated.

“While meat can be an easy, tasty way to achieve high-protein diets, the same can be found in a variety of food types, such as green vegetables, beans and lentils.

“These types of food are rich in various vitamins and nutrients, which is an added bonus! For a well-rounded, healthy diet, try to balance protein with carbs, fats and vegetables to keep your energy levels high.”

Supplements may also assist one to succeed in their desired ranges of protein. Rick suggested: “Make sure you research which supplement type and form is best for your body and find your favourite way to eat or drink it.

“A popular favourite among athletes is using whey powder in daily smoothies and shakes. If you’re looking to do this, make sure you have a good shaker at the ready to ensure that it’s mixed properly and you aren’t left with a clumpy mixture.”


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