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Effective Cell Therapy for Hair Regeneration | Hair Loss Cure 2020

Earlier this month, Epibiotech CEO Jong-Hyuk Sung printed a detailed new paper titled “Effective and economical cell therapy for hair regeneration.” It was broadly coated in South Korean media (h/t “Theo”, who additionally despatched me this update on Mr. Sung’s presentation protecting the paper). They name him Seong Jong-Hyeok in that article.

My curiosity piqued after I learn such a radical scientific paper from a CEO (virtually exceptional on this trade). I confirmed it to a well-known hair transplant physician, and he discovered it to be an awesome abstract. I additionally e-mailed one in all Epibiotech’s media representatives with some questions, however no response to date.

Adipose, Dermal Papilla and Dermal Sheath Cells

Note that Dr. Sung has publiches quite a few papers on adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC) and hair regeneration (and wound therapeutic) for 15 years. This CEO appears to be a scientist first and foremost, moderately than a enterprise individual.

This newest paper covers the three important kinds of cell based mostly hair regeneration therapy methods which can be presently being developed:

  1. Adipose-dwerived stem cells (ADSC or ASC).
  2. Dermal papilla cells (DPC).
  3. Dermal papilla epithelial cup cells, higher kown as dermal sheath cup cells (DPSC or DSC).
  • Note that Shiseido (together with its use of Replicel’s know-how) is engaged on a hair regeneration therapy involving culturing of dermal sheath cup cells. More particulars here.
  • Also be aware that previously, Aderans and Intercytex each noticed some succes in hair development by way of dermal papilla cell culturing and injection into balding scalps. HairClone is presently making an attempt one thing related.

Dr. Sung’s firm Epibiotech is finally pushed by “Off-the-shelf” allogeneic DPC remedy. It goals to start Phase 1 medical trials for its EPI-001 dermal papilla cell hair multiplication therapy in 2023. We are all below the hope that issues will transfer sooner in Asia compared to the US or Western Europe. The firm can mass-produce dermal papilla cells with hair development capacity utilizing spheroid tradition, hypoxic circumstances, and development components.

Cell Therapy Hair Growth
Cell remedy for hair development. Adipose, dermal papilla and dermal sheath cup cells. Source: Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, January 2023.

Adipose Derived Stem Cells

Given the creator’s background, the paper is particularly detailed relating to ADSC (ASC). Dr. Sung highlights the professionals and cons.

    • Adipose-derived stem cells are straightforward to entry and isolate in massive portions. This just isn’t true relating to dermal papilla cells and dermal sheath cup cells.
    • While ASCs promote hair development by the paracrine impact, they’ve have a poor potential in hair neogenesis. Dr. Sung suggests additional growth in strategies to boost the trichogenecity of ASCs.

Other New Studies on Hair Regeneration

As if this was not sufficient, two new papers on hair regenearation got here out up to now month.

  • A lierature evaluation from Japan coveres quite a few cell therapies for hair regrowth. This consists of mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) implantation. Adult sources of MSC embody: adipose tissue (together with SVF); bone marrow; DPC; DSC; placenta and umbilical wire. The paper additionally analyzes non-cell therapies, together with exosomes, extracellular matrix, platelet-rich plasma, and the MSC secretome. The final talked about “comprises bioactive materials, such as growth factors, cytokines and nucleic acids that play an important role in regulating the hair follicle cycle and regeneration”.
  • A brand new examine from China on microenvironmental reprogramming of human dermal papilla cells for hair follicle tissue engineering.
  • And lastly, a recent video on regenerative medication for hair loss starring Dr. Jerry Cooley (interviewed by Dr. Robert Haber).

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