Have you ever skilled extreme leg ache? Well, every certainly one of us has gone by means of this as soon as in our life. In most circumstances, it’s only a matter of regular put on and tear, though the ache can vary from gentle and annoying to extreme. It also can have an effect on your means to stroll and stand. Especially through the chilly climate, folks complain of leg ache whereas shifting outdoor. Questions that pop into the thoughts are what causes this and the right way to relieve leg ache. Don’t fear that’s why we’re right here to assist!

Health Shot bought in contact with Dr Manoj Kumar Gudluru, Senior Consultant, Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Care Hospitals, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, to know the causes of leg pain and how one can deal with it at residence.

Causes of leg ache

Most leg ache outcomes from put on and tear, however aside from this the ache or discomfort within the leg will also be due to:

  • Strain from overuse
  • Injuries in joints, bones, or in muscle groups, ligaments, tendons, or different comfortable tissues
  • Dehydration
  • Deficiency of potassium, vitamin D, sodium, or magnesium within the blood
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Medical circumstances

See your physician for those who’re experiencing extreme and persistent leg pain. Getting immediate prognosis and remedy will help forestall such incidents and from getting the ache worse.

Is chilly climate additionally answerable for leg ache?

Winter joint ache or leg discomfort is quite common, and there’s a trigger for it. It is a typical subject, particularly for the aged and those that lead sedentary existence. It happens for 2 causes: first is lowered mobility through the winter, leg ache could develop and intrude together with your on a regular basis productiveness. Reduced solar publicity, which hinders the physique’s means to synthesize vitamin D, is the second predominant issue of leg ache through the winter.

Leg ache is frequent throughout winter. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

So, the right way to relieve leg ache?

1. Eat a nutritious diet: A balanced food regimen excessive in nutritional vitamins D and C, omega-3 fatty acids, ginger, soybeans, fatty salmon, inexperienced greens, almonds, seeds, and collagen dietary supplements can be helpful for joint and bone well being.

2. Leg up the wall: It is a yoga pose that you could contemplate training for 10 minutes to ease leg ache. It can promote stability, soothe the nervous system, enhance blood circulation, ease stress and pressure within the muscle groups of the hip, foot, and leg, in addition to reduce ankle ache and swelling.

3. Lose weight: One of the primary causes of leg ache is being obese or overweight, thus it’s best to take into consideration shedding pounds. You can relieve a few of the load in your joints and legs by eliminating further kilos.

4. Massage gun: Use a massage gun on the realm of painful muscle groups after your exercise. It can help of their rest and promote restoration from exercises.

how to relieve leg pain
A therapeutic massage gun is an on the spot repair for stiff and sore muscle groups. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Stay hydrated: One of the most common causes of leg cramps is dehydration. A cramp is an uncontrollable muscular contraction. Your muscle groups can loosen up because of the fluids in your physique, however once you’re dehydrated, your muscle groups turn into agitated and extra vulnerable to cramping. So drink water all through the day.

6. Hot and chilly remedy: You also can use a chilly compress to ease muscle soreness. This can reduce muscle spasms, swelling, and ache. On the opposite hand, a scorching compress will help the restoration of fatigued muscle groups.

7. Stretch recurrently: To forestall ache, keep in mind to stretch your leg muscle groups ceaselessly. Exercises that stretch the muscle groups promote flexibility.

Apart from these tips, eat wholesome and keep away from a sedentary way of life!

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